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Oh hello,

It’s been a good week. I’ve just finished inking the last page of the 3rd issue of my Multiple warheads. One more issue to go (28 pages) and then I’ll know when #1 will be out. Slow as molasses but I think it’ll be sweet.

Here’s a couple of recent sketchbook drawings.

This week has mostly been me watching british from the 80’s and going on walks with Marian. I drew this after one of our walks–trying to get how rain looks in a street light.

Here’s a one page Marian did about the first poetry book she got into.

The 3rd panel has her in the legendary backwards”wize guy” hat that she wore through her tough guy teen years.

And my dear sweet mother just put up a new sci fi short she wrote.



and missterr  Stokoe just put a bunch of stuff up. (orc stain preview and more Spider Nam pages)

And a recent(ish) Marley drawing.

shayydayy the technocolor dreamcoat man.– Marley draws good hair huh?

And Some rad aliens by Simon Roy.



I ran into this Moebius drawing of Hugo Pratt’s Corto Maltese with Pratt drawn in there on the middle of the right hand page.

I’ve never dug all that deep into Pratt’s work. He’s a dude who I feel fondness for based on so many of the artists I’m influenced by being fond of him.

Here’s a thing Manara wrote about their friendship:

“When I met him, a friendship was born almost immediately. As he was Venetian, he had no driver’s license, so when he needed to go somewhere it’s always me who took him with my car. Southern Italy in northern France or Spain, we traveled a lot together. A total complicity is born. Whether it’s for the comic or women! (…) We intend to continue, but he died in 1995. We had almost twenty years apart, but it was for me as a father or brother. ”

I like the idea of these guys driving around talking about ladies and ink on paper.

I like how Manara put Pratt into his early Bergman books as the guide.

on a similar kick here’s Paul Pope drawing some pages with Corto Maltese in them.

and a Manara drawing and photo: I like seeing what an artists chose to leave in or take out from reference.

Here’s the trailer for the Corto Maltese movie that I like the look of.


 This Albedo photo stuff on the left is on that same kick I’m always aiming at when I think of Photo covers, like hints that can connect the reader with objects of the comic book world. And Matt Howarth Konny and Czu on the Right. 

Here’s a couple pages from a One Piece porn short that the french artists Kevin “TRANTKAT” Hérault has up on his deviantart. I like how much height and distance he shows in these pages. and then there’s that flower in the last panel..man, watch where you step in that place!


Blade runner Spinner cutaway. all this design work lost like such and such in the thing.

and this  –coolest shit ever. Bubble gum crisis and gundam up in the bitch.


and some mottoooo slave.


and Priss and some Gall force robots.


and some covers I thought were cool. Those look like exactly the type of frog and otter I’d want to take on my serious adventures.–I can’t vouch for the other guys.

some Gnomes– Gnome what I’m sayin?

I like that Arzach hat house — alright we need Smurfs.


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20 Responses to Word life

  1. seanvdm says:

    I’ve seen that Corto Maltese movie and the othe Corto animated movies, they are pretty good! Big Hugo Pratt fan, you should definitely read those books, Pratt was a great storyteller and a terrific artist.

  2. Chris says:

    I thought I read that the Corto Maltese albums were going to reprinted in English, but cannot find any recent information. I have all the NBM albums and the poorly produced floppy version of Ballad of the Salt Sea. I wonder if the licensing fee is what is keeping publishers from reprinting these?

  3. Paul B says:

    I know all artists have their secrets but would you be willing to share some info on how you go from sketchbook drawings to these colored images we see on your blog? i’d love to see some pictures of the process. thanks!

  4. John says:

    The new English edition Corto Maltese books are apparently due out in 2012, from the last update I read on one of the comics news sites (sorry, can’t remember which one).

  5. Kiel West says:

    Yeah man, Corto Maltese. I love that Pratt stuff. I always draw better after looking at his no-fuss work.

  6. steverolston says:

    What’s that Paul Pope Corto Maltese stuff from?

  7. Mr. Esty says:

    Corto Maltese… I found out about that stuff in an ass-backwards kinda way; somebody once commented that one of my characters looked like Corto Maltese, I was all “who’s that?”, then I looked him up. Damn! I can just stare at that stuff all day. So good.

    Also; nice job on that night-rain in the light! Thinking about how to do that in ink, in black and white makes my head hurt.

  8. John Christ says:

    Awesome stuff as usual, dug your mom’s short story. I am currently working on a series of shorts I plan on posting online in weekly installments once I have completed the story arc.

  9. kelvingreen says:

    That adventuring frog has a bit of a Tellos look going for him. It’s probably the pirate/Perez boots.

    • kelvingreen says:

      Oh, and I didn’t spot the Doctor Who stuff at first. Nicely done!

      I love that Spider-Nam stuff, and I wish that there was a chance in heck that Marvel would publish it.

  10. Great post as usual. Love reading your stuff.

  11. Dear Brandon,

    Eff yes and B.I.G. U.P.S. on the Red Dwarf references.

    Love, Flynn

  12. brandon,

    your posts make me want to rub comics into my skin. get some ink in my blood.

  13. Erin English says:

    All I gotta say is… Your fuckin doodle of Emp! and those Spidermans! And the fact you stuck that dude from Light Years (one of my favourite movies ever) into your top image. And then there’s all the rest, which is the delicious gravy on top.

  14. Am I just seeing things or is there a lot of “Moebius” in Manara’s Pratt drawing? In fact, didn’t Manara have something like a Moebius phase in the way he shades things? Or am I just seeing something they both picked up from elsewhere?

    I dont’ know, maybe I am just seeing things.

  15. Dan Morris says:

    I like to think that Paul Pope as a young man saw the Corto Maltese books and said to himself, “I’m going to grow up and try to look like that guy”.

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