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I’m getting ready to head out in the morning for the Seattle Emerald city comic con.I should mention my dear sweet Marian isn’t going to make it to the con. She will be there in spirit. I’m kidding, her spirit is off getting an expensive gentleman’s hair cut.

It should be fun. I’ll be at table C-05 and lots of panels (that I’ll type at the end of this hulabalooery.)

Stuffs been busy on my comic book island. Here’s a 2 page thing from the Prophet issue I’m drawing. #26. That’s a Jaxson robot who grows new parts when he eats living matter.

Prophet’s been really fun so far, I’ve been reading up on how radio waves work and trying to figure out the messes with faster than superman space ships and worm hole/Boomtubery.  The series is making me work to do what I want with it.

We just sent off #24 with Farel drawing and Joseph Bergin III on colors. Here’s a page from that:

See the tail? yup. tail. I’m so thrilled with the work these dudes are doing.

farel’s site

and Joseph’s

The back up for this one is by Matt Sheean Malachi Ward. (Teran will be back next next issue) Here’s a page from that.


Their websites are at: and


I haven’t typed about my King city signing in Portland. It was cool, my pal Robin took a lot of photos of the thang:

Kahlil Robinson sent me this photo of his lady friend wearing a Justa phillips made Marmoset hat, for days like this:

There was also a lady at the Portland thing with a King city Earthing tattoo on her leg.

(I need to start bringing cameras to things)

Here’s a recent Marian post of things she wants (she wants them you see) I was drawn as a space hamster in this.

Marian’s site–


I read some comics recently too ( I do that)

I really dug E.K. Weaver’s road trip dude romance  –The less than epic adventures of TJ and Amal.

I like this scene–

She pulls off such a smooth trick that the comic has sex but  the characters and story seem to outweigh it’s importance. It’s part of the story, not the main event. Impressive.

After awhile she does a scene silent, and by then you know the characters well enough to understand how they operate.  I like this page–

and there’s these great pages that bookend scenes–

I bow to this artists mastery of the art of middle finger jokes.

You can read the whole thing up here:

Also, I got a hold of Shirow’s Gun Dancing. A short cop comic he did that comes with a CD with a version the comic on it with added dumb sound effects. I think it stars a young Briareos from Appleseed and Deunan’s father is in it too.

It’s mostly just exciting to me because it was one of the last Shirow books before his soul got eaten by a computer that only makes porn. RAAAA beep!

The bottom panel on this one has one of my favorite tricks Shirow does– where he shows s half of the panel stationary and the other half in motion. I feel like it reads(right to left) like something is speeding up.

I like the geordi laforge cyberpunk dancing girls in the dark horse comics bar on this page:

And I like this sexy lady drawing on the side of the building and young Bri setting up some kind of claymore mine bathroom attack.

more on it Here:

And my pal Joe showed me this dude, Huang Jia Wei who I think is a Chinese artists making comics for France. I like the muted colors on these:

and a couple more:


Here’s some Sylvain Despretz Red Dwarf art of Holly and the Cat.

more here:

Here’s a Look out Yamato cover. I like those spacey glowing xmas tree hills and the Dirty pair on the right side.

And Here’s some old pencils by my misses Marian, back when she did a short Conan. Sooo Good.

Here’s a Moebius page from the Incal– I like that you can see the paste ups and white out on this–


Here’s the panels I’m in this weekend, I will be the dude in the Brandon Graham suit:

Image Comics – 20 Years of Creator-Owned Independence Saturday, 12pm, Room 4C3-4
Ed Brubaker (Fatale), Joe Casey (Butcher Baker, Officer Downe, Haunt), Brandon Graham in a Brandon Graham suit (King City, Prophet), Joe Keatinge (Glory, Hell Yeah, WRESTELING!! ), Emi Lenox (Emitown), Nathan Edmondson (Who Is Jake Ellis?, The Activity, Dancer), and Natalie Nourigat (Between Gears)

Comics Influencing Comics Influencing Comics Influencing Comics Saturday March 31st

Room: 3AB Time: 4:00 – 5:00

Me, Justin “Moritat” Norman, Nate Powell &Michael Allred Hosted by my homie Robin.

