3 fingertips

Here’s a photo of my dads Dome and a picture he took out of an airplane.


I’ve been getting back into drawing Multiple warheads, I feel like I’m just starting to wrap my brain around the larger story 70 something pages in.

Here’s a 2 page spread, the Waleing wall. Where the characters hang out for a couple issues.
Solve some mysteries and eat some pasteries.

here’s the rough pencils for it.
I change a lot of details as I go.

I’m having a lot of fun with the hotel built into the wall they stay in.

Here’s some art therapy out of my sketchbook and naked ladies.

While Marian was away dog watching at her Aunt and Unkles cabin I grew as much
of a beard as I’m capable of.
I like to think of it like at the end of Bill and Ted 2 when they have to
go off and seriously train and then they come back with Wyld Stalions beards.
This is my Multiple warheads beard.

My pal, Mr Sheldon Vella sent me his layouts for a porn comic he’s been working on. It’s kind of a cool process, he’s doing these layouts and then they base photos off of them–then he draws around and over the photos.

Apparently in that last panel to get the pose right the poor lady had to stand on a bunch of boxes while someone blew a hairdryer up her skirt. I hope they paid her lots.
I hope mom could afford that operation.

Sheldon has an amazing looking Ghost rider comic in one of the upcoming strange tales books that Marvel is putting out. I have high hopes that him and my pal Farel who did a Spiderman story are in the same issue.

And Mr Dr Stokoe recently did this to go in his first Orc stain collection.
rolling in dick money.


Here’s a rad Sexica Drawing that John Kantz did. I really like the painted hair and Shirow jacket. It’s exciting when other artists drawings of your character make you want to try harder.


And Jovan Velkoski has been doing a bunch of pink portraits on his site.
He drew me and Marian. He really got Marian down and drew me way too classy looking.
I would have so many macaroni stains on that fine suit.
I really like the style he did these in.

More here:

And oh, ohh hoo hoo!
Frank Teran has a site I was unaware of.
So much good shit on there.

I got a stack of new comics and then left them at James and Muggles place
but I’ve been rereading some solid books.

Me and my pal Joe Keatinge are making a move to read through all of Cerebus. Years ago I’d only read up to Guys.
And as much of a bad rap as Sim has gotten I’ve never read anything in Cerebus that’s offended me.
Me, I just want good comics.
“You could be a mack, a pimp, hustler or player—”

And I really liked reading this Billy Holiday book again. I’m more into the Alack Sinner aspect of the book than the life of lady day. But man, I love how much Munoz and Sampayo do what they do. It’s comics that use the tricks of the medium without making it look like they’re trying to juggle for anyone.

Like these pages here with the notes on the womans room on the top left panel (fake tits and Fake Graphic novels) and the eye contact panels on the right page.

And here’s some city hunter pages where they lure Ryo into the rafter by fishing for him with underwear and then he gets stuck on the rafter by his boner after seeing a pin up girl.

I like how in tune with what teenage boys want the 80’s Shonen jump was.
Boner humor and sci-fi/ fantasy fight scenes for 400 pages a week.

And some european covers. I screwed up and saved the verzion of this with a John steed face on it from some other ish I was up to.
I like the elephant A on the Spirou and that Manara cover is great–how much clothes can change up the idea of what a character is.

Here’s some covers by Yuchi Hasegawa of Maps fame.

There’s a bunch of his older covers here:

And another image from the elusive new Dirty pair manga.
I want this shit.

And some star wars DP

and Mark Pearce’s Ronin dogs with Jen as slave Leia.


and some Space family carlvinson paper toys I thought were cool.
I liek how they did teh purple dudes mouth thing.

And the 80’s Otomo Noah’s Arc Canon ad I never get tired of looking at.

Also I decided this week that the best possible thing for me to get back into while working on Multiple warheads is Emma Peel era Avengers episodes.
I’m all about the scene on the train in this one with Steed pulling shit out of his bag:

And I’ve been listening to lots of Joell Ortiz of Slaughterhouse.

He’s got a great line in his song, Hip-hop:
“I’m feelin’ myself, that sound right
You gotta step in that ring like, listen I’ll pound Mike
You gotta step on that court like, I could hold down Mike
The way I step on that stage and have the whole crowd like, aww man”

I feel like you’ve got to own your shit. Really do what you do with the idea that
you can contend with the best. (but also remember your shit still stinks.) it’s a fine ego line to walk.

Alright, I’m off to draw more.
Be excellent to each other and shhhittt.

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