again Appleseed

I just heard about a new Appleseed Manga that Shirow isn’t drawing. with this and the non Adam Warren drawn Dirty pair that came out recently. It’s new comics with the creator that got me  into them removed.

It reminds me of this other old porn page I did– no salad just dressing.

I always say how Shirow stuff more than anything is an argument for work not translating to other mediums past the original creator. Complicated intense work dumbed down to the point that it’s barely recognizable. Anyway, I’m at least interested to see the thing.

Here’s some art from it –it’s by Akira Miyagawa. It looks aight…

The Studio 4c animated Orion short might be kind of cool though.

I’ve said it before on here but it kills me to see Shirow’s best work handed off to be redone by other dudes.

But you know, I’m sure he’s busy doing something importa–



Anyway, here’s some Appleseed figures I thought were cool.

And a comparison between the original version (left) and what was released in the Korean (right) intron depot. I assume they might’ve left the lady on lady cybersex scene out of that one.


I like these Project A-ko designs.

and some Leji Matsumoto.

And Matsumoto and Astro boy

And I liked this Wally Wood page from Sally Forth. “It’s all up here…”



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10 Responses to again Appleseed

  1. farel says:

    ha. the little toilet in the hat is a nice detail

  2. Michaelk42 says:

    “What Shirow’s up to now” makes me feel kind of sad. What happened? Did I not buy enough of his stuff when I was a kid? Is it partly my fault?

    As for Korea… hey guys, I think Shirow’s work might not be the stuff you want to import if that cover image was that much of a problem.

  3. Elwood says:

    I guess Shirow decided that doing pin-up pictures and dicking around with computer effects was more profitable then making comics. I’d agree that Shirow’s work probably just isn’t the kind of thing that translates well, save for some of the Ghost in the Shell anime. If nothing else it faired way better then Appleseed or Black Magic when it got animated.

    That Studio 4c Orion DOES look pretty cool though. Can’t find any real info on it.

    • Brandon says:

      I do have some fondness for the Black Magic anime, I’m less into the animated GITS even though it might be technicly better, it seems less Shirow to me.

  4. kelvingreen says:

    There’s a Rob Liefeld cover for something — I think something to do with X-Force because Domino was on it — that is a blatant rip off — not even a homage, almost a tracing — of one of Shirow’s Intron Depot pieces. I was always astonished that he got away with it.

  5. andrew close says:

    Prophet!!!! – damn right

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