Solid Core

Oh helllloo,

Here’s the cover of Prophet #26 that I drew this week. This is going to be the first Prophet issue that I write and draw by my lonesome:

And the thumbnail for it:

I like the idea of these Prophet covers to not just be rehashing what’s inside the issue but showing some image that hopefully make the reader think about the expansive sci fi universe we’re trying to set up.

I like these Japanese sci fi covers:

Here’s a sketchbook page I did today– with some drawings by my pal Emily carrollon the left.  Tank girl, Harry dean Lantern on the right.

And a cat drawing I drew over breakfast for my pal Frank’s misses–


Recently I’ve been wrapped up in thinking about the bullshit side of comics, the awful pre watchmen, Marvel’s legal shitting on Gary Friedrich.  bullshit on bullshit.

Today I just read some good comics to remember why I love this shit.

I got an issue of The Elsewhere prince #1 and skipped right to this 2 page Moebius comic in the back of it. No time to fuck around, today we need the hard shit.

This comic is my favorite kind of Moebius nonsense. Serious nonsense.


“and finally I hate your bathrobe!” nice!

I followed it up with these books:

mannn, I like Ken Macklin’s work.  When I was a kid I got really into his covers on Critters, his Dr. Watchstop and my favorite of his– this one shot Summer special from 87: about 2 Contractors hired to rescue a bird from space pirates.

Here’s a couple pages, I like how the pirate hordes in this act like Jim Henson Muppets.

Such pretty pages.and here’s a sheet on the main characters in the book:

nice nice–

and then from Johny Chambers in 1973 –Little green Dinosaur. It’s about the last dragon in a forest in the middle of a future war between mice and pirate rats.

I like this scene:

and in the middle of the book it’s got an out of nowhere sex scene between the dragon and Sugar mouse. I love that level of whatever you want in old underground comix. ORK! ORK!

In the back of the book there’s a great short, BLOODLUST that was done by Chambers and local Vancouver comix hero George Metzger. It starts out as a Conan style barbarian comic whose main character breaks the 4th wall and asks the artist drawing for a break:

yeah, this is comic strip heaven.

I also read this Tony Takezaki AD police that Marian’s mom was nice enough to get me for Xmas (she got me contractors too)

I like this jerk of a Blade runner billboard turtle:

It almost reads like a fan comic with all the references to other cool sci fi and manga of the era– Here’s a robot that shows up looking like the post apocalyptic Akira Caretaker robots(even with #28 on it):

Later in the book there’s a chapter of the main AD cop lady having to fight her way out of a building that’s been taken over by terroristas with a Die hard nod:

That scene is like no bra cyborg lady cop fan fiction. and I like this Booomer taking over the building–


and here’s some Enki Bilal pages that I ran into on this internet– showing an unfinished page that eventually got reworked into 2 pages. I definatly prefer the newer version of her Alien manfriend being allergic to light and all bundled up.


My pal Frank Santoro was just in town to promote his Santoro Correspondence Course. he crashed at my place for a week and wrote about it on the comics journal:


and Frank’s site:

and we did a live Inkstuds episode that you can listen to here:

Also I should mention that my giant KING CITY collection will be out on the 22nd (in 4 days) along with Prophet #22– thanks.

if anyone needs me, I’ll be in comic strip heaven.


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22 Responses to Solid Core

  1. Jonas says:

    Good stuff as always! But man I’m so flippin’ hyped for the King City trade! I won’t lie, I’ve been known to be a bit of an internet pirate, but I decided early that I’d rather wait for the trade of king city instead of downloading it. But damn it’s been soo hard! :S

    I’m doing the same with Prophet and Orc Stain (amongst others) now. Trade waiting is hard, but worth it! I can’t wait to be flipping through a physical king city later this week on my train through wintery Stockholm! 😀

    Keep on carrying the comix fire Mr.Graham!

    // Jonas

  2. Logan says:

    That 2nd Japanese SF cover image was also used on the cover of Orson Scott Card’s Speaker for the Dead…

  3. shaggykorean says:

    i like the totems in your cover! since they look so different it’s like a prize fighting match going on with the spectators long since vaporized or pilgrimaged away.

    in comic book heaven i bet your wings have the best panel art!

  4. I feel like I know my stuff on old comics but then you show me stuff I’ve never heard of. I don’t remember that Contractors comic but that art is really, really tight- how come I was buying Boris the Bear when I could have been buying that!?

  5. darrylayo says:

    Brandon, I think I said this before but you, James and Robin are doing God’s work with the Friedrich fund raiser. I salute you all.

    And if I don’t say it enough, these comics-Brandon-likes postings are an incredible inspiration. Not only as an artist, but they are an inspiration as a reader.

