Where Im at

That’s the opening 2 page spread of the new Multiple warheads #2 that I drew when KC was in limbo and just got to finished coloring this week.


I’ve been buried in getting my head back into Multiple warheads.
I’ve got an avalanche of unread emails, so sorry if I haven’t writen back to anyone
and I’ve got an unread comic stack that’s getting past my knees.
That`s like being nerd rich.

Here’s some sketchbook stuff this week.
The tintin on the lower left was drawn by my pal Moritat, I just colored it.

Stokoe broke his internet silence this week and came out of the water with a knife in his teeth and a wordpress site:
He`s been working on all kinds of cool shit. Dude did a fucking 4 page Galactus comic that`s coming out in Strange tales (Deforge is in that one too.)

And dear sweet space Marian did up this awesome space ship for her space sniper.

It might be too small to see but she’s got Brandon scott Graham space hamster in there.
You can see it bigger on her space site:
I hope this isn`t her telling me she needs space.

And they announced Simon Roys story in HEAVY METAL.

Good buisnees is publishing Simon in HM–now if they only gave dude a whole issue.

And here’s an drawing Marley did of Hellblazers Epiphany on the left
and my pal Farel has got a tumblr that I ganked the sketch on the right from.




I dug out a folder of old drawings, I used to do this thing where every year
I’d try to redraw the same page to see how much my drawing had changed and on
the back of the pages I’d write what I was up to and into.

I didn’t put a date on the first one on the left (maybe 1990?)
the page on the right is from ’93 so I was 17

The charcters are Akio Tak–hes like Joe from King city if he was a cat.
Syma was his sexy elf alien lady–anladorian.

So I was 19 when I did the left page and 20 on the right page.

On the back of the page I wrote that I was in a body cast from fracturing my L-5 vertebrete.
I was staring a comic called Sandpaper
I was reading Paul Pope’s Dr Richarson and listeing to Diggable planets.

These 2 were done in the first and last months of ’98 the one on the right looks pretty crappy and unfinished.

I wrote that I was trying to get my art less sloppy but retain the skat lines.
I was doing a window display for a hair salon and I’d just started Universe so big–
my 2nd 3 issue series.and my first porn comic was in print. (a short in Milk)
Listeningto Tribe and Public Enemy

The one on the left I did in 2000 when I was 24.
I was in nyc inking Moritats porn pencils and planing to submit to Heavy metal.
and I was listening to Pharcyde labcabincalifornia. I did the page on the right tonight–


Naniiebim sent me a stack of her comics this week.
Here’s the letter I got with it. Such a great earthling and Anna.
Good cat feet.

and her LJ

And Mr John ÌNkmo`Kantz showed me this Ghost in the shell drawing he did:

She actually says that shit–here’s the panel:

Is that meant to be sarcasm?
We were talking about how batshit crazy Shirow can be, like he had no one watching over
his sholder– and how much more interesting and rereadable that makes his work.

Here’s some pages from a Kouichirou Yonnemura art book I got.
I think it’s 90’s RPG art. I really keys into that 90`s cyberwhatever that I love so much.

I like his thing of having hair turn into wings.

Here`s some comics I read recently:

The Corben book is nicely Corben. A dude with a sexy space mama lands on an alien world and
has to have sex with a sexy alien mama.

One thing I really liked in the book is this idea that time is moving so fast for the space travelers a year on earth passes in a day and the alien world they`re going to has time to set up a prophicy and religion for them before they get there.

Dragon Lance was a comic I was really excited about as a kid but I never read much of.
I was way too into the main lady as a kid–her name`s Riva Silvercrown.
It`s like D&D but with ass shots.

Nurse Nurse is all about space nurses going to venus, I really like the way Katie Skelly draws noses.
junny and Nina are tottal space bitches.
You can read the first issue here:

Someone has started a Moebius blog where you can see a shit ton of his work.

I`m thrilled it exists.

And here`s a video of Enki Bilal working:

And I wanted to mention that I’m going onto the Inkstuds radio show again on thursday
starting at 2pm homedudes Brian Fukushima, James Stokoe and Marley Zarcone will be on as well
you can call in 604-822-2487.

And King city 12 should be out damn soon.

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