Like, look I’m still here.


While I still putter away on my Warheads pages here’s some of the other ish I’ve been up to.

I did a drawing for the Emerald city con’s Monsters and dames book. I was aiming for a robot centaur made out of the same mechnology as a Robotech Cyclone.– and I drew a Weewolf reading Murakami’s wind up bird chronicles. 

I did this for a Floating world artshow for Craig Thompson’s fantastic book Habibi.

That book has stuck with me nicely since reading it. I keep thinking about the characters lives past the book.

Some sketchbookery:

I drew some of these to harass my dear sweet lady –Marian drew the 2nd And now.

She’s so all Skyrim on her mind all day these days.

Marian’s been doing a push to sell off some art. I think the stuffed gnomes are gone already but she has lots of pages left.

More on her site.

and as always I have pages of mine for sale at:

anyway, Sketchbook.

I had an idea to do a series of rough sketches while watching music videos, I did this page looking at Aerosmith’s Girls of summer. It’s a shitty song and the video has as much artistic merit as an episode of Charmed but whatever whatever.


And a sketch I drew on a boat. Coooooze

annd a racoon and a robot racoon– Marian drew the creatures on the top left and the photos are some Dirty pair cosplay I snerked off this internet.

And I dug up some awful scans of an unfinished porn comic I started on Slipshine long ago.

Slipshine site: 

The idea with this was to make a porn thing with a bunch of characters from other comics I’d done all interacting in a giant tower.

This title page was colored by my pal Tom Herpich long long long ago– Left to right that’s Sexica from Multiple warheads and Stix from Perverts of the Unknown and a character from a porn short I did called Juice (Tash I think her name was?) and the character I did just for this. I’d read that pretty ladies worked better with as few lines on their faces as possible. So I drew her trying to add as lots of face lines– bags under eyes & freckles. 

Speaking of porn you can order the Thickness #2 that my Dirty Pairody comic is in along with some great shorts by Angie Wang, Michael DeForge, Mickey Zacchilli and more and more. I’m really proud to be in that books lineup.

 it’s here:

And also my pal Robin who does Inkstuds did a video talk with me while I was drawing the Thickness pages.

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6 Responses to Like, look I’m still here.

  1. Wood says:

    That cigarette blowjob thing is like… wow, the most unexpected thing I’ve ever seen in a porn comic.

  2. darrylayo says:

    So many hidden comics, Graham! There’s something to be said for toiling in obscurity!

  3. You have such a weird, fun imagination…
    I’ve heard a lot about the whole “lines on the face” thing. It’s cool if you’re drawing a youthful woman (like Sexica). I think it’s awesome to mess with that, though. Some women need those lines… it helps her look well-worn, if that makes sense…
    Great stuff. That “Thickness” book looks awesome, too. Need to check that out…

  4. I think it’s interesting what you said in the interview about the finality of the words you’ve laid down in ink.
    After hand-lettering for the past couple of years, I’m finding it really fun to be able to change around words and rewrite things when lettering on the computer.
    Changing up your process really works wonders for making this whole comics thing fun over and over.

  5. Goran/ says:

    Holy Crap that Video Was awesome.
    Would love to see more of Brandon drawing crazy shit.
    Loved all the comics on the post too.

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