Live and let Pie

So awhile back Paul Pope did a redraw of a Moebius panel out of his short
The apple pie.

I like treating this comics as a call and response, so I tried my hand at the same panel
but switched it up to be the Pie pie mermaid out of Dragon ball.

I should mention that this is one of the rare Moebius scenes that I’ve never quite jived with
since it’s a sexualized shit of a girl who looks like she should still have an umbilical cord attached. But I like how he did the hair and it’s just a drawing so whatever whatever.

Here’s what Pope did with it.


a page out of my sketchbook.
Me and my Claire and Marley were in a dinner this week when the power went out.
It was kind of cool. We just hung out eating in the dark for half an hour until the power was done with its cigarrette break.

And here’s another old drawing from a job I had in NYC designing action figures.
I think this was done 8 or 10 years ago.
This one was somehow connected to what was going to be a relaunch of the old Centipide game.

Comics wize, I hear my last King city should be out in a couple days.
I don’t think it’ll feel finished to me until I see them all in print.
And Multiple warheads is moving along, I just scanned the final pages of issue #2.
I’m on page 78 now.

I’ve been trying to read more National geographics, those things are full of nothing but good comic ideas. I was reading about an aztecs witch feud that happened in Mexico in the 30’s and how they were into tabacco keeping out ghosts.

The Inkstuds episode that me and Stokoe and Muggles and Brian were on is up.
It’s really just us fucking around for an hour during a pledge drive.
I’m not sorry.

And here’s some serious drawings by some serious dudes.

Jordyn Bochon drawing Earthing with a switchblade

Her site:

Mike Myhre cat parachute

I’m so into how he did the undershoe.

Nich Angell drawing Joe and his character Zach from his 7string comix.
Earthling tongue sword.

And my homie Michael Vega from distant Radio comix days drew this Sexica.

And a Sexica drawing I got out of D-pi when we were hanging out at a comic con.

here’s an Enki Bilal star wars drawing I hadn’t seen before.
I like how Darth Vaders head is like some giant Unicron ish.

And I’ve been watching some Green legend Ran this week, it started a little basic, but I’m getting into it.
Tatsuyuki Tanaka worked on it. He’s got some rad drawinsg from it in his Canabus works book,
he’s got that manga with a tinge of French BD that I like so much:

and the whole book is up here:
and the show

and now, tea and coloring until Marian awakes.

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