Ghost of comics past

Me and my lady went out to coffee this morning and drew in my sketchbook.

Marian did the drawing on the right, wanting to leave while I took my sweet time.

in other news Marvel and DC seem to be having some bizarre contest on who can be shittier to the people who’ve done the best work for them.

Gary Friedrich is being forced to pay $17,000 in blood money to Marvel. Comics writer, Steve Niles has been graciously organizing a donation drive . Me and my pal Stokoe are selling off pages with the 100 % sales from the next 10 King City pages and next 10 Orc Stain pages going to the cause that Mr Niles is spearheading.

More on that here:

Fucking comics dawg.


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13 Responses to Ghost of comics past

  1. REYYY says:


  2. darrylayo says:

    Side comment: beautiful sketchbook page. ZOUNDS.

  3. Kirk says:

    Fuck Marvel, man. What they’re doing to Gary is such BULLSHIT. Major props to you and Mr. Stokoe for fighting the good fight.

  4. fuck man,does marvel do this with everyone? god i thought them fucking with KIRBY was bad enough,shit im just getting into the comix world and seeing these things for years it makes me a side note love your work brandon.
    ps:i wanted to publish my own stuff thru antarctic press, and was wondering how they are with talent?

    • Brandon says:

      Yup. I think the corporate ends of Marvel and DC are pretty shitty.
      and thanks.

      I haven’t done anything with AP since I was a teenager but they were cool with me and I know of some really good people who have stuck with them.

      • thanks im just gettign started in the comic book world (kinda late im 31 lol)and ive done a few things for the gold digger annuals and things just to kinda get my art out there and im trying hard to find people in the the industry to connect with and network. thanks again for answering my comment.

  5. nichangell says:

    ive been thinking about buying a page of your stuff for ages, and as keen as I am for the money to go to you, to support all your kickass endeavours, i do massively want to help and get behind this Marvel ridiculousness. Ill see where my money’s at. really well played for doing this though man, its awesome of you. the bottom end of comics is such a friendly place but Im hating the top end right now…

  6. ross says:

    this whole thing is awful. i’d say it’s unbelievable but it’s kind of believable, i’m not really surprised that it’s happening.

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  8. Doug says:

    I read that the Friedrich was selling prints of other creators’ work at conventions and that is what started the shit storm. I love to hate and rage against The Man just as much as the next guy, but I don’t know the whole story.

    • Brandon says:

      Even if that`s the case, I think it`s a bigger issue about how publishers treat the creators of the work. Just that the creator of something is assed out while his creation is pulling in serious money is a mess. It isn`t like this is a one time thing for them. they`ve been fucking over creators this is just the most recent one.


  9. Hi Brandon,

    Love that you take a serious stance on comics culture. we do too. Hope you get a chance to check out issue #2 of Rations magazine which takes a serious, but entertaining look at comics, graphic novels, and speculative fiction. It’s free to read online or download here:

    I think you and your fans will like it.



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