Meanwhile on planet Earth..

Meanwhile my Multiple Warheads book is still puttering along. I’ve got 2 thirds of an issue left to draw before the new #1 goes to print. Here’s a 2 page spread I colored today.

The whole 4th issue takes place above the clouds on these pipes and air whales .Here’s the not so pretty rough of this–I drew it out first on butcher paper with a sharpie and then traced it onto better paper to clean up.

This week has been good for working. A lot of the time when I draw I work off of a kind of enjoying the drudgery of it all. I’ll put on an audio book and get into the slow making of lines on paper– but this week I’ve been so fucking into comics.  It’s been all rap music and no time for anything but comics.

I’d be an asshole not to enjoy being able to make my own comics all day but it is a job to stay excited about it.– There’s that Meatloaf line:

“Somedays it don’t come easy, Somedays it don’t come hard, Some days it don’t come at all And there are the days that never end, Some nights you’re breathing fire, some nights your carved in ice, Somenight you’re like nothing I’ve ever seen before or will again.”

— yeah, he was talking about comics.


Here’s some recent drawings by my reclusive pal and cold cut sandwich murderer James Stokoe. A couple of Poison thrower drawings. James has been deep in his lair working on some really cool pages.


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10 Responses to Meanwhile on planet Earth..

  1. D says:

    Man, that spread from Multiple Warheads looks amazing, very atmospheric! Looking forward to see more of it!

  2. oh man the way you handled those distant clouds just makes me all happy inside

  3. I think Meatloaf was also singing about comics with…
    ‘I would do anything for love but I won’t draw that.’

    Great stuff, man.

  4. Marcel says:

    Ugh, so much amazing art over two blog posts! This makes me generally pumped for everything ever. CAN’T WAIT

  5. blouisdaniel says:

    Props man, great work! I thought you might like Tyler’s page even though his comic style is much different from what I’ve seen: This guy is one of my graphic artists, really produces some fantastic images.


  6. Mike Mcghee says:

    that stokoe shit is the sex. speaking of sex, thickness 2 was bomb. poster’s goin’ on my wall tonite!

  7. tell James i want the poison thrower piece,

  8. Damn man, that is great, i love the ligne clear style you have. detailed but easily readable.

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