Earth the living planet.


I’m up way past my nap time. Things have been good, I’m in the middle of a hard comics work week.
Here’s the half finished Multiple warheads 2 page thing I’ve been working on.

I’ve been thinking a lot about what fuels the work.
Years ago my pal Ludroe was talking about this idea that when you’re young your work can run off of pure youthfull energy and enthueasm but when you’re past that you have to find something else to fuel it.

So much of the work in my adult comic life has been powered off of snark and chip on my shoulder. but now I’m getting to a spot where I’m really happy, for the most part I get total freedom to draw my own comics and I don’t really deal too much with the sides of comics I dislike. My biggest gripe these days is that I want more good books out and less bad. and for that I’d sell my case better with honey than snark.

So yeah, I’m just mulling shit over.

And to contradict the idea that I’d ever be less snarkey here’s a tintin thing I put together
to pick on my pal Joe:

In the end the Tintin movie is just more bullshit I won’t see. The bad Appleseed movies never made the comics less for me and there’s that Conan Tv series where he’s got a midget sidekick and Crom talks to him through his sword. Life moves ever onward.

The main reason I wanted to throw this up tonight is my homie Mr Sheldon sent me
the whole first chapter of the photo porn comic he’s been working on to shop around to
whatever sleezy rags.


That vagina robot device reminds me of the old Bizare sex “earth man give me your seed!” cover.

And speaking of flowers, here’s a Moebius short I hadn’t seen before this week.
godamn! I love what this dude does on paper.

I’ve been spending way too much time looking at doujinshi on this
site. I found that Moebius on there. Here’s some tsukasa jun pages I liked from his GUN BLUE book that hits on my love of cyborgs from the future ish:

And the whole thing here:
and a good resident evil short he did:

and some Dirty pair and a nice superfuture motorcycle by Oh Great!.

I’ve been reading the 1967 British Penguin book of comics that I had when I was a kid.
chocked full of great comics. One that hit me hardest was this Tiffany Jones page.
I like that combanation of good solid blacks and the lines in the hair.
It’d be so cool to see some serious early Vertigo black lipstick magic comic done in a style
like this.

Aight, more drawing and then sleeep.

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