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I’ve had my head buried in drawing pictures.

Here’s a poster I did for the inside front and back covers of the last King city Issue (#12) I drew my favorite comic store, RX comics here in Vancouver BC.

And that’s the power station Mr Stokoe did in his KC backup in issue #7
and million man mark up on the top left is listening to the house to astonish comics show that i’m all about these days.

I wanted to do the poster like that after seeing this album cover:

It’s really nice to just go outside and use my own neiborhood as reference some days.
It’s one of the best things about making comics that I always forget.

And now (as soon as I get some art jobs out of the way,) I’m jumping back into Multiple warheads.
Here’s an ad I made for it that’ll run on the back of KC 12.
I like messing with the Oni logo. Dave Gibbons makes a mean icon.

The plan is to do MW in a series of 4 or 5 issue chunks–with issue one being 48 pages and #2-#4 being 20something pages. I’m aiming for the middle of next year to have the first chunk start on stands.
in the end It’ll be at least twice as long as King city.

Last night I did this back up page for my pal Emi’s Emitown book that is on the way out through Image.

You can see Emi’s stuff here:

And in the morning me and some of my local dudes will be at this show:

Marley and her allusive gentelman James will be there, she’s been grasped to the Vertigo bossom so I think there’ll be
lots of books from her over the next year.
Here’s a drawing she did of the Heckblazer character Epiphany.

more Marley here:

And here’s a photoshopped thing I did of my pal Sheldon Vellllla

This is a pretty much how I think it must be look Austrailia.
sheldon art here:

My pal Ludroe has got a back up in the new King city 11 that’s out this week.
He’s one of my oldest friends who I’ve learned some of the most about art from.
he’s like the missing link in the whole Corey lewis, James Stokoe and me style.
I’m really thrilled he’s started to do some stuff in print.
Here’s a pin up he did for Coreys just out-Seedless book–drawn with some crazy isometric perspective:

And this cat house.

He’s working on some amazing comics right now.

Another dude who I want to see more work from out in the world is Jonny Negron,
A dude I’ve barely dealt with but he was in the last Meathaus SOS book with me.

He’s got a lot of comics and art up here:

I’ve been reading some good comics, I got the first 2 Omaha the cat dancer books from
RX last week. I think that cover on the right is a European reprint of it–I really like
how they fucked with the DC logo.

In the introduction Waller talks about how human comic characters always look too much like imitation real life humans and he says that maybe anthropomorphic animals are the way to go.
I’m not sue I agree, while reading this I kept wondering what the characters would look like as human. Omahas hair makes me think of the flashdance lady or a Alien era sigourney Weaver.

There’s a fair amount of sex in the book but it works well with the characters –lots of cat strippers and parakeet hookers and whatnot. I really like how well the mellow scenes in the book play out. Like these pages with Omaha waking up drinking coffee overlooking the ocean.

Also my pal Steve loaned me a stack of BPRD books, I like these scenes with all the bizzare dudes who hunt monsters sit around in the break room and share stories.

For some reason BPRD feels to me like watching a good tv series. It might be the episodic breakdown of the thing and the multiple writers. One thing I noticed is Guy Davis panels almost read like tv.

I thought this scene where this old woman is talking through a child was done how you would see it on tv. –with the woman starting to say the words and the little girl finishing them–seperate panels seperate baloons. I photoshoped, on the right what i’d look like if both characters spoke through the same baloon, with 2 tails.

I like how a small tweak like that can effect how it reads.
I think the origonal lettering does make the old woman and the girl seem farther away.

Here’s a dojin cover I liked.
“like jum …in the rain”

And some 80’s manga. nice back washing Patlabor.

And a couple pages from an old manga I dug out:
i remember seeing these paes when I was pretty young and liking the faces.
Like how the dark haired girl reacts when her tits are grabbed.

And this locker room scene, That last panel is rad with only the dudes eyes visable.

And some Sonada Gall force.

Oh and my pal Joe Keatinge just put up this great list The Top 5 Comics You May Never Read”

and a couple recent interviews i did:

I’ll leave you with some Iczer one, I memorized this without understanding it when I was a kid and this week is the first time I’ve seen it with subtitles.

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