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The big exciting thing going on in my comic book world this week is that my lady, Marian has been putting up daily posts about the fantasy video game she would make
and all the possibilities and real world pollitics that spill over into games.

It’s all up here:

Meanwhile: I’ve been up to my usual.

Speaking of Albedo-tits, Casey who who works at the Seattle comic store Zanadu
and gets dragged up to Canada to visit me and James (like we were in prison.)
send me a package with the note:
“I’m pretty sure you can figure out what is for you and what is for Stokoe”

Apparently we are just that transparent.

I’ve been making headway on my real real comics.
Another Multipe warheads page. almost half done with issue 3 now.

It’s not much but little things like the color changing pepper gets me hyped about
doing things in color that were never possible for me before.

I’ve been doing a lot of drawing just for drawing this week.

Here’s a catillac cats drawing, mostly I just wanted to draw Cleo.

I’m sure it was because of different character designers but
I like the range of lady cats in that show. from Sonja to Cleo.
It’s so easy to fall into the comic book trap of drawing the same girl over and over.
Someday I will escape that trap. It’s hard to avoid (there’s tits in it)

Also 2 pink bows is pushing it Sonja. Yeah, yeah you’re a lady cat. I get it.

I did a pin up for my pal Nate Simpson’s NON player book that Image is putting out.

you can see the preview here:

And I dug up one of my first published pin ups from a Ninja high school swimsuit special I drew when I was 16. and tried to redraw it. i gave up on the clearly labeled “gun”

last night I was emailing back and forth with Frank Santoro of comics comics (and his own comics) fame about what’s up with the King city collection and how if it was reminding him of how THB is hard to track down.

Anyway thinking about it I drew some quick THB.

And Frank wrote about it here:

Here’s some THB my pal Corey did.

I was going through a ton of Coreys old stuff. So much unpublished gold.
every night I pray for an editor that would
show up at Corey or Stokoe’s places and tie them to a chair and scan pages for weeks.

Sometimes getting the art that’s done out in harder than just making the stuff.

Here’s a couple old pages of his that I like.

This one was a there will be blood fan art on the right and his ideal x men line up on
the left.


I’ve been really impressed with what Emily Carroll has been up to

I invited myself alomg to a brunch she was having with Mr Inkstuds and ranted at her
about how amazing her Face all red short comic is.

You can read it here:
and her LJ

It does that great trick of not giving you all the answers.
So it reqires you to become a little more active of a reader.

And here’s a cover my pal Moritat did for the P K Dick adaptation comics.
He was telling me that they had him take the neon out of the drawing for the final cover.
So it wouldn’t look too much like the movie.
It’s got to be rough not making blade runner look too much like blade runner
at least he kept those T2 flashback looking ships.

All that neon lost…like tears in rain


There’s that new Thundercats coming out that I’m making time in my schedule to ignore.
but it got me thinking about what I liked so much about the origonal designs. has the early draft of a pitch designs (on the left)
and the final ones on the right I assume they were drawn in the states and then sent over to Japan to be reworked–throw some 80’s anime stank on it.

Lion-o’s arm looks like a Rankin bass hobbitt tree,

Here’s some Toshiki Hirano designs from Dangaioh and Iczer one that I think capture some of the same kind of feeling.
I like the hair on Pai Thunder and that energy on the iczer one that’s made out of the same kind of something as the thunder thunder thundercats hooooo– cat signal

this site that has a ton of good animation designs:
This morning I started reading this great collection of old Popeye comics.
I really like this series about this dude Castor trying to murder a bird.
He throws it to a shark and hires a drifter and builds an electric chair.

When is the last time Garfield hired a drifter to kill someone?

these are out of some old Genki magazines.
I like this sushi headed guy in the shadow panel.

And this one is by Satoshi SHIKI who did RIOT

4 real.

These both have a nice simple side comic feel to them.
I like the nerve of having a blank panel with just text in it.
Here’s some guillaume singelin stuff.
He’s got a book out in France called Pills that I need and also want.

I like this idea of Nazi astro boy fighting captain America.
And look at that wolvering safety cut.
His site:

An old Angouleme poster by Zep.

It’s cool seeing his version of Jill from the Woman trap.

And here’s a page from the Neuromancer comic of the Marcus garvey–space Jamacians!

more here:

and some covers i like.

Aside from all that I’ve been reading A Wild Sheep Chase by Haruki Murakami
eating lots of bowl noodles and I’m out of Coffee.

I did some interviews

This one about getting published

I’ll leave you with some Crusher Joe

And this great Dawud Anyabwile(who did Brotherman) video about burning his Marvel comics as a kid.

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