one of them crates


It’s been getting back to normal at my Candian Bathat lair, me and Marian are both done or mostly done with the freelance jobs we were on and now were going to try for a year of just our own shit. So It’s all Multiple warheads all day everyday for me. We even have booze that we’re going to open after DC lets Marian know all the final corrections on her Xanadu issue.

Here’s a drawing I did of her playing the best Bandicoot video game ever made
in her parents secret basement Bandacoot fireplace room.

I stated up jumping back into MW pages by playing a level and then working and then a level–repeat.

Marian has some high end final fancy-sissy 14 game that she’s deep into but my brain can’t deal with anythig more advanced than a Bandicoot adventure from the 90’s.
I like to tell Marian that the first and last RPG that I’ll ever play was Phantasy star.

I feel like any other RPG quest to save the universe would just cheapen what me and Phatasy star had together. I’m like a nobel salors widow maning a lighthouse.

Here’s a drawing I did looking out my window after waking up and a grossly reasonable hour.

and the Meathaus site has started up doing daily drawings by its dudes, so I did a couple:

I put together this photo ish for the inside back cover of Mr Stokoe’s next Orc stain issue.
A couple of the photos were taken by Marley and that dog dick thing on the lower middle was made by Marian.

And here’s a couple of Moritat’s pages for the Elaphantmen issue that Marian wrote.
I’m excited to see the thing done. I like the simpe kids faces mixed with the foggy european
country side.

And Marian is back to Goblins in expensive gentelman jackets on her

and I read through and enjoyed the shit out of Lin R. Visel’s Effort comics.
I really like her web cartoonist bear character, “bring me two boxes then!”

I like how she’s able to mix sex into her comics and having it add to the story rather than turn it into porn–just like real life.

She’s also running a porn comic that the bear is drawing on Slipshine–the fine internet porn comics site that I used to pay my rent doing work for.
Effort comics is here:

And Mr Simon Roy sent me some of his new pages, I really dig how well the tones work on his stuff and his serious cave women.

Simons site:

And Giannis Milonogiannis has got some new book of his drawings that looks nice.

you can get it here:

I recently ran into the work of this Turkish artist Kenen Yarar.

I really like this stuff kind of a Manara and François Boucq steeze to it.
He’s one of those dudes who I’m amazed that I haven’t seen his work before, there’s so much
amazing work going on all the time it’s really inspiring.

On a perfect comic book earth I would have a red phone that rang the moment anyone anywhere
drew a comic with goats involved in airplane dogfights.

Here’s a photo of the man drawing,I like that you can see that blue Moebius drawing leaned againt his wall.

More of his stuff here:

And I dug up another Hisao Tamaki drawing for the new Dirty pair manga.
I like the tie up the side space cowboy boots he’s got them in.


I got some comics–

I’m all about this new Empowered.
In the past I’d always been secretly hoping that Warren would make more cyberpunkery science fiction but with this he’s actually seeing where superhero comics can go. It gives me faith that a good creator can run in any genre. I kept putting it down as I was reading it saing “fuck! this is a good comic”

And mr Inkstuds gave me a stack of the late Seth Fisher’s books.
I like this batman snow book. It’s about pre Robin Batman getting together a team of guys who
all work together in a club house to help him.

I was thinking that I’d like this book even more if Batman and Mr Freeze weren’t in it.
I like the idea of a team being assembled with limitless funds to investigate weird shit
and I’d like it even more if they didn’t even know who they were working for.
It seems like the kind of thing you could streach out for a million manga pages–
(and then they’d find out it’s batman running the show and they’d have to kill him!)

Seth Fisher’s pages in this book are amazing, I’m blown away by how much real
detail he puts on every page. Like the kind of stuff that takes thought and reference.
draw every page like it could be your last:

I like that batcape out the window panel.

And here’s some Hisashi Eguchi pages I thought were cool:

Also this last week Stuart Hample died, Inksuds did a great interview with his a while back

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