Welcome to the human race


I mentioned it elsewhere, but the big news for me is that my Multiple warheads book got sent off to previews. It’ll start coming out in October with a 48 page first issue.

Here’s the opening page I drew this week for issue 5 (or book 2 issue 1)

I like title pages as an excuse to throw in nonsense like the photos on here. I always liked it when jamie hewlett would do that sort of thing in old Tank girl.

That’s my pal Claire’s dog (famous in song and story–she’s in King city as the cat who is a dog) and my ugly mug with my favorite mug.

Me and my lady, Marian collaborated this week on a mermaid drawing for the Once upon a time machine anthology. Marian did the main part and I did the 2 panels on the right.

More Marian here– http://hchom.com/

And my pal Farel did the cover for the book:

More on it here: http://onceuponatimemachine.com/about/

and farel’s site http://fareldalrymple.com/

Here’s some sketchbook stuff I drew.  Trees and clouds. recently it;s made me want to work harder when I draw trees out of my head and then go outside and see how cool they look in the real real world.

Prophet’s been going well.  Giannis is doing an impressive job finishing up issue #27

And here’s Helen Maier’s cover for Prophet #30. I love these covers with no main characters.

Helen’s Deviantart– http://helenmaier.deviantart.com/

Helen’s gentleman, Mr Fil Barlow of Zooniverse fame showed me this great drawing he did of a lot of the cartoons he’s worked on over the years. I was deep into most of these without realizing that he’d worked on so many of them.

These pages will be in the new Zooniverse comic from milkshadowbooks.com/blog/

Fil’s Deviantart- http://filbarlow.deviantart.com/


I reread some Bozzz Chronicles this week

“Ere now Wot’s all this ?!” man, I love a logo with a  top hat. That logo is a classy gent.  I’ll have whatever that Logo is having.

I like to think that the Logo’s top hat is the one that guy running out the door left behind.

6 issue Bozz Chronicles series that David Michelinie and Bret Blevins put out through marvel’s Epic line in 86′. I think my big brother picked these up when I was 10.

They’re set in late 19th century London. A hooker named Mandy, finds an alien trying to kil himself because he’s depressed that he’s stranded on backwards primitive earth.

So in order to keep him from offing himself they start up a detective agency (as anyone would do)

Bozz is going through some stuff also he hates wearing clothes and he floats.

I’m really amused by the cartoon British that’s spoken in it “C’mon Gov fancy a quick nip O’ the Ol’ Rumble-de-dum” and “How the deuce!” and there’s an American (From the colonies.) that Bozz and Mandy hire as muscle that’s just as cartoon American “”Whippin’ up a batch of O’ muh famous gin-yoo-wine Texas style chili” The accents in this don’t  throw me off the way most  phonetic spelled dialog does. It only sweetens the pot.

Also I like the contrast to Bozz’s flat matter of fact way of speaking.

I like this scene (drawn by guest dude, John Ridgway) with Bozz licking the painting. He also eats a Brass back scratcher at one point and puts pennies on his chili.

he talks to animals a lot. I like his Sherlock Holmes oven mitt looking hat here.

It’s too bad the thing only went 6 issues, it has that kind of Doctor Who charm of an alien investigating all these fantastic elements and figuring out the science behind them.

I like the issue with a painter who makes paintings of demons that come to life.and I like the ridiculous way Blevins draws Mandy. Poor girl can’t even stand up straight when talking about Nrgleing.


Here’s some photos of Akira Toriyama I thought were cool. Good cat shirt.  Storm trooper reference too– those masks are hard to draw.


and an older Toriyama hanging out with Jackie Chan: serious dudes.


Here’s some Southern cross art I like. Nice logo too.

& more SC and Mospreada. Or Robotech 2nd and 3rd series if you will.

and this cover that is the new brass ring for me to reach for when doing covers.

what is up with the cat standing on the hat? maybe he’s got it even better than the Bozz top hat Logo? I will have what that hat cat is having.

