Put on that Bobby Womack.


I’m in the end stretch of getting Prophet #26 done. Here’s how that page I put up half finished last time came out:

I did the stars by blowing sideways into the tip of a painters pen, and then making a negative image of it in Photoshop:

normally I do up the page in black and then use white paint. but now I live in the future.(also I’m on a deadline)

Here’s an old comic I did about the stars from the intro to my 1999 book. Universe so big.

I used to wear glasses you see.

Here’s the cover to that book. I did the colors by photocopying onto and then pasting together blue, brown and white paper and then using markers and paint over it.

I like that trick that Egon Schiele would do, poping out and image by just adding white paint over brown paper.

Here’s a schiele picture I like:

I like how finished it looks with just white red and black.

My pal Ludroe just visited, from his far away land. Here’s some stuff he drew in my sketchbook while he was here. She Ra’s Nemesis Hordak, some TMNT and Batman with a mustache:

Something I dug up that Ludroe drew on his last visit — one of his childhood characters– Butler butts. If anyone is thinking of getting a regrettable tattoo , I added some photos to help your decision along. Nuthing says butler with his butt on a platter like …


Here’s some stuff I drew in my sketchbook this week:

I went with my misses to a restaurant that had these Elephant chopstix.

and some fan art of Adam Warren’s Empowered:


Speaking of Warren, I got this Dirty pair page from him in Seattle. Which is a huge deal to me. It’s inked onto some kind of see through- frosted vellum.

Here’s Warren’s deviantart: http://adamwarren.deviantart.com/

also also someone showed me this Free comic book day panel by Gene Ha, with King city and Warheads graffiti.– he even drew Pete and the Ti fighter on his shirt– I am a huge fan of both Ha’s work and Graff.


I ran into this Quartet manga that I like the look of:

It was an arcade game originally, with 4 characters. A quartet even. I had the Sega Master system version when I was a kid. In that version They’d taken out the main hero protagonist dude and the mustache cop. Leaving us with the big black dude (Edgar), after he’s been shot with a honkey gun that turned him into Telly Savalas. and the lady(Mary) changed into Buck Rodger’s own colonel Wilma Deering.

How low rent is a 2 man quartet…

But I do like the idea of taking out the main types- the Lion-o/Mr fantastic  and Tigra/Human torch, leaving the focus on the Cheetarah/Sue Storm and Panthro/The Thing characters.

Anyway, I loved the game– I like in the comic how at the bottom of each page they show items in the story that relate to the game. This one has different power ups you can get–

I like this creepy robot dude.

The whole thing is up here:


Here’s some Gall force and Dominion model kits: (and more here– http://www.gearsonline.net/series/gallforce/hitbit/

And  a Frezzato image someone sent me. I was looking at Frezzato’s robots to come up with some of the Prophet mech– I like the Bode looking feet he drew.

and some manga covers: I like the Comic festival with the weight of all the characters climbing on the artists hand. “my hand is killing me/ I got neo Tokyo on it”

Also, Eric Stephenson, who runs Image has been writing some really good stuff about Kirby and the Avengers:


I’m really happy to be working with someone so outspoken about things I feel like need to be talked about in comics.

I get really snarkey about corporate comics, but it’s really nice to see creators, shops and publishers speak out about unfair treatment of our comic book heroes. I’m sure the Avengers is entertaining and I don’t fault anyone for going to see it or enjoying it and I don’t fault anyone making comics @ DC & M, (With maybe the exception of the Before Watchmen bullshit) but I want to spend my life in this industry and I really feel like the way the people who run Marvel and DC have been acting is fucking gross. We can do a lot better.

Roger Langridge just announced that he’s quitting taking work from them:


I like this what he said-“I think it’s beholden on the creative community to ask themselves what kind of industry they want and act accordingly.”


be excellent to each other.

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13 Responses to Put on that Bobby Womack.

  1. I totally have Universe So Big! I also have some Painters pens from making weird football gang hoodies last summer, now I gotta try this out and add stars to EVERYTHING.

