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Prophet #26 comes out this Wednesday, It’s the first Prophet issue that I did the art and writing on (with gentleman Ed Brisson on letters)


Emma Rios of  Amazing Spider-Man and Osborn fame did an amazing back up for the issue.

There was a little mistake in it where the text from #25 somehow got onto the first page of Emma’s story:

It’s still readable and we’ll get it right in the first Prophet collection. but I wanted to run it on here to show how Emma intended it and also just because it’s the kind of pages that get me excited about making comics.  (click on the pages to get them full size: )


I like that spider falling down the middle of pages 2-3.

soo good.

Emma’s site–


I’ve been drawing stuff this week too.

Here’s a bookplate drawing that I did for Gosh comics in London. that they’ll have when the collected P comes out.

And here’s a new page from Giannis’s next Prophet issue #27 with colors by  Joseph Bergin III. We gave old man Prophet a beard. I’m so happy with the work these guys are doing.

This issue is set among these living orbs along a fragile river of atmosphere held in place by an Estuary of solar winds. fuckin space stuff dawg.

Giannis’s  tmblr

and Joseph


Here’s a King city tattoo that Anna Pederson got. niceeee.


Here’s some stuff out of my sketchbook–

I drew this 1980’s “home is where the heart is” era New mutants.

I was thinking about what a big deal that one Art Adams Annual was when I was a kid. I remember thinking it was cleaver how they put Ed Grimley as a giant and Asgardian Popeye and Bluto in it. I should write some long rant about it soon. I like when Storm turns into a hawk with a Mohawk. Shit, Is that a pun?

Here’s a thing I drew downtown with a Marian banking self portrait below it. She is a serious dude.

I use my sketchbook for art therapy a lot. Last week I announced to Marian that I was going to spend all week wrapped in a blanket crying and eating bugles. I like to set goals you see. I drew my weeks plan to show her.

Marian drew the panel with the Bears. from my favorite TV show that doesn’t exists, Wizard bearZ, (LL cool J doesn’t look too pleased about the whole thing. )

and the other day to warm up I paused the start of Bubblegum crisis and drew Priss getting ready. –getting ready by drawing someone getting ready. yup.

Here’s a bad quality of the intro—> BGC

It’s always reminded me of the start of the manga To-y

Here’s a Jacques Rey design of Leeloo from the 5th element that I thought was cool.



Tomorrow I start moving out of my apartment, it’s too bad I liked this place. I had fun being a hermit here and staying up all night drawing every night. It’s the first place that’s ever felt like my own place. but anyway, my new place is cool, it’s got a balcony and is more downtown.  And me and Marian will be continuing our alternative married but with separate appartments  lifestyle.

Here’s my old place– snif.

And now to put things in boxes.

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26 Responses to more hawk

  1. itzaviv says:

    Ahhhhhhhhhhh I can’t wait to read Prophet! Still waiting for the collection – – – Waiting is hard.

  2. Egypt Urnash says:

    Have a safe move, dude.

    Your plan for the week made me snicker. It kinda sounds like a good idea to me right now (long story). I wonder if Trader Joe’s has a Bugles substitute…

    And that Prophet backup, holy cats. And the hint of #27. Every new issue is a delight. An almost unbelievable one after I dug up a torrent of the original series; the only thing i liked in THAT was the Kirby cameo…

  3. Mas says:

    I love, love, love those two-page Prophet spreads. So much going on but not cluttered into a mess and all of it story-minded.

  4. Kim Swanson says:

    i love, love, love your new mutants sketch! if that ever becomes available – please let me know!

    i think it’s romantic how you and marian will be able to embark on side-by-side balconies together!
    i dig the two pads thing – rachel told me that’s how tim burton and helena bonham carter are residing!

  5. Michael Avolio says:

    Speaking of errors in the Prophet backup stories, the title from the first page of one (the painted multi-parter) was left off when it was published but was put onto the first page of the next one.

    Looking forward to the new issue of Prophet, and can’t wait for Multiple Warheads!

  6. ferburton says:

    Oh man! I always wanted a balcony so I could just stand out on it with nothing but a shirt on but no one would know I was naked from down below.

  7. kelvingreen says:

    Those Emma Rios pages are amazing. The layouts are so dense and clever.

  8. excellent post, sir. good luck on the move. i am in the same boat. i just need to find a place to move into.

  9. Logan says:

    I love Anna’s Earthling tattoo, where did she get it?

  10. powerfulwizard says:

    Just noticed “by frank teran” in tiny white letters left over from issue 25 on page 2 of Coil.
    Coil is the perfect Prophet story: loses an arm, f’s an alien and eats his own offspring in 5 pages.

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  12. Fil Barlow says:

    Good luck with the move, you realize that you’ll have to post pics of the new digs when you’re set up so we can compare! 😀

  13. Turbofanatic says:

    I just finished Prophet #26, I’m absolutely loving this comic!
    Especially the note about messages arriving before they’re sent. Not enough writers bother enough to deal with the fact that faster-than-light travel destroys causality.
    Prophet #27 kinda sounds like a roche limit ( badass!
    Can’t wait for the next one!

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  15. DJM says:

    Are the non-Prophet back-ups gonna be collected too?

  16. Frank says:

    Beautiful, BEAUTIFUL work in the new Prophet issue, So much I felt I had to come here and write it to you– The bit about the guy wanting to grow up to be planet was my favorite. Also, I just read your interview in CBR; the bit about the world that communicates with dance reminded me of this which always looked to me as half-dance, half-sign language–

  17. Thorsten says:

    I really love those pictures – THIS is really great art!

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  19. isaac brune says:

    Man, that rug really tied the room together…

  20. redpapermen says:

    Brosef – Loving Prophet! Any chance of getting the Emma Rios lettering error fixed on the comixology version? I’m sure it’s just a case of resending/re-uploading the corrected pages. That’d be sweet!
    It was frustrating to read it when it seemed like something that could be easily fixed, don’t punish your digital fans bro!
    All the best,

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