What dude is about.

Hello, It’s raining nicely outside and I have big plans to not sleep until I see the sun.
no sun,no sleep– this is vampire hours but with plenty of garlic and high stakes.
I just had a ton of visiting friends and family and now I’m really excited to lock my doors fill the moat with acid and crawl back into my work.

Marian is off at the cabin watching dogs, she called yesterday to demand that I redraw this
old sketchbook comic about her demanding things as a presentable inked page.
This is the 2nd comic I`ve done about how we met, I think both are accurate.

While my pal Sheldon Vella was in town I started drawing little cartoon versions of him.
And the girl with the towel was from i pose i redrew out of Mr John Kantz’s impresive sketchbook.

This one I was drawing in the park with my dad and someone came up and gave us a tiny
envelope with a canadian dollar and the address of a homeless shelter.–
and that’s how you make money drawing comics.

James new Orc stain#5 is out.

After reading this one I’m getting more hyped than ever to see how he pulls off the next couple issues, the build up in this one is fantastic.

And Liz Suburbia who does amazing comics has got a new site up.
I really like what she’s been doing.
Here’s a great scene showing what different charcters are all doing at once.
It’s such a good pause before Bennie falls asleep.
turn, turn, turn.


And I got some mutherfucking camix this week:

Frank Teran always seems to me like one of those dudes who shows up to show everyone else how
high the celing goes- like Patrick McEown or Tom Herpich whose every rare comic is 10 times better than anything else on the shelf. I don’t think his Aliens short leaves Stokoe’s desk.

I got this DHP where he drew an Alan Grant Terminator story about a girl listening to
loud rock music while her squad of humans go on a suicide run to destroy a cybernet tower.
It’s got this great harsh realm feel to it. Serious shit dawg.

And I got this Kenichi Sonada book full of short comics and pin ups.
Here’s a page from a Gall force comic with Luffy making moves on a lady in the hospital.
and some awesome vehicle breakdown pages–

And I like this pin up:

and this weird dunkin doughnuts cup

I also got this 1981 Hensel and Gretel book of Otomo doing Parodies of fairy tales.
This is inside the covers:

I’m always amazed at how much of this shit doent get over here, it’s easy to forget how
much comics Otomo has done. I always like the heavyier Moebius tinge his early stuff has.

The page on the left is from his Don Quixote (where he`s got a dragon skeleton in place of a windmill) and Alice in wonderland on the right.–I like how well the black pops out those stairs.

One of the weirder ones in the book is this OZ one that has all the characters with huge dorks
and 8 year old dorthy keeps giving them boners that hit them in the face.
Ok dude….

And Mr Harvey James sent me this link of Akira fan comics.
There all so well drawn and on model and there`s a ton.
I like how Jokers mohawk is blurred out like its a dick and haloed ghost of Yamagata

more here:

and some Akira cosplay I thought was coo

more here:

Also I`ve been looking at a lot of Little thunders art lately.
Her colors!

She`s got a Flicker thing here:

Kylooe HK (2013)

And I dug up some of the old Final fantasy art that the same dude that did the great
Moebiusémanga influenced Howard and Nester comics for early Nintendo power did.

and H and N comics here:

And since so much shit I type about on here comes back to one French man here`s
one of my favorite Moebius drawings.

And more here:

And now I`m going to draw some shit.

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