I ran into some good quotes:

Warren Ellis from Bad Signal— “Chris Claremont once said of Alan Moore, “if he could plot, we’d all have to get together and kill him.” Which utterly misses the most compelling part of Alan’s writing, the way he develops and expresses ideas and character. Plot does not define story. Plot is the framework within which ideas are explored and personalities and relationships are unfolded. If all you want is plot, go and read a Tom Clancy novel.”

and from Groucho Marx

“From the moment I picked up your book until I laid it down, I was convulsed with laughter. Someday I intend to read it.”

and that is that.

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31 Responses to Welcome to the human race

  1. darrylayo says:

    Love those interstitial pages, Brandon. Lots of great stuff you’re doing this year. Bozz!

  2. ferburton says:

    Man! I love those Toriyama pages. He looks like such an awesome cat, with a cat shirt. I had no idea he was so into Star Wars either. Crazy, and the studio drawings are always cool. That’s so early though, obviously before he set up Bird Studio. Where do you find this stuff. It seems so random these japanese comic covers.

  3. Wood says:

    Man, you always manage to dig up comics I’d never heard about! That Bozz thing looks so cool…

  4. Bozz is some of the best work Blevins has done. Blevins is so under-rated, it’s a real shame.

    Also, nice to see Fil did Godzilla – that cartoon was damn awesome! 🙂

  5. ananthymous says:

    Congrats on Multiple Warheads – looking forward to it. I got that opening page with the MW logo and Sexica’s intro from you at TCAF I think? It’s all framed up.
    Marian is a dynamo! I like that mermaid’s face.
    Bozz looks charming. I wonder if it’d do well on the web today …

  6. Geez, sometimes I think I’d like to timetravel back to the 80’s just to pop in and read some comics.

  7. Joey Weiser says:

    I believe that “cat standing on a hat” is a Moomin and those are Hattifatteners. The hat might be the Hobgoblin’s Hat? That might even be a super feminine Snufkin next to him? That cover also features cutesy versions of Gegege no Kitaro characters! Good find. And of course I love the Toriyama pics. Him with the Admiral Ackbar mask is priceless!

  8. Mandy Moore says:

    Fantastic! That spread for Once Upon a Time Machine looks fantastic! Even though it is a small part, I colored one of the stories in that book. I’ve been following your blog for a couple of weeks now, and to see that you and Marian are involved is so exciting!

    Also Fil Barlow owns bones! I keep trying to tell people how good Extreme Ghostbusters is, but it’s a hard sell for some reason.

  9. lamar says:

    we like the cars, the cars that go boom.

  10. kelvingreen says:

    Wow, that Bozz comic is amazing. How have I never heard of it before?

  11. alextthomas says:

    I love anything with a hooker involved. MOAR BOZZ! BRING IT BACK! who do I send the petition to?

  12. Jes says:

    i love reading your blog, please keep it up! and as often as possible. thank you 🙂

  13. frikkin bret blevins, that guy is great. his new mutants run was pretty sweet. your guy’s spread for time machine looks great too.

  14. Jake says:

    Have you seen this? If not i think you’d like it, It’s a one off Toriyama OVA.
    It’s fun, like early Dragon Ball fun.

  15. daiconv says:

    Man, I always learn so much from reading your posts. That Bozz Chronicles looks amazing, I don’t know how I lived my whole life without knowing about that.

  16. Ed says:

    I love the L’Trimm shout out!

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  18. Mas says:

    Is that a manga of Mospeada and Southern Cross or character/mech/data sheets that’s common to anime? If it’s the former, I’d very much like to know where to pick them up since I didn’t know they’d been made.

    • Brandon says:

      I wish I could tell you more about them, I just ran into those images on Japanese web sites.

      • Mas says:

        No problem. I googled the heck out of it and came up with nada so it must have just been a data sheet. But hey, at least I found and nabbed the original series of both Mospeada and SC out of it while searching so it wasn’t a total downer.

        Love ya’ work. Can’t wait ’till Oct!

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  21. Best cat/dog/brandon graham spread ever mannn. Totally awesome to see Multiple Warheads coming out in October.

  22. I love how your posts are so meaty.
    Gosh Comics is one of my locals so chuffed about the bookplate.
    You popping by London at any point?

  23. DJM says:

    Man, I had no idea Toriyama was a Cat fan. I can totally see Kliban’s influence!!

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