    Now I’m just clearing out more space in the house for all the Prophet issues to come.

  6. Egypt Urnash says:

    oh god I always coveted that Extinctioners one shot but I never saw it in a store. Had some other Macklin but not that.

  7. D.J. Bryant says:

    Lovin’ that cover. Think I’m gonna have to pick that thing up. Definitely alot of bullshit going on in comics- thanks for keepin’ it real. AD Police is an odd mix of stuff. Strange how it connects to Bubblegum Crisis. Tony Takezaki is the best Otomo fan artist. You pointed out a bunch of stuff about that comic I didn’t notice. Never seen that Grubert short either- pure gold that. You’re casting a heavy shadow these days with your comic book knowledge and know-how. I’m a big fan.

  8. Pingback: Brandon Graham shares his cover for Prophet #26 | Robot 6 @ Comic Book Resources – Covering Comic Book News and Entertainment

  9. Matt buttlinger says:

    Is the king city trade coming out in hardcover this week or is it just the trade paper back? Sorry if you’ve answered this question repeatedly in other posts/interviews/solicits

  10. lovetodo22 says:

    Ken’s summer special reminds me a lot of some of the particularly Sci-Fi themed issues of Ralph Snart. Good stuff, man!

  11. AD POLICE is amazing looking. 100% My taste right there.

  12. Noam A. says:

    Good sir, I’m pleased without measure to see you taste a good old strip from Moebius, the infamous belgian-sponges episod is the stuff of legend. A proud compatriot of Mister M. I chanced upon Prophet #21 as I roamed the arcana of an indonesian-based forum where pretty much all the cultural products of the western hemisphere are shared.

    This is sci-fi as Jack Vance intended it to be, the art is gorgeous and every word and concept counts, makes the mind travel, it is foreign, alien, daring and yet straight to the point. I read you have high hopes for this re-set, you won an enthusiast reader. (& I mean it, it’s currently projected on a wall…). Way. To. Go. Mr Graham.

    As the collected issues of this new prophet are yet in the distant future (yes… the french do prefer their comics thick and upstanding, not lonely leaflets), and as Paris is always supplied with some light-years delay, I would very much like to compensate my future acts of untamed piracy and avid reading by sending over to your office a french copy of the Airtight Garage (or Le Garage Hermétique), the collected adventures of Major Grubert, Moebius’ very best delirium, as it was published in Heavy Metal Métal Hurlant in unrestricted improvisation & visual bravado.

    The Garage is still found in second-hand, and too few people now of its existence… but surely i’m already getting over myself : you probably already own all of its iterations, and you do know Moebius made a splendid comeback to this character (as well as Arzack) this last year. A friend of mine recently met him in the street, with a machiavelic smile, Moebius is a daring old man, and his wits are at their best.

    ’tis only fair, for sure. If such package was to find its way, there’d be a surprise for the crowned Roy as well.

    young N.A.

    p. scriptum : I assume of course that you speak fluently french, or Moebius’ fruity innuendos may be somewhat lost, but I am sure the surrealist aspect of the endeavour will not. 😉

  13. Mike Greene says:

    Man, one day I am just going to go through your whole blog and write a list of all the awesome looking comics you post about. I have been collecting comics for 20 years and have never been exposed to most of this stuff. I am curious if you made a list of the top series/graphic novels/single issues of all time, what would they be? Your taste seems to be right in line with what I currently want to see. By the way, your Prophet cover looks killer, about to read issue #2 (or whatever it is) right now. Are you coming to Image Expo in Oakland this weekend? I’ll be there and would love to get a sketch in my con sketch book from you sometime (if you do con sketches). Either way, awesome work!

    • Brandon says:

      It’s great how much stuff there is out there. I’m always finding new books I had no idea existed.

      I made a list awhile back of the 12 books that were most important to me.
      (the one with no logo 2nd from the top left is a Paul Pope book– I really liked his Buzz buzz Giant THB Parade books)

      I’ve got to skip Image expo– but have fun, the only con I’m doing this year is the Emerald city one in Seattle.– and Thanks.

  14. Really really very very excited with PROPHET. My first time to buy floppies again after more than a decade. I’m hoping Image publishes the trades as hardback BDs!!!

  15. Chris says:

    Hi Brandon,

    When’s the trade coming for Prophet?

  16. Tom says:

    Hey Brandon

    I have seemingly become a big enough fan to track down your corner of the web and then feel the need to praise you on it… your obviously doing something right with your comics

    exploring king city was certainly a new and enjoyable experience for me and I regard it as one of my all time best reads… which makes waiting for the trade a little unbearable

    also what the fuck is going on in prophet? i don’t know if the point of the series is to leave me a little confused between the alien sex, murder and diet or if ive missed to much back story!

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