Burn this muther down


My schedule is a mess this week. I’ve decided to lock the doors to my place until I’m caught up on all the projects I want to catch up on. Fuck the day star.

Anyway, I’m all moved into a new pad in Vannncouvver’s west end.

It’s a different scene than I’m used to but I like it. I told Marian I need to get a Hawaiian shirt, she does not approve.

Here’s a drawing I did of the outdoors near my place.

Mostly I’ve been hiding out working on Prophet and Warheads stuff and reading Murakami’s IQ84.  I’m almost done with it so I’ve been trying to read it slowwww. Murakami stuff works on me like Moebius comics. It’s so inspiring in how good it is in a way that makes it seem easier to make my own work.

I drew some fan art:

The frog was just redrawn from a sign while I was waiting for a bus.


The Comic book legal defense fund shirt I drew off of part of a Neil Gaiman poem got announced at San Diego.  (25% of the sales go to the CBLDF)

You can order it here: http://www.threadless.com/product/3899/The_Day_The_Saucers_Came_Issue_3_Vol_6

Also Prophet #27 comes out today. Comics alliance put up a preview:


Lin Visel did the back up this issue. Here’s some pages from it:



And a drawing of Prophet Lin did:

More of her stuff here: http://thechipperwhale.net/

Also this Prophet issue starts with a flashback showing the far future Diehard.

yeah, this guy:



Here’s an Image Giannis drew of Diehard for a Who’s who in the Prophet universe style bio sheet we’re running in #28.

And unrelated to actual Prophet stuff here’s a sketch I did of Liefeld’s Vogue.

I was thinking this is how I’d want to draw her as a fashionable killer like some extreme version of Dakota North.

Let your body move to the music, hey, hey, hey.

So We’ve got Badrock’s kid in #26, Die hard and Vogue. yup yup yup


Also Simon Roy showed up last week and drew the Prophet collection cover.

And here’s a drawing I did for one of the credits pages based off Giannis flashback scene:


And a couple more sketchbook pages:



I’ve been listening to this Brother Ali song a lot:

Brother ALI

And I’ve been really impressed by everything on this french comics artist Boulet’s site:


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26 Responses to Burn this muther down

  1. darrylayo says:

    Hey Brandon,

    It’s been quite an adventure each month to sit and puzzle out what you and your team are doing with Prophet.

    Planet (Bad)Rock. Wonderful.

  2. I just finished 1Q84. It really held me til the end, and i thought about it a lot when I wasn’t reading.

  3. Mike Mcghee says:

    have fun not sleeping bro! i’ve promised myself i’ll get a little sun today, but i’ll be up at it all night:)

    really glad to see lin’s stuff . any chance of more from teran? it’d be mad cool to see something issue-length from him again.

    • Brandon says:

      Teran has a 3rd part to his story coming and I’m hoping he’ll do some covers too.
      And yeah, I’m looking forward to seeing whole books by him again in the future.

  4. Andrew says:

    Ah you’ve moved quite close to where I live. If you see my budgie who escaped, lemme know.

    Also I picked up the issue of Prophet you drew. I enjoyed it, but probably shouldn’t have come in mid way because it feels like it alludes to a world that has been previously explored. Anyway, now I have to get the rest.

    Good work!

    • Kate says:

      I saw a ‘bird found – please call with description’ notice around Denman today while I was walking around. If you want the number I can hook you up!

  5. Cody B says:

    That’s great. Nice sum-up.

  6. Boulet says:

    Thanks for the link ! I’m very glad you liked my work 🙂

  7. Mike Greene says:

    Just finished reading Prophet and it was terrific. For an old Extreme fan it is really great to see the way you are incorporating the whole universe. Really brings the book together for me. The book is terrific as a stand alone, but to see Die-hard’s arm and Badrock’s son is just icing. This issue was incredibly dense, I feel like more happened in this book than happens in most books in a years worth of comics, and I don’t even think I am exaggerating that. You manage to accomplish so much, yet the pace feels like a real time adventure at the same time, great balance. Is Vogue also going to be in the book at some point?

    This has probably been answered before, but I want my comic shop to get it right, is Multiple Warheads going to come out through Oni or Image, and is it solicited as Warheads or Warheadz?

    Sorry for all the questions! Keep up the excellent work! Hopefully you will make it down to SF for a convention one of these years.

