That comic book shit.

 I woke up at 3 this afternoon and stumbles over to RX comics to get a Joe Wight (who did Twilight-x ) written zombie comic and I grabbed Snarked too because it was all of a dollar.

I’d heard about Langrige’s Muppet stuff before but Snarked is the first I’ve read of his.

This first page that’s meant to show the Walrus dude being lazy fit in perfectly with how I felt. This walrus speaks to me. Also I like the oysters welcome sign on his door. Fucking pussy hound (oyster walrus).

I like this pun

I really like all the back up shit he put in this–It’s got games and puzzles that all relate to the story. It’s got a full page wanted poster of a missing character, a diary of how another character from after the story and even a full page of the newspaper the walrus reads.

There’s a draw your own version of the Snark monster page in it too. Here’s mine. (I’ve been reading Elektra again)


Return to the planet of the living dead felt like it would make a great Twilight zone comic issue– like my pal Kate’s comic I typed about on here earlier this week. It kind of reads like the actualization of two kids in the 80’s talking about what would happen if space marines met zombies.

I’m not sure how the book was broken up since both Wight and Huchison draw– I’d assume  Huchison drew it but so much of the art looks like Wight to me.

I’m always impressed by how Wight writes military dialog. He doesn’t try to explain or dumb down anything. The characters feel talk like they’re in it “bronco one is feet dry and weapons hot”

I like this panel

I was looking at Garcia Lopez’s Star raiders book again tonight–  this book is so cool.

It never occurred to me before that it was based off of an Atari game. That’s an ad for it on the left and a panel from the comic on the right.

 and this title page

the layouts on these space pages kill me. — even Roy Jones is forced to lean back.

And up on comic art fans there’s a photo of how his originals for it look.

“water colors, colored inks and a little bit of a grease pencil for shading.”

More here:

 here’s a page from Atari force that was up there as well. I love it when an artist shows the characters really integrated into the backgrounds– it’s one of those things that feels like magic to me when it works. That last panel where he shows the room inside the ship from outside the ship– that’s like magic.

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14 Responses to That comic book shit.

  1. kelvingreen says:

    Langridge is a genius.

    There was a Hulk comic — not by Langridge — out here a few months ago in which the story was in two halves, with the Hulk getting recruited to fight some aliens, and between the two chunks of story there was a section of puzzles and games. What I liked about it was they framed the games as training exercises for the Hulk as he got ready to fight the aliens; I liked how they incorporated the extra pages into the story and made the whole thing almost interactive.

  2. Egypt Urnash says:

    Okay man I should be working on this costume but those awesome painted Star Raiders pages and that page of Atari Force inks is making me pull out my complete run of Atari Force to see how it stands up to an adult’s eyes.

    And while I’m at it I just hunted up a torrent for the other “DC Actually Being Interesting And Doing Something Besides Superheros” series of that era – if the seeds hold out, I am finally going to get to read more than a few scattered issues of Amethyst, Princess of Gemworld. Man, flipping through the issues I do have, I’m wondering how much BD Ernie Colón was inhaling at the time – Dark Opal totally looks like he could’ve stepped out of a Druillet page.

    (Two issues into Atari Force: Huh, not bad. JLGL’s pencils/inks are of course lovely, major props for Dart being a female action character who actually dresses like someone who expects to be shot at, it’s her merc partner Blakjak who provides the low-cut sexy outfit. Some really nice double-page spreads that make it immediately obvious they’re spreads. Gerry Conway’s writing is pretty sharp in this, there’s a few places where I think he oversells a scene with captions instead of letting JLGL’s drawings carry a moment. Zuiko’s colors feel surprisingly sensitive for the era, he makes really really nice use of purples and has a great balance between abstract, mood-based color choices and representational colors. And Lappan’s lettering is still totally sweet when he gets to do a sound effect or display text, this was the first book where I ever NOTICED lettering. I seem to remember it slipped once JLGL and GC moved on to other stuff, and also flipping through later issues I’m goingoh god the fucking hukka who would surely have been voiced by Frank Welker in a cartoon adaptation, but man this was a total beacon of awesome from the comics rack for thirteen-year-old me.)

  3. Autsanaut says:

    How is the Walrus reading the front page from deep within the paper? Continued on page 10 perhaps?

    That star raiders title page is crazy in the depth it has. Feels like it goes on and on…

  4. Sports says:

    Man, I feel you about that Walrus, I woke up around 4PM today too. All the same I’m hyped to get some comics done today, then my moebius torrents finished downloading and now this post goes up, it’s like a perfect storm for comics inspiration! Thanks Mr. Graham!

    And man those star raiders layouts are so beastly. And I love that the title page is somewhere inbetween a ship’s console and an arcade cabinet.

  5. Thank you for being a friend.

  6. Mike Mcghee says:

    I don’t think I can really follow up Fred’s comment there…

    but, yeah, I guess i was looking at the Wight cover all bleary-eyed at 6am before going to work, and i dunno how i read it as orbiting planets and such and only now just read it as the eyeball it so clearly is, but yeah, that’s something special there. i’ma need to get me some of his shit one of these days.

  7. Spleenal says:

    I’ve liked Roger Langridge since, oh, er, is it 89? 90? Some where around there.
    I was round at the head quarters of Slab-o-concrete (underground comics publisher and distributor, now no longer exists) The head quarters was actually Pete’s flat.
    Anyhow Pete showed me a mini comic of Rogers. I think it was black and white. The thing that struck me was how strong and powerful the art was.
    Pete may have shown me it to make me try harder on the thing I was drawing for him.
    You sort of have to colour stuff in these days. But check out Roger’s black and white stuff. Awesome.
    Listen to me calling him Roger, like I’ve ever even met the guy!

  8. Michaelk42 says:

    I think that Star Raiders GN was the first large-format graphic novel I ever bought as a kid.

    And I still have a soft spot in my heart for all the little comics that came with the Atari 2600 cartridges themselves:

    (Especially that Yar’s Revenge one, which I thought had the best art.)

  9. Mr. Friendo says:

    So, I bought your book Escalators. I’m impressed. It speaks to me. I’m going to bury it in a time capsule or something.

    Thanks for making the book, the effort is appreciated.

  10. grantalias says:

    I loved Atari Force as a kid and in my 20’s picked up the whole series. So good! I also have Star Raiders I picked up afterwards. I miss reading books like these.

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