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The above picture is from the TCAF con talk Mr Inkstuds did with me, Paul Pope and  Sam Hiti. you can hear it here: http://www.inkstuds.org/?p=3675

Here’s some Moebius/Otomo fanart I drew tonight to commemorate the Moebius tumbr sparking a new Otomo tumblr. I’m thrilled.




and here’s some stuff from my sketchbook.


When I got back from Toronto I had 3 serious dudes from England stay with me on their world tour to see comics and video game people. It was fun, they even bought me a pie thing (tart)

Marcel O’Leary http://marceloleary.blogspot.com/

Andrew Porter http://www.phandy.co.uk/

And Joe Sutton http://www.downplusb.co.uk/

Here’s some robots by Andy on the left and Joe on the right.

And I got them to draw in my sketchbook too.

cool dudes indeed.


I’ve been trying to get back into my hermit lifestyle now that I’m done with conventions for awhile.

I reread some Ike Garuda tonight:

Garuda is a book I got in some 50cent bin a million years ago, there were 2 issues but I’ve only ever seen the 1st. It’s good sci fi detective comics. I like that genre, I want more of it.

It’s written by Elane Lee who worked on Starstruck with Kaluta and drawn by James Sherman who did some good  fill in issues of American Flagg and Dreadstar.

This comic has a cool way of traveling from planet to planet in it. They destroy your body and regrow a new you in a womb tank thing at your destination with your memory transported into it. The main characters body dies at least 5 times in the first issue jumping from place to place.

Here’s him comming out of the womb. I like that even though he’s got the wolverine style crotch hiding shadow his dong won’t stay hidden. “in your face bub!”

And I like this scene of getting a lady out of a suitcase:

solid stuff. here’s some more pages.

I was also looking at an old Heavy metal from 91. I like the art in this Juan Gimenez Ca-rt-oon story.  I prefer this style to the newer color Gimenez stuff I’ve read– it feels like the space baby of early Manara and Otomo.

And I like that the main lady in it has a mullet.

That’s where I’m at today, more mullet, more sci fi detectives. please and thank you.


I managed to dig up a picture of a  preto magix thing I was obcessed with when I was a kid. It’s the ewok village printed on a board game style board that you’d rub tranfer on ewoks whereever you wanted on it. I think this thing is at the heart of my interst in doing wheres waldo style drawings.


Here’s Rumiko Takahashi being an OG. I like that she has nerd buttons on her shirt.

some All a-Round Intercept and Escort Lady Ariel .

and a young Optimus prime.

Also if anyone is intersted in buying pages from me, Stokoe, Marley or Marian there’s new one’s up here:


young optimus get out of my mind.

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23 Responses to pure heart lion

  1. Ruth says:

    Hey, did you see these nice Japanese edition covers to Song of Ice and Fire? I can’t remember the last time I bought a new fantasy book with a cover that I didn’t cringe to look at… (We met at TCAF on Sat by the way, you drew on the cover of my King City #12 and Marian sketched in my copy of Beast. Tall female redhead? Ah well, it’s okay if you don’t remember, it was a busy day. Glad you had a good time, it’s always awesome as a fan!)

    • Brandon says:

      I do remember you. thanks again for getting the comics.

      I hadn’t seen those covers. I like the Ken Sugawara ones best.
      That one with the kid and wolf agaist the white tree is awesome.

  2. darrylayo says:

    Dang that Akira/Adena drawing is so cool. A stunning realization I had a few months ago was that Akira is Moebius books spun out through manga conventions. But it doesn’t suffer from seeing the source material. Awesome, cool, fantastic

  3. kelvingreen says:

    They destroy your body and regrow a new you in a womb tank thing at your destination with your memory transported into it.

    That’s also how it’s done in the novel Altered Carbon, which is also a detective story! It’s fairly good, and would probably make a decent graphic novel.

    I’m not sure I like Young Optimus. Old Optimus always felt like the nerdy kid made good, but Young Optimus looks like he was on the Polyhex High football team and dated all the cheerdroids. What a jerk.

