Out the door



It’s 3:30 in the AM and I’m getting ready to head to that comic book mecca, Portland Oregon in a few hours for the  King city book release party

It’s Friday, Mar. 9th, 6-9pm at Floating World Comics, 400 NW Couch St.


I will be selling off pages and drawing things in books. It should be fun.

The book is out and I’m really happy with how it printed– here’s the cover again-

I did some book marks for the copies of it they were selling my nearest and dearest shop, RX comics:


And just as this comes out I’m finishing up the first year of Multiple warheads issues. (I’ve got 4 issues with #4 all drawn but with a couple days worth of coloring left on it)

Here’s an uncolored 2 page  thing I just finished drawing:

And here’s some sketchbook pages drawn by me and my lady, dear sweet Marian(she drew all the ones I marked with red M’s– scarlet letter!) Marian is off being a Space sniper deep in Mass Effect 3 this week — God speed MTC, god speed…

And I drew some scenes out of a Rakim video I like:

and the video:


Ok, now I’m going to find socks and try to sleep before my ride gets here.




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14 Responses to Out the door

  1. Edd says:

    I will wave if I see you as you pass through Seattle.

  2. Autsa says:

    That MW page looks great, I look forward to a future with regular Multiple Warheads output. Multiple Multiple Warheads.

  3. Scott! says:

    Can’t wait for your show Friday!

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  5. Mike Mcghee says:

    godspeed, indeed. wish i could be there!

  6. John Christ says:

    Have a great time in Portland. I just bought the King City omnibus… I wasn’t planning on buying the KC omnibus, but damnit, My will was shattered by that beautifully laid out massive volume.

  7. daniel says:

    im sure you already know, jean giraud died yesterday march 10th, 2012. RIP moebius.

  8. Mike Greene says:

    Your book looks great, I am reading the King City Trade right now and it is probably one of my favorite things ever. I spent fifteen minutes just looking at the inside cover, which I loved the colors on as well.

    One of my favorite things about this book are the moments when suddenly there is just a panel of the setting, where you just get to breath in the world they are in for a minute. I am taking my time reading it, just spending time look at the gorgeous artwork.

    Something about the art makes me nostalgic for some reason, although I have never seen your artwork before. It takes me back to watching the Ralph Bakshi movie “Wizards” for the first time, this old book from my childhood “Jimmy and the White Lie” and sneaking to watch a VHS copy of “Heavy Metal” with my elementary school pals. It takes me back to much more than those as well. I guess just the whole feel of the art and story makes me have similar feeling to those works.

    Thanks for making it only $20.00, very, very affordable for what I get here.

    • Brandon says:

      Nice, thanks. I’m glad you like the trade.

      I grew up watching Wizards & reading Heavy metal so giving someone the feeling of that stuff is ideal.
      And the guys at Image were really cool in pricing it so low.
      I hope you like my future work as well–

  9. Ann says:

    is there place where I can buy this online? or, will you be selling/signing it at the emerald city cc?

  10. Bejan says:

    Could have drawn the Main Source “At the front door” video for this post as well.

  11. Brandon, really awesome stuff. Loving the King City TP, and I just find out that the guy who lettered your comic at Tokiopop will be lettering my next Graphic Novel, so excited!

    Really King City is a great source of inspiration, thanks for that!!!

  12. Got my copy through book depository this week! So good. I laughed out loud when I opened the insert cover and Anna was on the can. It’s treeeeemendous. I’m not talking trash! The supplementary Cat Master concept artwork is gold. It’s all gold.
    Screw North America. Come to Melbourne in warm nice Australia.

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