An ever changing world


When I’d agreed to take on the job of reworking the 90’s Image book Prophet, the joke was that I couldn’t resist the pun.  — doing it for Prophet and all.

This is the first really collaborative comic I’ve done. This is the first time I’ve had to work out how to collaborate and try to make it carry the weight of my solo comics. So yeah, this is the first time I’ve cared about collaborating.

I got my misses Marian (Churchland) did this first cover.

I did the logo, It’s pretty unchanged from the old series. I like that sci fi E

I’m really hyped about the guys I’m working with on this book.

Simon Roy is drawing it– and we’ve been doing a lot of back and forth on writing. I really hate working off of scripts so we’ve been doing it much more lose where I send Simon issue breakdowns–what happens on each page. We then send back and forth layouts and Simon calls me on my bullshit if and when I start to stink like a writer/artists who isn’t drawing. Mostly the goal is to push eachother to do some cool sci fi.

Here’s Simon’s Deviantart.

The serious colors on it are by Simon’s pal Richard Ballermann, here’s his site.

And the Lettering is by Ed Brisson who is the reason I saw Simon’s work. Ed published Simon’s book Jan’s Atomic heart and has written some great crime comics Simon drew. — Ed’s site

And some info on Jan’s

Here’s how the start of our first issue (issue 21) set in the far far far far future.

You know how Prophet’s creator gets picked on for his 90’s drawings of feet–completely unplanned for we started it with a creature with 5 feet. That is a 15 foot page.

So I’m planning on 6 issues a year and we’re making the issues self contained but part of a big ongoing intergalactic so and so. Fucking future space Conan ish.

I’m really excited about the possibilities in this.

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36 Responses to An ever changing world

  1. Wood says:

    Looking forward to this…

    This starts in January, right?

  2. Kiel West says:

    Now THAT is a comic.

  3. I’m hoping we’ll get to see the process behind it. All the stages from breakdowns to finished art.

  4. itzaviv says:

    Looks amazing! Self-contained stories sound like a very interesting idea for this. I’ll be checking it out for sure!

  5. Willborough says:

    looks very cool! i read the original series when it came out. Can’t remember a thing about it…:)


    • nout says:

      There was a lot of headdress going on, and vaguely Shirow-looking ear-things. Big, dull-looking knives and impossibly weapons… And maybe a kinda side-kick called Kirby?

  6. Chi-Yun Lau says:

    A nice upgrade from the original if you ask me!

  7. nout says:

    I don’t really see what the benefit is starting as the next issue in the previous run, but anything with your name on it is a no-brainer. Those first couple pages look and read very much like something you would produce.
    Here for the long haul!

    • Brandon says:

      Thanks Nout. I think it’s a little bit of a reaction to DC restarting everything at #1– like “oh yeah here’s our first issue it’s number 36.”

      • They actually talked about this at the New York announcement panel– if I recall correctly Kirkman, Stephenson, and Liefeld had already talked about doing the books picking up from the original numbers before the DC launch, but Liefeld was kind of spooked by the DC launch and wavered on the issue– the others were more emboldened and talked him back into keeping the originals. Pretty cool, I think– seems like this will be a unique line of books.

  8. doktorjung says:

    Had me at “Space Conan,” heh.

  9. Tom Herpich says:

    Oh dang! Those Prophet pages are rad! Wow. Exciting indeed!

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  11. Tom says:

    Space Conan! Yes!

  12. kelvingreen says:

    You know, I heard about this on the House to Astonish podcast and even though it’s you, I still wasn’t interested in it because I have no connection at all with that sub-studio and its characters. Having read the preview — and that inventory panel is pure Brandon Graham, I love it — I’m much more interested. That it’s self-contained helps, and I like the idea of a space age Conan. The good art doesn’t hurt either. So consider me sold on that one!

  13. oh my fuck this is gnarly!!

  14. Shannon says:

    Really excited about this. I gotta agree with the Inventory panel…pure awesomeness and totally your style. Great art too…

  15. Michaelk42 says:

    More comics need inventory and recipe panels.

    The only thing I remember about the original of this is a vague recollection of some guy with this weird boxing-helmet-thing on his face that to this day I’m not sure what that was.

    These few intro pages make me actually want to get into it. Good job on all you guys.

    (Tulnaka there reminds me of a skag. Except they usually have guns and ammo in their stomachs, not some dude’s hand, which actually makes more sense.)

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  17. farel says:

    i am pumped too. this book is going to change the game.

  18. gives me a feel of Moebius and Otomo. Will be picking this up?

  19. gives me a feel of Moebius and Otomo. Will be picking this up.

  20. Clucaran says:

    How many issues? Looks great.

  21. Nathan says:

    Damn, looks really rad Brandon. We should do some coffee-drawing now that I live in Seattle again.

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  24. misterzeel says:

    I love this comic.
    I don’t believe that you need any advice or approval from me other than just buying it…. am sucking up each issue as soon as i possibly can. I knew that it would be great as soon as i saw the speech bubble ‘huff huff’ on alt cover of the ‘first’ ish. A sign of humour and an unsentimental attitude to character.
    Ridley Scott should get you to script the next alien films of his possible pre-alien trilogy.
    I think that he could have done with a lot more Bullshit correction (as you mention above) to some aspects of Prometheus (though i still loved Prometheus).

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