Comic book GIANTS


The big news with me this week is that I’m doing a Inkstuds talk tomorrow.(sat 18th)

Me Mr Inkstuds and Michael Deforge discussing Jason’s Isle of 100,000 Graves. Anyone can join in by emailing Robin at inkstudsradio and adding Inkstuds on skype. It’s at noon pacific time. so soon

I’ve been spending all week coloring and writing plans within plans.

I read Joe Decie’s Accidental Salad:

I like how much he’s playing with comics in this. Inside the cover he talks about how this is a work of fiction and how he would never leave his son on the back cover unsupervised.

A lot of it reads like autobiographical comics but he switches it up.  he has a great comic about his process that I’d originally read online assuming it was straight forward and then he hits you with how he pencils with his left hand and inks with his right to save time and how he scatters coriander seeds around his scanner to distract demons.

I like this one.

or this one

It all reads like a more creative way to approach doing comics about yourself, it’s not just him documenting his life but also his ideas in a really cool casual way.

Great stuff. Here’s his site:


Something I’ve been really excited about is the recent contact I’ve had with some of my comic book heroes returning to comics after years away in animation and games.

Frank Teran whose work I first ran into I think on a Hellblazer issue with Warren Ellis writing. Even with the heavy art edits the goons at DC put on the book it still hit me as one of the rare actually creepy horror comics I’d seen.

And then later seeing his short Aliens and Terminator comics in DHP.

the covers:

And some Aliens pages, Stokoe was just telling me how many times as a kid he’d redrawn that page on the left. the page on the right was done with cut out panels of black paper that he used white paint to draw on.

and some of his Terminator pages that I’d put up here awhile back. It’s just so cool to see the stuff you loved as a kid done well.

Here’s some of his more recent work.


and a nicely snarky batman page.

Frank’s site:


And then there’s Fil Barlow, whose 1986 six issue series Zooniverse I saw when I was 10 and it deeply affected how I approach and think about comics.

Just by it being one of the most well made comics I’d read at the time and it wasn’t being talked about or pushed just really took my faith out of popular opinion and I think it gave me this idea that so much of the best work being done you have to dig for.

The ideas are so dense and fun in these– Like the Plastoid race that doesn’t die because they don’t biodegrade. Or how on the lower right he turns the e!xckamation! po!nt into a space station. (and those floating dudes The Diaethon- above a garden fertilized by their poop)

on the right with the first panel seeing through the eyes of Tarmi who is blind to normal light but can see the shadow images of everything.

and then the way we follow this flying zoon into the next scene.

so cool.

Here’s a black and white page from his Aquaarine short that ran in Dark horse Down under in 94

and some of his animation work

Extreme Ghostbusters.

and Starship troopers.

and here’s some of his misses Helen Maier, who works with Fil and even colored Zooniverse long ago.

Fil even drew them together in Zoniverse.– in that 4th panel– the human looking ones.

Fil Barlow’s Deviantart:

and Helen Maier’s

and a Zooniverse blog that they’ve put up.

In the past I’d always felt like when our best and brightest leave for higher paying work that we won’t see more comics by them but I’ve got new faith. This is a really exciting time for comics.


Here’s some stuff I thought was cool.

Kevin Eastman drawing a TMNT longshot:

and a rad Cyber Weapon Cybercomic cover.

and a cool Gotoh Keisuke cover/


Aight I’m off to play loud rap muisc and draw something in a comic book.


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18 Responses to Comic book GIANTS

  1. D says:

    Zooniverse is great, I recently got it through eBay and loved every single page. I have to thank you for introducing me to it.

  2. kelvingreen says:

    Hah! I remember that alien-in-a-tux cover well.

  3. Fiffe says:

    Oh, yeah, Teran is awesome. He drew a couple of issues and a bunch of covers for the Punisher that I remember being pretty cool and different looking:

  4. Tom H. says:

    Damn- that is some cool typography on the Gotoh Keisuke cover.

  5. slie says:

    Saw some gundammit Unicorn video, gonna watch it this week. Looks great. I’m gonna stalk you and show up at your house! I know where you live!

    • Brandon says:

      I only saw part of the 1st one. are there more?

      and yeah show up. but I can do the same– I could be typing this from a hedge outside your window..

  6. sean witzke says:

    That Aliens special cover is an all-time favorite, I had no idea it was Teran.

  7. Erin English says:

    Zooniverse! I’m going to have to dig some of that up. Thanks for introducing me!

  8. Seth says:

    Love Frank Teran! When I was interning at Marvel Comics in the mid-90s, Frank did a few random issues for my editor Kelly. His pages were always a tactile, living thing. Layered with all kinds of media; ink, pen, paint, whiteout, stats… the coolest stuff I saw while working there.

    I also remember he modified all his clothes at the time; hand painted jacket, soles of another pair of sneakers industrial stapled onto his sneakers. The man is rad! Glad to see him coming back to comics!

    • Brandon says:

      That’s awesome. He definatly seems like an artist to his core.
      It also carries a lot more weiht for me when artists whose work I like are cool people.
      We need more guys like Teran in comics.

  9. Gareth Hinds says:

    Oh, yeah, Zooniverse is one of my all-time favs. I still re-read it every few years. I ripped it off EXTENSIVELY in my first long-running comic strip back when I was in high school. 😛

  10. Eraklis says:

    Dude, Zooniverse changed my life when I picked it up in my Teens. I have read and re-bought those six issues so often it’s insane. haha. I wish some one would collect them all.

  11. Logan says:

    Brandon, will you be attending ComicCon in Montreal in September (or any other shows this year)?

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