I’m about to go to the TCAF con in Toronto. It should be fun.

I’m doing a talk with Sam Hiti and paul Pope at 1 on saturday. I’ve been reading a bunch of their comics and getting hyped about it. I like talks.

Here’s some sketchbook stuff I did this week. Some Dirrttyy pair: Kei with a power to the people harlock tattoo

and a plant horse and Conan:

Here’s the Warheads panel I’m working on tonight.

Lately my favorite shit is to ink while listening to Doctor who audio books. Most of them are like sub par episodes but I’m really enjoying this The doctor trap. about an organization of super space hunters tracking the Doctor on an alien world.

Here’s some comics I read this week.

The Shirow book is just a chunk of the Ghost in the shell: human error processor, but I hadn’t seen that cover before.

CODENAME: DANGER is the best kind of batshit crazy quarter bin book.

So it’s about ex CIA dude, Paul Makor recruiting a team to save a kid from a Nazi war criminal pedophile.

I like this 2 page spread of the guys they’re choosing for the mission.

james bond and woman on fire, good, good, but couldn’t they get a better photo of the guy deactivating a bomb in a scuba suit. Although that would be a banging drivers licence photo.

 Makor picks a team. American Nina and an ex hooker who can learn any skill as long as she keeps her pants on.  on some creepy saint/whore shit.

and a loose cannon psychic clearly named after that producer who works with Talib kweli.

 The ex nazi normally just gets adult lady hookers but he got bored of consensual adult sex YAWWWWWNN and so he hired someone in NYC to kidnap a kid who is the son of a CIA employe from a school in Harlem to ship to Brazil. Fool proof plan.

Here’s the villans spider sense going off after he just had his way with the Osmonds.

And here’s a hooker outfit from the NYC scene.

Anyway the mission goes down and our hero and the mentally unstable dude with mental powers have the villan and the kid trapped in a bedroom. Then our hero throws out this shit.

By the way crazy dude who keeps killing people with his mind, a nazi has been rapeing your kid brother. Makor is a dick.

all goes as expected.

And then Makor takes the olympic gold in being a dick.


I’ve been so impressed by Theo Ellsworth’s Capacity. Here’s the opening pages.

I really like his take on the reader being in the story is really cool. “if this get’s too weird close the book” and how you’re addressed as ____________ *your name

I’m reading it slow because it’s giving me so many ideas as I go.

I like this scene where you go inside his brain cloud and get offered tea.

and a tea gnome, nice!


Last night my big brother showed up fresh from Argentina with a stack of comics.

I really like the art on this one. Good trees and cars.

Here’s some Marcos Adan panels I like.

Some strip comics. I like that the whole point of the top one is a bird dropping an egg on his head. the end.

And the inner workings of dude.


For the past while I’ve been talking to Jesse Mead as his thesis advisor for CCS comic book school. I’ve been enjoying the shit out of what he’s been up to.

Here’s a couple pages out of his Lincoln Franklin: Ghost Hunters 2070

You can read the first chapter here:

and my pal Mr Stokoe put up an insanely good movie poster he did.

It’s the thing he’s drawing here:

Here’s the trailer for the movie:

And here’s an 80’s Appleseed video, that might be the only thing of Shirows on film that I love.

and some fucking Elfquest fan movie magic up in this bitch.

Ok. Now I’m going to stay up all night drawing and hopefully fix my schedule in time for the comic show.

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15 Responses to PRECAF

  1. Adam Szym says:

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who listens to Dr. Who audio books and draws comics. Even the cheesier ones are still stimulating the same part of my brain I’m flexing to come up with ideas for pages.

    I suggest also checking out the audio dramas: You can probs find them on youtube.

    Did Stokoe get commissioned to do that poster or was it for fun?

    Also: when are we gonna see you do some Conan?

    Also also: If you see a dude at TCAF with a huge beard selling comics out of a cigarette box, you should check him out. Buddy of mine, crazy comics man.

    • Brandon says:

      Yeah, I like even the Dr Who that im less impressed by. I will delve into the dramas as well.

      The movie people asked Stokoe to draw the poster. And he even got to see the thing. He’s really into it. It would suck doing a job that big if you were’nt

      I dont think DH will ever let me on Conan past pin ups.

      I will keep an eye out for dudes selling beards out of boxes.

  2. Travis Evenson says:

    That Stokoe poster is pretty exciting. I saw the trailer the other day for the first time, and then this! Gotta see this movie.

  3. Sports says:

    I love how the girl in the Mead comic speaks in hearts (she speaks her heart?). And I like that aped Mother 3 logo and the cigarette comic.

  4. kelvingreen says:

    “He has extraordinary skills and is completely autonomous.”

    For some reason, I love that line. It sounds as if it’s been madly mistranslated from some other language.

    Also, “Breakdown in Bangkok” is a great name for something. A novel, a comic, a band. Something.

    Paul Grist did a great interactive-reader thing in the original black and white Jack Staff, where he had his Doctor Strange analogue talk directly to the reader, which in itself isn’t so revolutionary. What was clever was that he had the character play one of those “I know what you’re thinking” word games to make it seem as if he was reading your mind as you read the comic. Genius.

    I notice that in the bird-laying-an-egg strip, the egg makes the bloke look up from his book, thus avoiding falling into a ravine, so it’s probably really about destiny or something equally clever.

  5. Codename: Danger was one of the first things Robert Loren Fleming wrote after he quit doing Thriller at DC. Have you ever read Thriller, Brandon? I’m curious what you’d think about it…

    • Brandon says:

      I got the first issue of Thriller recently, I think I found it hard to follow so I didn’t delve deeper. What were your thoughts on it?

  6. darrylayo says:

    That NYC Hooker dress is the greatest thing of all time, at least for a week.

  7. In that appleseed video, I love the cut to Briareos drinking through a straw.

  8. I never ever ear talk about this Appleseed movie before… Where can I found it ? It’s Japanesse ??

  9. haha i’m from Argentina and i always find funny how they used to write some English words in spanish, like instead of “boogie” they wrote “bugui”.

    btw i loved that theo ellsworth panel with the tea gnome

  10. chris kaw says:

    OH SNAP!

    That was disturbing.

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