oh shit!

PictureBox books is putting out my112 page Walrus book full of my sketches and unpublished stuff.
Stuff like this: of a day in the life of me and my dear sweeet Marian (Marian drew the Chicken)

Here’s some of the rough cover ideas I had for it.

and I did a cover for the Warheads tour I’m going on next month.
Wed, Oct 24 – Beach Ball Comics (Anaheim)
Thur, Oct 25 – Austin Books & Comics (Austin)
Fri, Oct 26 – Star Clipper (St Louis)
Sat, Oct 27 – Chapel Hill Comics (Chapel Hill)

It should be fun, and I’ll draw pictures for whoever shows up.

and pencils for that

Also, also Marian did a new image for the title page of the first Warheads

Originally in place of that I planned to use this:

I was getting the book ready to be sent off and I was just shaking my head at this being the first page people see of the character. like “come on dude, that’s weak”

I like the drawing still and I’m not back tracking on my love of drawing naked ladies , I just don’t want to introduce the character as “ASS!” I’m trying to be a better Brandon and all– I’ll put in the Walrus book.

and here’s the Warheads #4 cover

annnd the Pencils


and I got to do a cover for the 3rd issue of my pal Stokoe’s Godzilla comic:

I’m pretty sure that dude on the left is part of the same organization as The Warlord.

my first draft of the Godzilla cover was pretty fucking awful:

Toho just emailed me a photo of a stop sign when they saw that.


The new Prophet (#29) just came out with Fil Barlow on the cover & my homie Farel dalrymple on art Letters by Ed Brisson with Joseph Bergin III colors.

So me and Farel devised this issue awhile back and not until he turned in the final pages did Joseph Bergin pull some impressive shit and come up with an idea to show everything inside the psychic mind dampening field in black and white.

Here’s the transition page as Prophet falls out of color.

I can’t stress enough what a joy it is to work with all the dudes on Prophet.

Also in #29 Andy Ristaino (of lead designer on adventure time and Babysitter & other comics fame ) did an amazing back up this issue.

Here’s one of my pages for #30 that is being lettered as I type this. Fight scenes aren’t really my thing but I had fun with this one. and the bottom panel is by Giannis.

And another page of all Giannis from #30 (he colored the flashbacks this issue too)

So the main story in Prophet #30 has 2 artists (me and Giannis) and 3 colorists. (Me, Giannis &  Joseph) Like I’ve been saying the plan was always to show each artists different style as how different characters view the universe.

Here’s a page from the impressive BARTAN back up for that issue by Dimi Mac and K.C. Silver. I love that they did ADVENTURE #269 for a one shot.

More of their stuff here:

and I just got an update from Cecile Brun, with Olivier Pichard on colors who are French artists doing a Prophet back up called Waveless  Here’s some character designs:

and photos of them working on it:

I’m really looking forward to this one.

and more on their work here:


Whatelse? I’ve been reading some great comics.

Ronald Wimberly’s Prince of cats really blew me away, I might have to type about it more later. Ron made a comic I’ll be pulling inspiration from for yearrrsss. Amazing shit.


Joe Decie sent me this letter:

Joe’s site:


and yeah the Lando comic Joe sent me, is awesome. Lando is part of a UK comics collective called decadence (along with Stathis Tsemberlidis ) who are just killing it with their sci fi work.

Really impressive Otomo, Moebius looking work.

you can get it here :

And here’s a Yoshikazu YASUHIKO dirty pair sketch. because I love that shit.


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27 Responses to troof

  1. Wood says:

    Wow, so much to be looking forward to… I hope I can get my hands+eyes on that Walrus book.

    How come you manage to know about French artists even I have never heard about? Are you a wizard ?

  2. ghettomanga says:

    Yeah. Good stuff. Prince of Cats is the best comic I’ve read all year. Ron is a Mad Scientist wrapped in an evil genius stuffed inside an extinction level event. I want to write a review, but I’m not smart enough. I will still try eventually, though.

  3. adgy says:

    Sweet! Can’t wait to meet you in Anaheim!

  4. David says:

    You do the meatiest blog posts.

  5. The pages for #30 look incredible, looking forward to the art teamup. Any chance you’ll take a photo comparing the size of your original artwork and the printed comic? ‘Cause looking at Cecile’s photos reminded me that you (or her, for that matter) don’t draw in the usual size of comic art board, and draw all the way to the margins, and stuff. Not that there’s any rules for drawing in the usual size beyond proportion issues, but I just wanted to know if it’s for any particular reason you do it that way–

    • Brandon says:

      Thanks. Yeah, I’ll take some photos of my pages soon. I draw on pretty standard sized paper most of the time–11 by 17. I’ve always drawn a lot of full bleed pages. I think it’s just hard for me to give up the extra space around the edges.

