You know where he got that from right?

Oh hellllooo,

So the cat is out of the bag, the King city collection comes out from Image comics on February 22nd in black and white 424 pages same golden age size as the Image issues. for $19.99.   Here’s the cover.

 There’s a couple new drawings but for the most part I kept it pretty close to what was in the issues. It’s still got all the back ups, covers, games and puzzles that were in those.
I’m a big advocate of the fun of getting a book in issues as it comes out and I didn’t want the people who had picked it up month to month to feel like they should have waited.

Aight? aight.

My pal Robin has relaunched the site selling pages from me, Marian, Stokoe and Marley. We’re doing a contest to give away this drawing:

It’s a contest to come up with the best brunch this universe has ever seen. no pressure. More on it here: 


Last night was the deadline to get something off for the Previews cover of Prophet #23 (3rd one of my run) and I’d forgotten that my pal Farel (dalrymple)who I was going to get to draw it was kicked back on a beach far far away. Luckily when Farel came up here a couple weeks back he left an impressive Prophet drawing.

So I colored it. I think he’s doing something else for the actual cover. maybe this’ll run on the back.

I wanted to type about the reference I used for a page of my Speaker short that’ll be in DHP#7– yeah that one.

I found this picture on the internet that I liked.


And cutting it up along with another picture I made this mess in Photoshop.

and then the final page. I kept that silhouetted lighting set up and the basic shape and color.

If anything reference is good for getting you to try out stuff in a way you might not if you were just pulling ideas out of your own head.


also also also, today I got this Adam Warren Dirty pair thumbnail in the mail. It’s the first comic book art I’ve ever bought for my lonesome.

And here’s how the page looked in print. This book was such a huge deal to me when it came out (still is)


 This week I’ve been digging around on the site. The wealth of amazing comics on there is nuts.

I’m really into these Book of the beast anthologies on there. It’s like the finest in furry porn, I think it’s put together by Trump, who I remember did a couple things with Radio comix back in the days that I was also doing stuff with them. These books also have some American dudes from that scene like Miu (Michael Vega) and Fred Perry.

I’m really into the layout of this page with the stairs around the pillar. Also I like a cat in glasses.

Here’s a couple more pages from the same artist.
You can look at the entirety of the issue that’s in here;
There’s some serious furry porn in the same issue too so be warned.
 here’s some furry porn. I like the kind of Shirow kick to these Iori Nishi pages.
The same issue as these has this great Trump story about him visiting an American furry con.
I like seeing him draw Cheetah from Perry’s Gold Digger:
The issue is up here:
and while were on a porn manga kick. Check out the page layout on this Kiyoshirou Inoue page.
He’s an artist like Manara where I’m really impressed with his work but I can’t always defend it. 
I like the madness of using a panel as the background of another panel.
The whole thing this if from is here:
Don’t let it be said I never posted links to weird porn.
here’s some other images I like.
Some old Appleseed models from book 1
And some Megazone23 sketches.
I like how that robot’s crotch looks like an angry insect face.
I leave with this scene from Style wars.
II was sad to hear about the death of Case 2.
 “Vaughn Bode and who? Frank Frazettaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa”
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27 Responses to You know where he got that from right?

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  2. Ian MacEwan says:

    I hadn’t heard that Case died. God damn that IS sad to hear.

  3. Just read the news about Prophet on CBR. Never read the old series but this is going on my reserve list ASAP!

  4. Exar says:

    So the king city collection is in tab form? Any chance of a hc edition?

  5. That is frigging exciting about King City. I d’loaded that torrent you put up, and read it in the jungles of hawaii. Now i want the paper version to read it all over again.

  6. I have always thought Fred Perry draws some of the most pleasant porn around. Comic porn is usually a place where people vent on some seriously sadistic stuff, but his stuff is always just fun.

  7. ross says:

    can’t wait to get the King City trade! glad it’s actually coming out.
    i love that black/red page you did. the silhouette characters look creepy.

  8. Good news. Just read KCvol1 back to back the other morning before my girlfriend woke up. The perfect crime!!! Anyway, the prophet pic looks sweeet

  9. Det says:

    Wow, I’m really looking forward the collected King City, cool it still has all the goodies in it. =)

  10. Chris says:

    I’m really stoked that King City is getting a reprint, I found out about it earlier this year when I visited portland and then proceeded to track down as much of it as I could. I think I’m 3-4 issues shy of having it all.

    It’s funny seeing such a well thought out layout in a scandalous furry comic.

  11. I was gonna do all kinds of work today, but then you posted those Kiyoshiru comics, so I’m just drawing porn instead.

  12. kelvingreen says:

    I probably don’t need to get the King City book, since I have the old Tokyopop one, and all of the single issues, but I will anyway because it’s great.

  13. kim says:

    good haul on the Dirty Pair art 🙂

    and i think Marceline wants a bus ticket to your town square!

  14. Andrew Close says:

    Anyone reading this wanna trade some BG comics? I’ve got doubles of KC single issues 4-11 and a still-shrink-wrapped copy of “Pillow Fight” up for trades.

    I reeeeallllly want Mutliple Warheads. All trades. No kizzzzash.

    Radio Comix is still selling “Universe So Big” through their website… scored those a few weeks back for those interested in finding them again.

  15. I’m glad King City is getting a collection. I have each issue, so I’ll probably just stick with those… but I was thinking of making some kind of custom binder to keep them together.

    Also, I like how the Briareos model pictures feature his amazing bunny ears. Because that is the best part.

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  17. Kallisti says:

    Cool! Will your collection be available somewhere here in Vancouver? Golden Age perhaps? I’ve been following you for a while now and have been wanting to get into your work, but I find comics so overwhelming. Especially once they’re already years into production then I’ve pretty much missed that train. I even saw you one time at an Emerald City and at Rebecca Dart’s Sketchbook event, but made no efforts of communication as I can be horribly shy at times, haha.

    • Brandon says:

      Yeah, it should be at most comic stores in town. I like RX comics best.
      I hope you like the stuff when you finnaly read it.

      I really like the work you’ve got on your site– Nice Acorn Carriage.
      I certainly understand how strange it can be when you see people whose work you know off the internet in the real real world.

      If you ever feel like being socal there’s a cool drawing jam every month at the bar next to where Rebecca had her show.

  18. jessicasweat says:

    does james stokoe have a blog? i would definitely read that. also the prophet stuff is looking great and i’m really excited for the KC book ^^

  19. koalaaa says:

    I am definetly going to buy the King City collection 🙂 (I have discovered your work not so long ago & was waiting for a collection of it to buy)

    I hope you don’t mind me asking, but you seem to be in constant contact with James Stokoe, and as he isn’t active on his blog or anywhere else anymore, I was wondering if you know or could ask him what happened to MurderBullets & Sullivan’s Sluggers? Are they for sale anywhere already?

    • koalaaa says:

      + is the issue of Snack-Comics of him still 4 sale somewhere? I cant find it 😦

    • Brandon says:

      Cool, thanks.

      I think he finished an issue and a half of Murder bullets just for fun in between Wonton soup books.he stopped working on it when he started Orc stain. I’m not sure if he has any interest in getting it out there past what he put on his site. And Sluggers is being colored still by someone else.
      That Snax book is old and he doesn’t like it. I still think it’s cool though.

      He’s been working on some really amazing new stuff and doing a big chunk of it before it comes out. Next year should be good for lots more of his stuff.

  20. koalaaa says:

    Thanks for your reply 🙂 and keep on rockin’!

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