hundred million pen years


Here’s a tintin sketch I did for a tintin talk that me and my pal Joe did.

You can read it here:

and a good the bad and ugly drawing out of my sketchbook with them quoting KRS and Crooked I:

oh lee van clief, you pussy hound.

The last 3 days were freelance for money days so I’m excited to get back to my own shit. Multiple warheads issue 3 woo.
This morning Marian went off to island cabin solitude and I ate burritos and watched new Tron.

Dude, that movie barely has Tron in it.
It needs a “this movie contains less than .02% Tron” warning label.
It’d be like if they called the first star wars, cantina bartender. or if Tribe called quest was just called Jarobi.

Seems like if any movie was to get deep into Arcade logic It shouldve been that.
A life bar would have been nice.
also the dudes making it just threw out all the the rad moebius designs from the old one.
Like taking off gold plating so you can cover it in plastic.

I drew this while watching it.

The idea for this is that as Flynn aged in the Grid his user being would get bigger and bigger. He’d be like Cloak from cloak and dagger with infinate space inside his shell.
and the programs all wear their frizbe disks like halos.

The gentleman who runs the Moebius Tumblr put some of the old Tron designs this week too:
If there’s a division of nobel peace prizes for running a Tumblr it should go to that guy.
For Xmas My Lady gave me a tortoise toy and made a comic to go along with it.
It is the best thing ever.

and the stuff I gave Marian is on her HCHOM:

I like the TMNT dirty pair so much it hurts.

My pal Moritat sent me images from a sketchbook he did.
He was my gateway into drawing porn comics a million years ago and now is drawing the Sprit over at DC. Rooster in the hen house.
I really like his sketches.

I think theres copies of the sketcbook on

My homie Simon Roy sent me some of his newer shorts.

I was thinking about how artists like Marian and Stokeo and Simon are
pulling so much more influence from reading real real books and I think it shows.

Reading Simons stuff makes me feel like I’m seeing an amazing 60’s science fiction author reincarnated to make comics. His work is so good and so nicely subtle.

You can read his whole alien barfight short here:

Also Simon made this personal map about making his Jan’s Atomic heart book.

Bigger here:
Simon Roy's 10+ Steps to Making a Comic
I spent Xmas over at Marians parents place she baked stuff with her sister while I played Marians childhood copy of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night in the basementvania.

I like the idea that it’s set in this giant living ever changing castle.
But I had a hard time relating to the weird overdressed (I’m so mad at you dad)dracula hunters.

400 and 17 is such an age difference it’ll never work.

I like the monsters. Like this shit, a naked lady on top of some giant wolf heads with
eeels coming out of them– what the shit is that!?

I made it to the upsidedown 2nd castle.

And I read some comics this week.
Moebius 8, Mississippi river and the Dominion: Phantom of the audience short.

Man, look at that Clark Gable/ Rhett Butler mutherfucker on the left.
I like to think that Jean-Michel Charlier and Moebius had just watched Gone with the
wind and we’re like “fuck that guy, lets kill him”

Dominion always feels like Shirow just fucking around.
This one has some great batshit crazy in it.

I really like this scene where a pollitician tries to negotiate with fire.

Or the crazy shit with these fireman.
where he’s told to take a nap and in the next panel hes goot a full bed set up
and is sleeping on the spot.– and that Boar saying Groovy as she races by it in a tank.

Mississippi was cool, I liked it more than the Blueberry stuff Moebius does with Charlier.
I like our yankie hero Jim Cutlass. (jim cut-a-bitch)
Here’s a scene where he tricks the snake handelers out for him by sleeping under his bed.

There’s something severly badass about making a perfectly good soft bed as a decoy
and then sleeping hidden in the same room. Like this Appleseed page.


Mr Moritat showed me this Phil Winslade Batman cover that he said was the best ever.
I think I agree. Also unrelated, reminds me of the best rap line I’ve heard this week
where Joell Ortiz says–“I’ve got my back to the future like I’m mad at Biff”

and I like this Moebius poster for Kurosawa’s Bday

I ran into this site with a ton of Philippe Adamov pages.

in the 80’s Heavy metal ran a ton of great Adamov comics.
I really like his Waters of Deadmoon about post apocalyptic cannibal french aristocrats.
and Dayak ghetto 9 about a white dude with an albino ape in future Africa.

But yeah if I ever reach comic book Valhalla I expect Adamov to be there.

Here’s some other French books that I haven’t read but I really like the look of.
L’Arbre des Deux Printemps on the left and Sheol on right.

The shadows on that house are great.

And I’m really excited about Pat McEown’s(of back ups in Cooper’s Weasle fame)Hair shirt

McEown is such a Tom Herpich , (one of the on the low secret best to ever touch a comic. shhhh)– For me artists like that are proof that so much of the best
comics are rare and hard to find.

And here’s a cover by Enki Bilal I hadn’t seen before and a nice Milo Manara drawing.

I never get tired of these dudes.

And some Miyazaki drawing bearded war pigs.–Just like witches at black massessss..

Dirty pair blade runner.

Aight, I’m going back to Multiple warheads pages and then later make my bed and not even
sleep in it. DO SOMETHING!


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