    • Brandon says:

      Hi Mike,

      Thanks a lot, I appreciate it, I feel like It’d be a huge waste to have access to the whole Extreme universe and not mess around with the characters. The Vogue drawing was just for fun but there’s a couple other old Extreme guys that’ll show up in it soon.

      Multiple Warheads (spelled like that) will be out in October from Image. I’m putting it out in 4 or 5 issue chunks every year. I hope you like it. And yeah, I’d love to make it to SF again soon. I like that city.

  8. Julius says:

    Hey Mister Graham. Glad everything worked out for you with your new place. Nice view!!! Keep up the good work on Prophet. I’m thoroughly enjoying it. I was wondering if you would check out a piece of work I just completed. When you have the free time of course. Your honest opinion is welcomed. I have ten pages up on my blog. Just click on my name and it’ll take you there. The name of the book is called Revelation.

  9. TD says:

    Really looking forward to the collected Prophet. Any word on if it’s going to be hardcover or soft? Either way it’s gorgeous. Kudos to both you and Simon Roy.

    Questionnn: Are the stories in the back of the issue an invite only deal or if someone wanted to have something printed could they throw it at you via email or whatever?

    • Brandon says:

      The Prophet trade will be softcover to keep the cover price low.

      The back ups are just who I ask. But yeah, I like your work.
      Right now I’ve got about 8 unpublished ones so I’m holding off on getting any new ones until those are printed.

  10. deadbythirty says:

    Love the panel work on the shirt – it’s like those old issues of Fables where they’d arrange the panels in the shape of a coat of arms or a big old pipe. Love that stuff, especially the placement of the wings and cliffs. Got a new shirt coming in the mail!

    Have you read Murakami’s Wind-up Bird Chronicle? That’s my favourite. Every scene is just that distilled perfect Murakami surrealism, even if it’s just the main bloke cooking breakfast in a kitchen at 9am. There’s a really messed-up scene in it where this evil politician gives the mind prostitute Creta Kano this demonic sexual massage/exorcism. I think you’d really dig it.
    Like everyone else, I’m hungry for the collected Prophet! Stay cool!

    • Brandon says:

      Thankss and thanks for getting the shirt.

      Yeah, I liked Wind-up Bird Chronicles. My favorite by him is Hard boiled wonderland and the end of the world.

  11. that artist Boulet looks incredible and that simon roy was even incredible-er. thanks for the inspiration.

  12. mooncalfe says:

    love all the new sketches!! i finally read through my stack of backlogged Prophet, it’s pretty amazing stuff, man. sometimes i felt like maybe i’m too dumb for the comic, though, like Prophet is too highbrow for me. XD. still awesome, though.

    i liked the squid sword, Yilala, John Sametime and Sharpsmooth. maybe i can convince Joe to put Sharpsmooth into Glory…

    • Brandon says:

      Thanksss Ross. I find the idea of that barbarian in space comic I’m doing being too highbrow funny. Hopefully it all makes sense in the end.

      Man you should draw a Sharpsmooth Bio page for Prophet. (we’re doing Who’s Who style bios)

      • ross campbell says:

        the amount of crazy imagination in each issue really blows me away, SO many great ideas. how do you come up with stuff like this?!? so jealous. 😀

        yeah! i’ll totally draw Sharpsmooth!! when do you need it by? i’m pretty swamped right now, having a hard time keeping up with Glory, but i’m sure i could squeeze in a simple character drawing.

        • Brandon says:

          You are a nice man Mr Cambell.

          No hurry on the drawing, I’ll send you a real email when I get it figured out.
          Good luck with Glory, the stuff’s been looking fantastic.

  13. Zack says:

    way to go with the 1Q84 art. i understood those scenes you drew perfectly, and they were just like i imagined, too. i am a big Murakami fan, and i love all his books and short stories. also, how does everyone else pronounce that book’s title? before i read it i pronounced it 1-Q-8-4, but after reading where it comes from in the book, i started calling it Q-teen-eighty-four.

  14. Late to the party… Great post, man. I’m loving Prophet, I’m looking forward to Warheads, and I’m about to buy that shirt.
    Just a heads-up: the link on Threadless’ site when you click on “Brandon Graham” just goes back to threadless.com instead of your blog or anything… you might want to change that to drive more eyeballs over here or to somewhere people can buy your comics.

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