Sunday April 1st ECCC Spotlight Series: Brandon Graham and Adam Warren (and Brian Lee O’Malley)  in Conversation (also hosted by Mr Inkstuds)
Room: 211
Time: 1:00 – 2:00

Ok I’m going to get ready for the roaddd- Wish me luck.

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20 Responses to Another notch

  1. teeroy green says:

    Is that Conan comic published or on the internet somewhere? or are there more sketches?

  2. MikeG says:

    Your Prophet panel looks incredible. The robot concept is cool too. The Farel panel looks terrific as well. You are making excellent decisions with this series. I am a long time Prophet fan and I will say again that this series is exceeding all of my hopes and expectations. I wish it came out weekly.

  3. James Lloyd says:

    Prophet kicks so much ass thus far. It may outdo King City in page-for-page imaginative goings on. But Farel is making us all look bad (well mostly just me). Killer line-up of ink slingers you’ve got for the thing.
    I have to see more of Marian’s Conan story; had no idea such a thing existed.
    Have good comics educating at Emerald City. Looks like I will not be making it this year. Very cool that you get to host a panel alongside manga-bot Adam Warren. Ask him how much he’s asking for one of those Dirty Pair originals for me.

  4. James Lloyd says:

    Oh, and Moebius pages were ACTUALLY drawn by human hands!

  5. Wood says:

    Hey, I just read the latest Prophet the other day. So good ! I love how you just send the story in every direction ! So basically, the John Prophet clones are all that remains of the empire ?

    So basically, it’s a new planet, a new world for every new artist ?

  6. nout says:

    Duuuuuuude, those panels better make it as podcasts on inkstuds or somewhere, because I seriously, definitely need to hear those!

  7. Pingback: Even Moebius Used White-Out « Jared Axelrod

  8. shaggykorean says:

    prophet is my new favorite comic!! i imagine it’s the ultimate eagle scout guide! where instead of dropping you off into deep timber land, here they put you in cryo and let you forage your own badge in the far forgotten future!

  9. egypturnash says:

    man TJ and Amal is SO AWESOME, normally I would not give two shits about a romantic comedy set in the normal world, but she makes the guys so compelling and CHARMING that I just kept reading.

    And Prophet has a tail now. Man, he’s going to end this run turned into something COMPLETELY unrecognizable as “a McFarlane superhero”. Sweet.

    see you at ze con!

  10. These panels sort of confirm what I’ve been thinking about what you plan to do with PROPHET, haha.

    Also: finally got a copy of KING CITY. You got me back to buying monthlies with PROPHET, and now you got me reading American manga. A couple of new books more and you’ll be my new Alan Moore. I really really love your work.

  11. Nice stuff, and thanks for posting that Moebius page, really awesome!

  12. Bleh says:

    Is Prophet going to be collected eventually? Getting the issues is a major pain in the rump for me.

  13. ross says:

    wish i could’ve been at ECCC! 😦

    i always love your blog posts, but, and i’m not looking for any ego boosts here, i gotta admit sometimes they’re a blow to my artistic psyche or whatever because all the art you post from yourself and these other artists is SO GOOD. like that Huang Jia Wei stuff, just 3 pages of that makes every comic i’ve ever produced look like a pile of puke, haha. like what am i even doing?? and that Prophet stuff, dang.

    • Brandon says:

      You should try to make the next one. It’s a really good con.

      That’s kind of my plan to put up the stuff that Is most exciting to me in the world. I feel like we’d all get pretty bored f we thought we were making the best stuff on earth. soo much cool shit out there. anyway I think you do just fine,
      And I’m glad you like the Prophet stuff. I really like what Farel has been doing.

  14. Kate says:

    Hey Brandon.
    I just got my hands on the King City collection and it’s a fantastic book of mind-boggling proportions, You are making some of the most exciting comics i’ve ever seen!
    I just have one extremely nerdy question (that I’m already pretty ashamed I’m going to ask) but i noticed there’s at least 2 two pages with some bits of dialog missing that were in the issues. I was just wondering if this is just my version?

  15. Son of Tortoise Man says:

    Yeah whoa that bathroom trap scene is quality. So workaday.

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