The pull up

oh hellllooo

 Here’s a milk cow my lady drew over brukfast.

And some of my recent sketchbook ish.– the top left is a panel from the Multiple warheads issue I’m working on.– I do the clouds in ink and then take out the lines when i’m coloring.

Marian’s been working all week doing these rad sketches for people. Here’s 6 of them I ran away with after distracting her with coffee.

I especially like sholder cats all set to be cooked with POtatoes like so much LOTR 2nd breakfast.

And Marian just put up a new thing on her Hchom site. It’s all photos of her larder.

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5 Responses to The pull up

  1. Elwood says:

    The shoulder cats are pretty funny.

    But damn, I gotta say I really like Marian’s Tintin. It’s a good balance between Herge and her own style.

  2. Those portraits by Marian are fantastic!

  3. Andrew Close says:

    Just added DHP 7 to the pull list… wordski.

  4. let a nigga get that tintin one.

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