so comic book

The nice folks at the comics Journal (formally the nice folks at Comics comics) are letting me do a daily diary all this week. The first one is up here:

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6 Responses to so comic book

  1. samax says:

    Good read. Glad to hear you’re getting close to the first MW drop.

  2. mmmmmike says:

    I’d hate to know what that bastard was planning outside your window. Bastard. It could have been worse though; he wasn’t mustachioed.

  3. Mikey says:

    Love your comics and the blog. Thanks for posting.

  4. Egypt Urnash says:

    The lack of Moebius in used bookstores is criminal. When I hit Powell’s back in January all I could find was, like, a $7 French copy of L’Incal and a $35 copy of the English translation. I bought the French. The man needs some serious reprinting.

  5. Floating World Comics always seems to have a good amount of Moebius on hand.

  6. Frankius says:

    You should do a “how I color my comics and sketchbook pages on der komputer” – I see a guy with a mustache and an accent narrating

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