the resistance

Dear Diary,

I remember reading 90’s fur coat era THB Pope comics where he’s talk about going out for a feast of Indian food before comic book push–Marians parents were nice enough to take me out to a fancy indian restaurant to celebrate finishing King city. I ended up drinking too much and sleeping the rest of the day. It is not my deadline food.

I’ve been buried in freelance work but I took today off and did this fan art for the Dark horse Terminator 2029.
I drew it while listening to GNR and Faith no more–Terminator metal skull drawing music.

And here’s some back up stuff I did for a Vertigo Halloween comic.
madame xanadu as ozma and me dressed as Cutter.

I wore that costume when I was in 4th grade.

In a perfect world every vertigo comic would be holloween themed.
They really need some office of england obsessed teenage girls going through their books
and checking for enough top hats and absinthe, while the Craft plays on loop in the background. Keep em in line.

this would be the logo.

Man sweet tooth is going to be so much better when it’s set in an all girl whichcraft school!

That reminds me –man I love this Moebius death drawing–

The other morning me and Marian went to a coffee shop and she
got all the little birds around her interested in her muffin crumbs and went power mad.

a more detailed MTC empire minion:

I was joking with her about how I was going to put up my version of her
and call it HURF! it would be a series of photos of my same savage henry t-shirt getting more and more dirty everyday.

If you were living blisfully unaware it’s mutherfucking biscuit week on her hchom:
we all live in the shadow of biscuit week.

Here’s some of what I was eating this week.

This living in canada where everything is in french/english even classes up the lemon

And a photo I took out of my window. It’s been good drawing weather lately.
There was thunder even!

That orange rust on the roof machine is exactly the kind of ish I try to put in my drawings.

And I just got this Adam Warren BGC poster over my desk.(and Marians catmaster on the right)

And here’s a Conan picture Mr Simon roy did:

more on his site:

I’m not even sure what this is but man, I like this drawing:

I like how her foot in drawn, and I shouldn’t even have to tell you about my feelings
on the cyborg eye whatever she’s got.

I found these in the same spot:

I really like this footcycle robot-

And here’s a Yasuhiko Yoshikazu comic box cover I thought was cool.

I hadn’t seen this before but here’s a Yas(left) and Masakazu Katsura(right)
images from this white dunk thing where they got a bunch of japanese artists
to do nike art.

As cheesedick as I find Nike (middle school rules) it’s still cool to
see these dudes do sneaker art.
There’s a Terada one too– Here’s the site:

And here’s a stop 501 robot I thought was cool:

And some serious 80’s covers (akihiko takadera on the right)

And I really dig this catman panel on the left but wasn’t able to dig up what it’s from.
and a Shonen sunday ad on the right by fujihiko hosono.

And I liked these opening pages from Electric toy store.
Reminds me of the good Pokemon manga but with the added terror of bear tits!
Man, look at how that page on the left is just him showing off how good he draws smoke. SHOW OFF!

And DRAGON QUEST! I have strong theorys on how rounded corners on panels make things
seem more fantasy -all the new Multiple warheads panels are like that to test it out.

And some kind of office/manga studio–I never get tired of seeing these.
I like homedude with his bad conductor poster on the wall.

And a Galaxy express 999 statue

And I just saw Dragons Heaven for the first time this week.

Such cool shit–like 70’s era moebius mixed with crazy 5 star stories robots.

Aight, by this time next week I’ll be deep in Multiple warheads issue 2.

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