like dogs.

I’m back from the Emerald city con.  It was rad.

Here’s my last supper in a hotel bar.

I felt better about Seattle on this trip than I have in a long time. I used to think that places got used up and there was only so long I could stand being in a place that reminded of  all my past mistakes and bad memories. Maybe with a cool convention in the middle of what I used to think of a comic book wasteland it just wasn’t like the same place anymore. Maybe I moved so much even those ghosts got exercised.—

Either way it was insane amounts of fun and I met some seriously cool people. I even did some newspaper box graffiti for old times sake.

Here’s some sketchbook drawing I did last night.

I got to meet Frank Quitely whose work is a big deal to me.

I returned with a crate of unread comics that will power my comic book rants for months to come– like a fucking energon cube dawg.

My homie Claire wrote up her thoughts on the thing too.


Today I read a couple comics that my old brothers in dicecat made.

Jacob’s Atmost2 and Corey’s Layered Jacket 2 –Double deuce!

I like this LJ even more than his last one. Corey is nicely insane.

I’m so into how he pulled of this non view –view on the lower right panel.

Coreyyyyy is at

And I like these that Jacob did. Dude your fictional cat is a dick.

More Jacccoobb

And I got to meet Maré Odomo who does these rad Dear dad pokemon comics. I like how much depth it adds to Pokemon when you throw in an absentee father.

Maré’s site

I got to meet Mike Mcghee who I’ve been typing at for many moons. I got this awesome 2 pages off of him.

Mike’s site

And I got to hang out with My John Kantz again too.  I think John exists to remind me that I’m an egomaniac that needs to draw better.

I got him to do a Dirty pair drawing.

and I was looking at some of John’s pages tonight.– Dude that net blur on the low right is so smooth.

And this is what My misses and later the evil Dr Moritat had drawn on the envelope I was keeping receipts in.

and here’s a Shirow pin up. Out of a book Mike gave me (thanks dude)

Of  of the coolest parts of the con for me was getting to talk to Brian Stelfreeze in a hotel bar about comics, he talked about this idea of –days that changed comics and I ranted about seeing that Appleseed #1 when I was a kid.

Another cool thing he said was how there was a limit to craft– like how you can master illustration in a life time. but if storytelling is your goal you’ll always have something to drive the work.

Sometimes I meet people who are real adult artists who have been thinking about storytelling longer than me and it’s nicely humbling. The ceiling goes so much higher than where I’m at–lots of room to grow.


Also my lady is up to more Goblin clothes on her Hchom.  Marian is so cool.

I’m headed down to Portland on friday. comic book rambling.

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21 Responses to like dogs.

  1. Edd Vick says:

    Man, every time I’d go past Starkings’ booth, Gus would be there, drawing in a worse posture than the time before. Every time he’d say, “Have you seen Brandon yet? He’s right over there.” And I’d go right-over-there and it would be some not-you place.

    I got to hang with him and Johno a few weeks ago. Dude’s cool.

    • Brandon says:

      Sorry I missed you Edd. Sometime soon I want to get to seattle when there’s not a con. Justin says you’ve got a stash of old Mu books, I’d kill a yak to get a look at all the great stuff you’ve published.

  2. mmmmmike says:

    We are off of the Gold Standard!!!

    Stelfreeze! He seemed so cool and mellow. I had no clue what to say to him. but, yeah…’Another cool thing he said was how there was a limit to craft– like how you can master illustration in a life time. but if storytelling is your goal you’ll always have something to drive the work.’

    that realization, coupled with some asshole at my highschool throwing out a piece of mine they found objectionable, were the things that pushed me over the (subconscious) edge to doing comics: ‘ I can improve until I die, and NO ONE can tell me what to do if i don’t want them to…’

    Hope that other shit i tossed you is worthwhile as well, and have fun in Portland

  3. kelvingreen says:

    Reading what you say about Seattle, places and memories up there, I now realise how personal King City was, when I was happy to accept it purely as gonzo awesomeness.

  4. Sports says:

    Haha, you look almost like an awkward teenager next to Quitely, though I honestly can’t say I’d be any different, his stuff was the first time I’d seen comic art that wasn’t trying so hard to be pretty or masculine.

    I really like Odomo’s stuff, what I find strange is that the whole absent father thing was explored a lot more in the game that inspired Pokemon – Earthbound. I guess it’s a japanese thing with a lot of men being workaholics, but I’ve seen a few readings of Earthbound also interpret it as a divorce.

    And ugh, Kantz’s stuff just makes me wish he had more in print so I can give him my money.

  5. ross says:

    sounds awesome, wish i could’ve been there. MAN, you met Frank Quitely, so awesome.

    i also agree that Mike McGhee is great.

  6. Man, I love John Kantz’s backgrounds in that 1st page, real otomo/shirow style there.

    Also, is Frank Quitley short or are you really tall?

  7. Kirk says:

    I like how Frank Quitely looks like he was drawn by Frank Quitely. You need to go to one of those comic conventions in the Maryland region so we can hang out. We’ve been typing at each other without a face-to-face for MUCH too long.

  8. Egypt Urnash says:

    It was awesome to say hi to you at the con! Thanks for passing my freaky scrawlings up the Image chain on the basis of our glancing online acquaintance, you are a prince among men and I owe you a couple beers next time we’re in the same town.

    After a while places lose some of their meaning. It’s changed, you’ve changed. After spending almost half my life away from New Orleans, it’s still a pretty cool place to visit, but it’s not the place I grew up in and made a lot of mistakes oh god everywhere reminds me of them any more. I didn’t know you’d lived in Seattle; now I’m wondering how much King City is an exorcism of some of your time here. I know I’ve got stand-ins for places I’ve lived and the people I was when I lived in them in my various projects.

    • Brandon says:

      It was cool meeting you, thanks again for the book.
      I got the other copy up the Image chain, I hope they dig it.

      and yeah, King city is all Seattle and NYC wrapped into one.
      The jump from New Orleans to Seattle sounds like a dramatic change.

  9. Cole P says:

    Ha! you used my photo of you! It was great seeing you again, we’ll have to actually hang out in a secluded place next time. Man the con was bullet to the head full of comic juice! I’m just going to start pumping new art & ideas, Planning to print more GYPSIES issues this spring break too.

    You check out GYPSIES yet?

  10. If you’re up for getting lunch or drinks while you’re here in Portland, I would be into that.

  11. darrylayo says:

    BullSHIT! Frank Quitely’s not a PERSON, he’s an IDEA…

    (sounds really cool Brandon…I was thinking of riding a wind current out to Emerald City for next year’s version of this event. I am curious about these shows that blend the mainstream with the “indie” comics)

  12. Tristan says:

    Hey, we at ECCC.
    Thanks for taking time out of your busy meeting-more-accomplished-artists schedule to talk to me. I’m really glad I got to be a dork and tell you how much I enjoy your artwork. And how excited I am about new Multiple Warheads.
    I like the new blog layout.

  13. Angie says:

    Brandon, I’m sorry I missed you while you were in town! Haha, I apologized on the elevator but I just wanted to apologize again, and I’ll make it up to you with extra goodies next time–Stumptown? ❤

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