cybercity 2010


I went to Portland, it was a good time–and now I’m back in my dome
plotting my next years comics.

King city 11 should be out soon. Here’s a 2 page thing from it.
Fucking demon king..

The last 40 page issue (#12) is done now and I’m just putting with all the extras.
Here’s the baloon placement on a scene with a guy who has a see monkey that can make your
deepest dreams reality.

And here’s some sketchbook shit.
I jusr reread Pete Bagge’s Hate So I drew Buddy and Lisa.

On my way to Portland I got to stop by and see Mr John Kantz.
He drew me this rad Sexica picture.

And I drew this sexica in his sketchbook.

And a Twin Peaks drawing I did for a twin peaks sketchbook.

Portland is almost too much with all the talented comic artists all crammed into a tiny town. It’s like going to a convention. But I got to make plans with Oni and
see my pals there and dude bond with Mr Simon Roy.

I got a good drawing from my pal Farel Darymple –his new book looks so fucking good.

And I got this From Emi whose Emitown is about to come out from Image. –I’m doing a back up thing for it.

Here’s some Mafuyu Hiroki comics that I ran into on this internet.
His stuff seems nicely 80’s without feeling dated by it in a bad way..

I really like in that 3rd tier down on the lower left page how he uses that sliver of blank panel as a beat of time and then again with the red dot close up on the right page .

He has some full short comics on his site here:

Yesterday I hit up RX comics and came away with a fine haul.

My favorite Turtle stuff is when they were on the alien planet with Fugitoid.
This Grim jack issue has a color back up from that era.

I really like the Doctor who tardus Transdimentinal lock enterance for the bar they go into.

I’m all about the opening credits on The Bogie man being on a menu.

I’m really liking this Young wiches book 2: LONDON BABAYLON!
The porn part of it is less important to me than the batshit crazy story of the thing.

It’s got Sigmund Freud teaming up with Sherlock Homes to stop Jack the ripper
and it’s all centered around a brothel run by Dr Jekyll.

Here’s a scene where a murdered midget pudding gets fed to Homes and Freud.

I think Homes suspects something but eats it anyway.

It also has scenes with Albert einstein coming up with his theory of relativity in the brothel and a young winston churchill jerking off to a stage show of a woman blowing a horse.

I like how Lopez and Barreiro are just fucking with the world around them in this book.

Lopez also did this short porn comic where he just took the Aerosmith – Crazy video
and added sex scenes.

And the video for compairison:

I can’t watch that video without wondering what dude was thinking putting
his own kid in it. But whatever helps Argentine comics artists make porn.

The whole comic is here:

Also, I got this Robotech Defenders comic that I remeber being deeply into as a kid.

I like seeing the toy on the back cover.

The defenders story has nothing to do with the Macross/Mosepida cartoon
other than it was also based off a bunch of japanese robots that were’t meant to go

So in it the universe is in trouble and a team of pilots from different worlds have
to find these anchient robots hidden on their home planets.
I fucking love a rallying the team issue.

Here’s the planets. I don’t know why they made Zion, the Biblical land of Israel
an ice planet full of yeti men.
(Aqualo is a water planet and condar is full of flying dudes)

Here’s our rag tag team. I like that water breather neck brace that Silky is wearing.

I like all the aliens in this the only thing that throws me off is the standard
earth looking millatary looking shit this EEdon is wearing–but with the fabric that would cover his thighs cut out. I think earth is witholding shorts technology from them.

Here’s the desert and ice robots being found.

Fucking Bacterioids!!

The diving suit robot is on the water planet and the one with the sholder canon
is found in a trash heap on a human world covered in city.

ahhh yesss.
I would happily read a comic that just
endlessly month after month assembled a team.

Also if you haven’t seen it Stokoe put up his massive Galactus.

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