One Response to Century

  1. Caleb Orecchio says:

    So I noticed no one actually commented or responded to this post despite you asking an actual question at the end. At least no one commented that I can see. (This post is after all, 3 years old or so and I don’t know if the internet just deletes shit at will..)

    What I’ve been reading:

    -in the middle of Nausicaa. Found all four volumes of Viz’s perfect edition for 50% off at a comic store I frequent where I live in Dayton, OH. Miyazaki man…

    -Just bought “Black Light” and “In Pace Requiescat” from Julia Gfrorer’s Etsy shop. I have an intense fear of bricks and blowjobs now. “Black is the Color” is my favorite of hers.

    -Sergio Aragones’ Funnies #12 comes out today! I wish I was as free spirited and foreign as Sergio!

    -Can’t wait for Jeff Smith’s Tuki to get going online again in the spring.

    -I have been rereading Eddie Campbell and Dave Sim a lot lately. I think that Dave Sim, Alan Moore, and Eddie Campbell are the Evil Geniuses of Comics.

    -I have also been watching Frank Santoro’s every comic-related move. He’ll be at The Ohio State University in March and I’ve already promised my friend I’d go to a concert in Columbus that very night and time. So close, yet so far. Pompeii was my favorite comic of 2013.

    -Plus I read whatever looks good when I go to shit. Comic titles vary.

    Anyway thanks for being a great blogger and a great influence! Ordered Multiple Warheads trade from the comic store mentioned earlier. Never managed to find #2 so thought I’d just get em all together.

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