    • Brandon says:

      I should track down Altered Carbon, that sounds like my scene.

      Yeah I don’t know how I feel about young Optimus, but the pink ladrdroids seem to like him.

  4. Sports says:

    Wow, that Ike Garuda stuff looks like grade A sci fi comics, that page with the pool is so mind blowing.

    And did Mr. Sutton explain what “peng” means?

    • Marcel says:

      Joe explained it to Brandon without using words… It was an awkward night.

    • Brandon says:

      He did explain it (with real words marcel!) I spacing on the actually meaning but I think it was something sexy. I think Peng was the female version I don’t remember the male equivelent.

      It’s also the name of a Corey lewis kickball comic if that helps.

      • Sports says:

        I’ve heard girls use it for dudes too. Funnily enough way back when me and my friend first discovered Corey Lewis it was like “How does he know that word if he’s american?”

        I have to say though, it is a fantastic onomatopoeia.

  5. neo-rama says:

    now all we need is a ketsuya terada tumblr.

  6. some guy says:

    I feel bad commenting on your collection of stuff with more stuff, but when I read this I thought that you’d love it. This is an old anthro Max comic that he draw for “El Vibora” in 1981. I think that this remain unpublished out of that magazine, unless I’m mistaken. I don’t know how he colored it, but it looks awesome.

    BTW, I love your comics and your blog.

  7. ross says:

    awesome sketchbook stuff. i love the girl with the dotted-line underwear or tan line or whatever. probably the best girl you’ve ever drawn, love her legs.

    i love that TCAF panel recording, i wish i could have gone to that! you guys are so learned and erudite, it really puts things in perspective for me as to how little i know about comics, creators, and comics history and prominent figures in comics history. if i was on the panel i’d be like “Barry Windsor Smith? who’s that?” and have nothing to add to the story conversation. i had to google some of the people and comics in the pictures you guys discussed, haha. i really dig Pope’s observations on licensed characters being themes rather than characters.

    • Brandon says:

      Thanks Ross,

      I think that some of the best stuff being brought to comics these days is from dudes like you taht are pulling from outside comics influences.

      Tumbleweeds. Yeah it’s hard to show growth and whatnot when you’ve got action figures to sell.

      • ross says:

        i did read a lot of comics when i was younger and i read a lot of manga in college so those were definitely influences for me, but i think beyond the really huge ones like Eastman & Laird and Bill Watterson, i’m not that influenced by comics at all, so maybe you’re right. i feel most influenced by film and music.

        i don’t know, you’d think if they wanted to sell action figures then wouldn’t they benefit from the character changing, right? then you get multiple costumes and eras and for each “change” the character goes through you get a new toy!!! or they can just keep making 200 Batman variants. Associate Producer Batman or Kidney Thief Batman or whatever.

  8. Adam Szym says:

    Good panel. Was that the first time you’d met Paul Pope?

    It’s interesting seeing your sketchbook stuff. It has the same open-air feel, for lack of a better term, as a lot of your panels and comics do.

    Do you always color your sketchbook pages afterwards, or only certain ones?

    • Brandon says:

      Thanks mr Szymczak.

      I’d met Pope briefly like 10 years ago. This was the first time I got to really pick his brain.

      and thanks– I usually only color sketchbook stuff if im going to put it up here.

  9. Cringer says:

    That Twain joke was cringe-inducing.

  10. sika says:

    Damn, I love your blog! It’s like a drug to me or something. Which might be the reason why I immediately thought you might dig this when I first saw it: http://tinyurl.com/3dmdreq That site has a lot of cool Japanese posters for American films and they generally look a lot better than the originals, even when they dont change the image much. I guess it’s the typography. http://www.filmonpaper.com/?s=japan&post_type=poster

  11. wes says:

    that ewok things was by far the coolest thing ever, i use to stare at it as a kid too, saved it my whole life and when i went on tour one year i made the mistake of leaving it in my closet and my mom threw it out, i was pretty pissed when i got back home

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