What is up.

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10 Responses to What is up.

  1. 5colorcowboy says:

    Prophet is ruling, your voice in cOmics is loud and clear

  2. egypturnash says:

    So is the hovering fantod part of the certificate, or is this an authentic certified hovering fantod?

  3. itzaviv says:

    Just finished King City – for the second time. It’s different reading the paperback version. I guess I’m more of a book guy, it was more comfortable for me than reading the issues one by one.
    The stuff on the inside of the cover was a pleasant surprise hehe. And the spine! It took me ages to realize it’s a comic (never felt this stupid in my life, thank you, Brandon). A comic on the spine, with a cat killing a man for his spine. If that’s not brilliant, I don’t know what is.

  4. tyrellcannon says:

    Loving your work on Prophet. Just picked up the new issue and I must say, Malachi and Matt’s backup story is great! Their book Expansion is one of my favorites. Looking forward to what you have in store for John Prophet/s.

  5. MikeG says:

    The new issue of Prophet was perfect. How the hell do I get this Multiple Warheads book? Oni’s website says there is one issue out so far, is that true? If so, is there anyway to buy that? I can not find the thing anywhere on these internets! Oni says they are out of stock. What is the status of that series, or anything else that you have coming up?

  6. Jonas says:

    Just bought the King City trade! I’m going to savour that book like you do a fine lady! 🙂

    (I also reccomend Iron Sky (moon nazis!), watched it yesterday. It’s stupid and silly and I enjoyed every minute of it. :D)

  7. D.G. Kahn. says:

    Oh Brandon, you’ve been slacking!

    It’s getting quite hard to stalk you, you know? But in all seriousness, I’vn’t checked your blog for a while and am sad to see the absence of updates (though, honestly, not entirely surprised: you’re a busy man ‘n all that, updates have been scarce in the past). Anyway, this isn’t meant to be a slap on the wrist (you need it to draw what with the sad absence of robotic prosthetics at the moment) but rather a shout to you. I really quite enjoy your work, not just King City and Multiple Warheads, but the illustrations you occasionally post as well as all the links to old inspirations you’ve had. It’s just refreshing is all.

    Anyway, I’ve lost track of why I went into this (I’m writing an Ars Poetica presently, trying to write this in-between for some reason, and it’s really fucking with my train of thought) but I hope you at least derive the sense of honest admiration that inspired this comment (and really, it’s a sad form to say such things in, but I’ve no other alternative, I suppose). I find your work to not just be entertaining but also really reassuring in an odd way. It’s like looking at something real. And no, I don’t know what I mean to say by that and I’m sure you’d rather not read another paragraph trying to get at what exactly is meant by that, but take heart in knowing that someone (and obviously more than merely “one”) has very real respect for something you’ve made. So much so, in-fact, that they’re working on a King City inspired mixtape [original album] (that, with any luck, won’t turn out utter shit.). But that’s not important, what’s important is that you know you’ve got a posse, and of people who’ve never met you because your work was THAT GOOD too. But again, that’s off-track (not that there was one).

    Right, hopefully this hasn’t been too bizarre, keep keeping on and stuff.

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