with a comic book core.


Earlier this week I dragged a kicking and screaming Mr Stokoe over to draw on chalkboards for RX comics, the store I loiter at.


Here’s mine:

And Stokoe (you can see Marian’s GandRALPH puke wearing a wizard hat drawing on the left):

And how they look in the window:

Also also also, I did an image wrapped in secrecy for something of mine that Image is putting out.

So what is it?


While digging around on my computer I found this rough sketch I did last year.

The idea was to do a wacky races, 10 little Gall force,Cannonball run style comic called RACE WAR (possibly not the best title ever in hindsight) with characters from my Multiple warheads, Marian’s Beast and Stokoe’s Orc stain, selfish dolphin on a segway– along with some Savage dragon guys all racing on a track that ran through 90’s Image. (see Badrock mountain)

Anyway, the idea never made it past this. C’est la vie.

In honor of that here’s a scene from Cannonball run that I always get stuck in my head:

“those priests weren’t fathers they were muthers”


dodado da doo

And here’s some early Prophet sketches that are going inside the back cover of issue #21 (or issue one of what I’m doing)


And some photos I took of shiz around my neighborhood.

This one is on a coffee shop I always walk by. That picture reminds me of 90’s paulpope comics. inky black coffee.


Here’s some characters sitting on bleachers I thought were cool–an old Moebius drawling followed by an Akira Toriyama Dr Slump.

And an Animage cover:

And here’s some other stuff I liked the look of:

I like how adding “police” or the McDonallds cup in this one gives you a tiny bit of context.

And here’s an old Dragon ball jump cover that I’ve put up before, but I need this type of shit today. so fucking good.

I’ve been rereading Appleseed this week and I noticed that early on Shirow would label a characters stuff– gloves or jacket with their name– like Bulma has on her bike. I like that and it seems like a good trick to get your readers to remember a characters name.

“What’s that’s guys name again-oh yeah, it’s written on his forehead”

And here’s some Heavy D.

“Sittin’ in my room with my smoking jacket on”

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10 Responses to with a comic book core.

  1. I seriously love how Toriyama used to draw those monster dudes. Eighter (was that his name? the frankenstein) from Dragon Ball was great, and so were the little cameos and aliens in Dr Slump. I sorta wish Toriyama did more work in that super deformed style. It’s super charming.

  2. Goran/ says:

    I’m totally gonna buy the shit out of that Image project, with the cat in the shadows….. Hopefully oversized hardcover? Have been re-reading the floppies. Love it.

  3. kelvingreen says:

    I see a cat, and I can only think that it’s King City! But what? I thought King City 2, but is that story played out? In which case I’d be happy with Goran’s suggestion of a big coffee table collection of the series.

  4. Really intrigued by the (king city?) teaser. Really hope my King City 1 arrives today, post from the states seems to take forever. Anyway, a 2012 deeley will be awesome because I won’t have to rely on ebay for issues. Hope it doesn’t involve dookies in the gob.
    -Alex May

  5. Chris says:

    I was trying to think of another kind of store that would be down with hanging drawings of dismembered members in their front window, but I couldn’t. COMICS RULE!

  6. Autsanaut says:

    Haha Race War is awesome, could you imagine the controversy when it finishes and the winner is declared? You’d have to pick the ethnicity of the victor carefully.

    I started a similar wacky-races-with-bloody-deaths comic but mine was called Road Bastards. Lacks the finesse of yours, I admit.

  7. ferburton says:

    Hey Brandon, a while back you made a post with a clip from a graffiti documentary or something where they were talking about Frazetta and a couple of other artists. What was the name of that?

  8. farel says:

    style wars does rule hard. the moebius drawing is sweet. i have to thank you for letting me know about dr slump. that book i got in vancouver had me laughing on the plane ride to hawaii. you post strong.

  9. Man, I would be all over that Wacky Racers comic.

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