The long goodbye.

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12 Responses to The long goodbye.

  1. The Greatest gift to comics

  2. Edd says:

    I’m sad all over again.

  3. D says:

    This is great Brandon

    I wish he’s wandering thru some level of the Airtight Garage now, rest in peace Moebius.

  4. Wood says:

    I heard about his death on the same day I bought the giant King City book. Then I stumbled on your “drawing camix” page that was originally on the back of KC issue 1, where you said you like to have other book displayed around you when you draw, for inspiration. And you drew a Moebius book there.

    That made me feel better. Moebius still lives on through all the artist he inspired.

  5. Nima Afshar says:

    You’re picture means so much more than an overly sentimental piece of writing. Thanks Brandon.

  6. I agree with Nina. This picture speaks in ways words cannot. Thank you for sharing this Brandon. I also agree with something I saw on your FB page, you ARE imo the modern Moebius in so many ways.
    Once again man, Thank you for this, your art, and your unending passion for a medium I hold so dear.
    P.S. My copy of KC is FINALLY being shipped after a week of getting the run around with my LCS. I need that now more than ever lol

  7. beeps says:

    I would buy this

  8. kb says:

    he was an old man but still, it’s surprising how no one among us was ready for such sad news. maybe because he was so active, up until the end- and always at such a high level of quality. he was a reference, a master, a driving force and a hardworking artist if there ever was one. plus- he never quitted comics. there’s this tribute collection going on at and looking at the pictures it’s like- wow, he really lives on, it’s comforting, in some way. he’s influenced so many artists, and you look at all those different styles saying “goodbye/hello again” to his work. that energy flowing from him towards so many receptors. i guess he’d appreciate that diversity. somehow, this is a global exercise of mourning with art as a healing factor. moebius gave us so much. you can tell by seeing the sum of reactions. it’s a huge “thank you, sir”.

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  10. norkhat says:

    so beautiful, he had a great dream of flight
    weight-less panels
    tous en apesanteur…

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