    Also, I really like that 3rd manga cover. Girl booty on a cloud? Her hair is so fantastic.

  2. Nicholas Parmel says:

    In Bill and Ted 3, they say “Be excellent to each other, unless it affects your bosses’ profits”.

  3. kevinczap says:

    “Naw girl, I wanna go way back. Check this out -”

    Always love your posts – those stars are stellar, dude.

  4. James Lloyd says:

    As always, I’m blown away by the inventiveness of even your simplest sketches (must shield my eyes from that Prophet splash!). But I really have to thank you for posting those links to both Eric Stephenson’s blog and the article on Roger Langridge. I greatly appreciate seeing professionals stand up for their ethics at a time when I feel like I’m being driven mad by the abundance of freelancers actually defending policies that have robbed so many in our industry of any chance at dignity or self respect. Roger in particular impresses by truly putting his money where his mouth is (he was already a bona fide hero). I will have to drop him a line of commendation… and I can’t think of a better time to commission that art piece I’ve always wanted.
    BTW, that cover for “Universe” is tits. Great use of cut an paste– photoshop be damned.

  5. mcmcmcmike says:

    Great post, dude. I’m super happy to hear that Langridge is boycotting big2 as well. It feels like we’re really starting to have a culture shift.

    also, CAN’T BELIEVE I never connected Schiele to graffiti. Bode to graff, sure, no-brainer, but man that connection’s totally there too! i will be looking at his work copletely differently from now on.

  6. d says:

    Was actually looking at the Universe so Big Cover last week and wondering about the medium, great post! Was that story supposed to end with issue 2? A friend is borrowing that one from me, so I can’t remember for sure, but it seemed like it left some loose strings.

    As much as I’ve loved all the prophet artists thus far, I’m excited to see your take on that story in both words and art.

    • d says:

      Just saw an answer on your deviantart, is it going to be collected with other stories as well? (Escalator stuffs, maybe?) very excited.

  7. Justin says:

    I love those shots of the Japanese model kits. Sorry if you know about it, but you should check out Hobby Link Japan (http://www.hlj.com). Sometimes I just turn on the “Show Discontinued Items” and look through all the old amazing kits they’ve carried. I’ve also caved and picked up a few of the $200+ Macross toys over the years. And speaking of amazing Macross modeling kits, follow the links in this post–http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/index.php?showtopic=691 (You’ll probably have to create an account to see all the pictures, but they’re worth it).

    I enjoyed the Universe So Big stuff too. Here’s hoping it gets a reprint soon!

  8. I cheat even more and made brushes in photoshop to do stars for me. Some say it’s not as authentic, I say I have better things to do.

    I agree with the DC / Marvel avoidance. Not that I’m likely to be hunted by them, I’ve pretty much sworn them off as potential clients. Choosing between them and my current job packing tools into boxes, I’d rather do the latter. As much as a blow that’ll be to them, anyway.

    Also why is that robot looking so keenly at the naked girl? Did they develop artificial arousal to go with that artificial intelligence?

  9. D.J. Bryant says:

    This post really cheered me up! Even when it comes to something like robots I have a hard time removing the giant stick up my ass and remembering that comics are fun. Thanks for the pop culture enema- I needed it! Somewhere in my record collection I’ve got a Bobby Womack album tucked way. I should put that fucker on!

  10. Jake says:

    Why is your pal Ludroe so non existent on the interwebs? I remember seeing a photo of graphite piece he did on a wall and it it totally blew me away.

    Dude needs a blog A.S.A.P!

  11. breadteam says:

    I just bought the King City trade paperback today and I love it so far. I’m wandering through your blog and I must say that it just warms my heart that you had a Sega Master System as well.

    I was also a big fan of Quartet … even budget Master System Quartet (Duet?).

    The rad music from the arcade is available on Youtube. It’s glorious:

    Never mind that it says “Quartet 2”. So confusing.

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