No one gets out clean


Stuff’s been good. I’ve been working on getting the King city collection ready (woo!), Multiple warheads (so close) and Prophet (but of course). 

So I’d written on here before that Prophet would come out 6 times a year but some cool shit has happened and now it’s going to be 12 issues a year monthly.

So here’s the schedule:

Starting Jan-

#21(number 1 in our hearts) -#23  art by Simon Roy (Jan’s Atomic heart), then #24 &25 are drawn by farel dalrymple (pop gun war) I’m drawing #26 and Giannis Milonogiannis (Old city blues)is doing # 27- 32. I think we’ve come up with a cool way to make this work storywize.

Here’s Giannis’s cover for # 24:

And Giannis’s site


Last week I thought it’d be fun to enter a poster contest for Yelawolf whose raps I like a lot.

I drew this really big so in retrospect it didn’t come out as detailed as I hoped but I had fun doing it.  I put the names of all the songs on the CD all over this seedy drawing.

And here’s some recent ish out of my sketchbook.

I drew this after my pal Stokoe was bragging about all the ponchos he drew in Orc stain. The drawing on the right is a real poncho and the left is the tropical asshole vest he was trying to pass off. ABUSE!

I realize that by posting this I might be starting the great poncho war of 2011 but I’m just dangerous enough to risk a poncho in the face.

I was thinking about in comics how when you draw a convenience store or grocery store at all accurate it turns something so boring into something  detailed and interesting. Where something like a tree you can choose to draw it as a simple stick thing or really detailed and beautiful and it’s more like how you might notice trees in real real life.

Maybe there’s some mini mart shelf style that I’m not thinking of that dashes my theories against the rocks.

and some moreeee


And I got a couple rad drawings of my characters from artists whose work kills me.

Craig Thompson drew me this King city, I think I’ve mentioned it on here before but his Habibi is so impressive.

Craig’s site:

And last time I was in Seattle I got to hang out with Meeester John Kantz who drew me some Sexica:

More of John’s stuff:

and here’s a drawing my pal Moritat did for the Emerald city con’s artbook.

Seeing him draw ish like this makes me want to drop everything and just do bootleg Heavy metal issues.  I have such heavy metal isssues.


I was reading this 1987 Dennis Fujitake & Jan Strnad Retief comic based off the Keith Laumer books. Such good comics. I like all the open space he gets by leaving out some of the panel boarders.

When I was a kid my Mom was a big Retief fan I remember her being diisapointed when Fujitake stopped drawing it.  

He has such a cool Moebius via american indy steloo. It reminds me of the same (franchmanga) feeling of the old Howard and Nester comics that Nintendo power ran.

more of that here:

Something about the Moebius influence in these comes off as nothing but charming to me even when it’s pretty obvious what he was looking at– like this space station on the left and the Moebius all Up-on a star page on the right.

I like that Fujitake borowed so much from the Moebius drawing but still came up with his own style of drawing the rock of the asteroid.

and here’s a drawing from Fujitake’s other series that I was into as a kid– Dalgoda. Man, I love this stuff.

Now if you’ll excuse me I’m off this to go fuck around on twitter while I draw more naked ladies in my sketchbook.

Oh and here’s a recent interview I did with Martyn Pedler for Bookslut:

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23 Responses to No one gets out clean

  1. Wood says:

    Man, Simon Roy and Farel Dalrymple and you and then Giannis Milonogiannis ? 12 issues ?
    Why are all my dreams coming true at the same time ? Is it Christmas yet ?

    And yeah, Resputin is kind of a dick sometimes, but he makes up for it by being raving mad the rest of the time. Like this time he shows up in a sled, dressed as Santa Claus.

  2. Horak says:

    Awesome group of creators you have lined up. Looking forward to it.Told my local comic shop owner I wanted him to pull Prophet for me and he looked at me like I was crazy. Haters wanna hate. PLATT!!!

  3. Det says:

    That Prophet schedule is really mind blowing, it’s the comic I’m more excited about right now, along with McCarthy’s new series on 2000 AD.
    Agree with you on Fujitake, he’s got a really cool and personal style, Dalgoda is a great comic.

  4. teeroy says:

    Your wordpress is my favorite thing on the internet

  5. Michel Fiffe says:

    Fujitake rules. Ever read his back ups in Dinosaur Rex? Dalgoda is hands down the best, though. He & Strnad were perfect together. I read someone describe Fujitake as a mix of Moebius and Ditko and although that kinda sums it up, he really did make his own thing out of that.

    I’ve tried tracking him down for an interview but no luck. Last thing he drew was an Elfquest thing in the 90s and now he’s retired, I think in Hawaii.

    • Brandon says:

      I never read Dinosaur Rex, I didn’t know he was in that. cool.

      Years ago I asked an editor who dealt with him what happed to him and Hawaii was all I got as well. Last thing was a kids comic I think. I never saw his Elfquest, that could be cool.

  6. That Moebius panel gets me depressed. Had to sell the Polish edition of the whole series to pay part of my bills last month 😦

    That is one AWESOME Prophet cover though.

  7. ghettomanga says:

    JEEZ! Giannis Milonogiannis is AWESOME! Prophet is gonna be a great read! Can’t wait!

  8. Franco says:

    Yeah, so you went “and Giannis Milonogiannis (Old city blues)is doing # 27- 32” and I freaked out in front of the monitor like I haven’t in a while.

  9. Kallisti says:

    Your mom was into comics? That’s so cool! I sometimes fantasize about being raised by geeky parents. Would I rebel? Would I like it? Would I rebel and eventually like it?

  10. Cody B says:

    I’m really liking Radioactive (the Yelawolf abum). Thanks for the recommendation. I’ve shown the Prophet previews to all my comic friends; they’re pretty excited about it.

    • Brandon says:

      That’s cool. His Trunk music is really good too.

      I’ve tracked down some music through comic artists.
      I got into Faith no more after it was in Dirty pair and Merle Haggard from Sin city.

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  12. Joe Decie says:

    The problem with drawing trees, real life trees, is they don’t look convincing. I’m always thinking “if this were an illustration they’d never put that ugly branch there”

    Real ones look fake, so let’s just do Bill Watterson ones instead.

    • Brandon says:

      Doesn’t that just make them easier that there is no sense to all the brances all over the thing? Seems like the right artists can run a whole style off of trees.

      I’m always doing that with too much real life– looking at it like the artist screwed up.

  13. ross says:

    Prophet is definitely going to be the coolest out of the new Extreme stuff, it’s super stylish already and i haven’t even seen the first issue. love all the new sketches!!

  14. jho says:

    CRAIG THOMPSON!!!? Oh that guy *swoons*
    That prophet cover is sick, juntaro is the shit.

  15. Congratulations for this blog, I love the comics and in this blog to find the best sketches I’ve ever seen. In my country, Spain, there is not blog like this. Sorry for my English.

  16. Hahah great Corto and Rasputin pics. They have such a bromance going on.
    Rasputin: I would shoot you dead here and now but I need you in a plan I am concocting…
    Corto: You’re a liar and a brigand who will die by my hand, but the time is not yet ripe you frightful scalawag.
    ❤ ❤ ❤

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