This is how Marian states her demands.

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4 Responses to Awake

  1. Joe Decie says:

    Are those muffins? You could make em, they’re pretty easy to bake. Ladies Love Cool Muffins.

  2. harveyjamestm says:

    My first subscriber!

  3. Frankie Throwup says:

    Just listened to an old inkstuds podcast while I ate a muffin over breakfast. Frank Santoro was giving you shit for King City being a secret girl comic, and while I am with you in that its totally a testosterone fuelled Dude book, I did have to sneak into my girlfriends house and secretly steal back my own copies of the single issues of KC, and I still have no idea were she hid the original Tokyopop book. I cant be too mad, tho, because my muffin is cranberry apple, the lordly prince of the muffins.

  4. endo for weeks says:

    I have had “Somewhere Out There” stuck in my head all day after seeing this illustration, good job Mr Graham.

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