Gunsmith pants

I was thinking that this scene from Manara’s Click 4 could only be explained by the gun up the sleve trick from Gunsmith cats.

Just when you think you’re dealing with a barefoot girl SHAK! she’s got boots on!

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17 Responses to Gunsmith pants

  1. Wood says:

    I have seen these gun-up-the-sleeve mechanisms in various movies and comics, but I wonder if it has ever been made in real life ?

    But the real question is : where is her right thigh in panel 1 ?

    • Brandon says:

      It must exist somewhere, I just wonder if it would be a good idea at all.

      I think her thigh disapearing can be explained by the Butterscotch solution from his other series.

  2. Sarah says:

    Haha fantastic

  3. The lack of right thigh and the sudden boot appearance makes me think it’s some kind of “prostethic pants”. Simply, she has NO right leg and the pants-leg comes with a boot attached.

  4. itzaviv says:

    Someone just forgot to color that gap between her hand and leg that is actually her right thigh, which is already inside the “pants”. Shit happens.

  5. Egypt Urnash says:

    oh god trying to make sense of a page that has both L-R and R-L panel sequencing on it HURTS MY BRAIN SO MUCH

    …someday i think i want to find a way to do that deliberately. Hopefully without the use of a “<== READ THIS WAY” arrow. Hmm. Mirror writing? Strong use of “Japanese” visual signifiers? Maybe even a collaboration with someone who is far more passionate about the visual language of Japanese comics than I am.

  6. James Harvey says:

    Click 4 is the one where a whole bunch of panels are clearly traced from pin-ups of Angelina Jolie.

    • Brandon says:

      He draws her as the main lady sexing up her brother , i think it was topical at the time. I think traced is a little harsh– dude is still a serious threat even on his weakest books.

  7. REALpizza says:

    I was sorta hoping she just had boots sewn into her pants but alas.

  8. Esty says:

    blah, blah, blah…


  9. Fritz Bogott says:

    It’s booty shorts with integral boots that really alarm me.

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