Hello Break fast

Hello Breakfast.

Oh hellllloo,

Stuff has been nice and nicely busy on my side of the earth.

I’ve been tightening and loosening the screws of my comic book machine. Mr Inkstuds gave me these giant pads of paper so I’ve been doing my layouts bigger than the final pages. It’s nice, room to think.

Here’s another page from my Thickness story. With some Robotech and a blatant nod to the Adan Warren DP comics of my youth.

And the mamoth thumbnail for that page:

Here’s a commission I did this week, redrawing an early Kirby FF page.( I might be on kind of a dirty pair kick. with that 6th panel )


Here’s the page I based it off of.

Here’s some recent sketchbookery with some trees, and raps.


soooo my lady is deep in some serious D&D recently. It is the coolest shit ever. Here’s the drawings she did of her character and related horse and things.

More of Marians shiizzz here:


And here’s some sketchbook drawings that I scammed out of my pal(and some people’s Dungeon Master) Emily.

Foxtaurs 4 lyfe bra.

Emily’s site: http://emcarroll.blogspot.com/

Also also Kate did this Ice cool Heart of Ice comic .

It feels like what a twilight zone comic should be. Why isn’t there an ongoing twilight zone anthology? — you can read Kate’s whole comic here:



I’ve been so thrilled at all the amazing redraws of the Moebius starwatcher drawing.

Ian has been running them all on his Moebius Tumblr


And one of my comic book heroes (and all around solid dude) Fil Barlow did this one that had me cracking up all morning.


Fil’s site: http://zooniversecomic.blogspot.com/

and http://filbarlow.deviantart.com/


Here’s a photo I took out of the window of my building. I like this hoop thing that was put up on the fire escape of that building. It was for some street (alley?) Me and Marian went to it just long enough to buy a plant. 

That rooftop puddle is a good spot to watch birds splash around.


I got some good manga recently.

Maps on the left and Shower Moonlight (moonlight shower?) on the right.

Both these books are huge fat things (700 pages for maps) 

Maps is by Yuichi Hasegawa and has these great giant statue of liberty looking Ghost ships.

I like how he shows the scale of the thing on these pages. Showing the ship in relation to buildings and then the forehead dock.

I like this great Giant space tower with chicken aliens and elephant footed ball dudes

 There’s a site that goes into much more depth on the series here:


Shower Moonlight is by Hisashi Sakaguchi who started out working in animation under Tezuka. In the early 90’s Dark horse put out his book Version.

It was such a rad book. I have a theory that the misleading computer covers were why the book didn’t click with more people over here. Here’s a link with some.


Sakaguchi died in 95, here’s a photo of him.

Here’s some pages from Shower moonlight

man that landing pad and treesss. His work has that great european manga mix that reminds me of 80’s howard and nester comics.

I like how he did the trees on the right with just the guy in shadow.

and this cool looking JB NO bot– and that great spin move on the right.

Here’s a SAKAGUCHI. page from another book. I like how that 3rd panel is just a sliver of trees.


And here’s a couple pages from a short Kenichi Sonada comic I was looking at. I like the idea of girls catching robots in a wasteland so they can cook them and eat them, Breakfast!

Here’s some Seiichi Hayashi pages I like the little Nemo look of.

and an image from a calender he did.

There’s more on him on the Drawn and quarterly site.


and here’s megazone 23 design.

And now it’s 6 30 in the am and I have a full day (after sleep) of planning out the 4th Multiple warheads issue and more Thickness porn.

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13 Responses to Hello Break fast

  1. Egypt Urnash says:

    Oh man that Kirby parody had me giggling like a five-year-old. What the hell is the story behind it? There’s gotta be more than just “some dude is paying me money to draw a parody of one page of this crazy old FF story”.

    And omg Fil’s Starwatcher. *more helpless giggling* I gotta find time to do me one of these.

    Thickness is looking pretty awesome, so enthusiastically weird. Love the tanline on panel 2, I’d say I’m gonna steal it but I’m not sure it’d work so well in limited colors without outlines.

    And woo, Maps looks pretty sweet, is there an English translation (fan or legit) out there?

    • Brandon says:

      The guy that commisioned the FF page has been getting a whole issue redrawn by indy comics people. He’s got Chester brown, Jeffrey Brown and anders nilsen in it. I like the idea.

      And thanks, I was unsure about the tanlines.

      I haven’t seen maps in english, I’d love to read the thing as well.

  2. kim says:

    hehe submariner there is more like snoopmariner 🙂

    and marian playing dnd is so tron 🙂 i bet she’s such a natural!

  3. Jordyn says:

    Space Prince. More space prince.

  4. Andrew says:

    Wow, I love those Seiichi Hayashi you posted! Red Colored Elegy was a revelation for me when I read it, I really hope more of his work is published here.

  5. Mike Mcghee says:

    you weren’t kidding about that skaguchi stuff. gonna hafta get me some.

    love me some seichi hayashi. SOOOO good.

  6. REYYY says:

    oohhhhhh guess i didn’t look THAT close at the moeb original coz i was under the impression that the starwatcher character was up WAY HIGH on that building. all the people drawing her with her feet planted firmly on the ground threw me off. but i see in the original she does indeed have her feet on the floor.

    mine’s up way high. coz i like high.

  7. sean witzke says:

    That Barlow piece made my damn day

  8. Derek says:

    The guy commissioning the FF pages has a blog detailing the progress: http://fanfour9.guttertrash.net/

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  11. rrdirks says:

    So true about Version. Those covers were terribly misleading. Although in ’91 the comic may have just been a bit ahead of its time for the mainstream. I’ve always hoped for someone to reprint (and finish!) the series. Or at least bring out more Sakaguchi in English, the man was brilliant.

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