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Some sketchbook stuff I did this week.


It’s 5 in the am and it’s snowing outside my window, so stuff is good. I’m going down to Seattle for the Emerald city con in a couple of days.

The ECCC site.

I’ve been reading some Gun Smith cats.  Something that usually bugs me in comics that are drawn on tight deadlines is this trick where artists will only draw things close or far away, to avoid drawing a lot of hard shit.

Sonoda kind of makes it work in this book– he does this thing where he seems to choose his battles on what to draw detail on. he’ll do a bunch of close-ups with no backgrounds but what I think makes it work is that he grounds it by showing all these real world objects .

Like here– Such familiar stuff, A dinner bathroom and a coat hanger-on the right.  so comfortable …

I like what he did with this cover here too–  showing each of the drivers in a 3 way race. With each face next to the car logo they’re driving.

 I’m all about how he just throws the sound effects across 2 panels– he does lots of cool daredevil shit  (multiple actions in one panel–NO FEAR!)

Here’s some more of that. I like how disposable those lower right panels are. I’m not even going to try to explain the groping on this. dude is loco.

I like all the bat shit insane action he puts in it too. Like when Riding bean shows up and has a bullet proof jacket– and then later he shows that he’s such a badass that he wears a bullet proof headband! serious shit.

And then there’s this ish.

Skreeee indeed.


Frank Teran put up some panels out of his CAMP comic. I’m so thrilled he’s doing comics again.

Frank’s site:

And  Giannis Milonogiannis drew some burning chrome. so fucking cool.

His site–

And homedude Farel did spider jerusalem. Apparently it’s cyberpunk week and I forgot to mark my calendar. 

I like how he drew Spider’s shoes.

Farel will be at the Seattle con too. I maintain that he’s the nicest man in comics. I love Farel.


I hadn’t seen these before, but I like these Enki Bilal book covers.

and a girls manga cover — I saved this for future plan of taking that shirt for my own comic book needs. and this Spirou and Fantasio drawing that I thought was cool.

I got that one off of here—

Samurai Pizza Cats, or Cat Ninja Legend Teyandee–There are  few things I enjoy on this planet more than the open eyes with closed pupils that that winged cat is doing.

I’ve been listening to this lots

I will never get over what I thought was cool at 16– so it goes.

I’ve probably mentioned on here before that the only reason I got into Faith no more in the first place was that Adam Warren had the Dirty pair singing it in an issue. (I also got into Merle haggard after Sin city.) Amazing how susceptible these kids are.

 to bring it all full circle, here’s Warren drawing Bean from Gunsmith in the background of that same issue. Get out of my head dude.

And here’s a mia schwartz comic I like:

And here’s a recent Multiple warheads panel– It’s coming along.

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21 Responses to goon smith

  1. slie says:

    Bean, and a hardsuit from bubblegum crisis. That Dirtypair comic by adam warren is one of the few comics, I actually really like the visual style of.

  2. kelvingreen says:

    Props are underused in comics, I think. As you point out with the Sonoda example, use of props can give a sense of place in just as effective a way as backgrounds; depending on what your characters are holding, you can get a good sense of where they are.

    Sonoda’s the only artist I’ve seen who can pull off a car chase in print. There’s a great sequence towards the end of the first big Gunsmith Cats collection where a car slides towards a character, the door opens, the driver grabs the character, opens the passenger door, puts the character down safely, then drives on. Great stuff.

  3. Wood says:

    Wow, I didn’t know that Spirou illustration. On his blog, Fabrice Tarrin doesn’t give any explanation, but the title “La Zorglinédite”, seems to imply that it was never published before (It would never have been accepted in Spirou Magazine, not with the word “Porno” in the background). Of course, in ’76, Franquin wasn’t drawing Spirou any more…

  4. will says:

    oh cool, back to hand lettering on MW. it makes a huge difference.

  5. samax says:

    yup. I’m a big fan of Giannis Milonogiannis. I found his sketchbook on indyplanet, and enjoy his comics. Looking forward to giving him plenty of my money.

  6. mmmmmike says:

    poop mooooooooooooooooooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuttthhhhhhhhhh

    I like how you’ve taken the site as an opportunity to go deep. deeeeeperrr!!!

    Teran’s stuff makes a great argument for going all digital–lots of aesthetic that you can’t replicate easily by hand, lots of attention to nuance without sacrificing storytelling.

    I love Sonoda–one of those guys i’m gonna hafta go back in and hack when i’ve got longer chase and fight scenes i wanna hit. as you said, dude’s the best(!) at those chases. Did you ever read Cannon God Exxxaxion? I grabbed it in Tankobon, but never bothered to sit down and really burrow in.

    I envy those styles. I still can’t control the urge to draw every. little. detail. many miles to self-mastery.

    also. that dude who looks like totodyle (bruno? is that the one w/ scars on his arms?). maybe my most favoritest character design in years.

    • Brandon says:

      I’m glad it seems deeper, It feels like im just putting less time into it but doing it more often.

      I think Teran is doing his pages on paper and just coloring them digitally. he said he was drawing them Huge too.

      I havent read Exxion, It almost looked like him doing evengellion.

      and thanks– that Bruno is fun to draw.

      • mmmmmike says:

        Hunh. I’d love to see those originals..

        As for depth/length/whatever, it just seems like you’re giving yourself more freedom to focus on a single topic–Moeb/Otomo last post, Sonoda on this, along with nice little stuff like the Marian Muffins you posted today. I guess I’m curious to see your take on more extended sequences from books or examination of iteration on techniques and themes, which I think you really did here. Not to get all academic or anything. Just sayin’.

  7. ross says:

    haha, holy shit, that Teran panel with the close-up of the dead girl thing!!! O_O

  8. Alex T says:

    the white cat’s name is SPEEDY SERVICHY. (he’s the leader of the bunch). did you ever watch samurai pizza cats? I wrote about how amazing it was on scarecrow’s blog awhile back. the theme song is so catchy, worse than the fresh prince of bel air’s.

  9. Pat says:

    holy jeeeeeez @ that mw panel.

    goddamn, i cannot wait.

  10. Autsanaut says:

    Ah, I like being able to click for bigger images. Bigger is always best.

    And what I watched of the Samurai Pizza Cats is pretty funny. If I remember, in the original Japanese it’s fairly terrible but the American folks rewrote and edited it all and made it far better. Gotta watch more of that.

  11. I’m glad that you are finally addressing the existence of your jock doppleganger. Brandon Graham the football player is a thorn in the side of anybody searching for your stuff.

  12. JAn says:

    Saw FNM on their latest tour and for 40+ yo dudes they could give some bands today lessons in putting on a show.

    As a related aside, does anyone know where to get issues of King City cause I’m missing some and the comics back issue business is making me want to scream?

  13. bahamut says:

    The story with Samurai Pizza Cats (I don’t know how true this is) is that when they got the materials for the show, they didn’t get a script or a translation, so the dub is mostly made up based on the visuals. I have fond memories of that show.

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