  6. Pingback: FAN-tastic ArtWork Including Daredevil, Ambush Bug, Batgirl, Cerebus and MORE !!! | K e s s l e r K o m i c s

  7. machu22 says:

    When are you going to announce the times you are going to be at those comic book shops? I need to sharpie that time in on my calendar

  8. tyrellcannon says:

    I recently ordered some work from the guys at decadence. You are right, they are KILLING it with some amazing sic if comics. Prophet continues to amaze as well. I must say I’m really excited to see where you take die hard.

  9. Ooops, just bought pyramid scheme and prince of cats. Probably for the best since I lost Wimberly’s ‘Sentences’ in a breakup not so long ago. Very much looking forward to the \_/\_/alrus too…

  10. Pete Wissinger says:

    Will you be doing sketches on this signing tour? Can’t wait to see you in St. Louis!

  11. Dennis says:

    Hi Brandon, I love your work . You’re truly killing it with Prophet. I bought the trade just so I could force my friends to read it, and it’s bent and broken now from so many hands touching it. Will you be near Maryland any time soon? Your tour’s closest stop is Chapel Hill, but I was wondering if you had any other future plans.

  12. Paul says:

    Really looking forward to Walrus. Coincidentally, the day you posted this I had just been thinking about how great those cartoons (you and the missus etc.) are and I wish I could see more of them – they’re hilarious. Also ordered Pyramid Scheme: Lando’s “Last Drink” is really great. Thanks for all the regular recommendations and keep up the amazing comics!!!

  13. kingsilly says:

    Much enjoying your blog posts. Loving Prophet. Pillow Fight was a hoot. Failed to locate original MW #1, so looking forward to those. Maybe get a walrus on the other side of your neck?
    Thanks for the puns.

  14. andrew says:

    I can’t wait for Multiple Warheads, even though its finally less than a week away. Wish I could track down the original Multiple Warheads for a reasonable price. I’m also looking forward to Walrus too. I recently bought Escalator and really enjoyed that. I really liked the train bombing story. Prophet has continued to be amazing. Cool that you’re doing art in another issue. I noticed that Simon Roy is taking over all the writing in an upcoming issue, is that going to be temporary? Also when will Stokoe be doing a Prophet cover or issue? Multiple Warheads variant? (I would die from excitement, then comeback to life ’cause I can’t die before experiencing that haha) So Prince of Cats is really good? I’ll take your word for it and check it out. I liked the art style but I hate Shakespeare.

    • Brandon says:

      Thanks, maybe someday I should attempt a longer graffiti story.
      That one was fun to do.
      I’m not doing much art in Prophet, I have 2 and 1/2 pages in #30.
      The all Simon issue is just a one shot thing and then I go back on.

      I doubt Stokoe will be on any Prophet. Not that It wouldn’t be cool to see but he’s a busy dude these days (also he hates doing covers) I owe him an Orc stain back up next before I harass him about anything. but yeah, maybe a MW thing would be possible.That’d be cool to see what he did with it.

      I’m not a huge Shakespeare fan either, but I think the language in prince of cats is much easier to navigate. I like it a lot.

      • andrew says:

        You doing an Orc Stain back up would be just as awesome. Pay him up with that back up, then harass him about putting out issue 8 already. Haha I’m kidding, I wouldn’t want to rush anyone to put something out if it affects the quality of the work.

        I was also wondering if ya have any plans to return to King City. Not necessarily the cat masters but just more stories about the characters that inhabit it. Million Man Mark and Sour Note ♪!

      • kingsilly says:

        Shakespeare was also a fan of puns, or at least played to his audience with ’em. Two great films made from his works: Titus and Scotland, PA. Very different from each other.

  15. David Bird says:

    Really enjoyed Multiple Warheads. Wanted to read it as soon as I picked it up, but decided to wait until I got home so I could re-read the 2007 issue first. I had a coupple of questions, though. Will the Oni #1 be included when the story is collected? And your intro to yesterday’s issue mentions having used the characters twice before. When was the other time?

  16. L says:

    Hey just wanted to say that I got the new MW yesterday and it was fantastic! I picked up the first comic years ago at a con and I’ve been waiting for more ever since… and the new stuff was everything I hoped for, except even better! So many pages of colorful goodness. It must be a ton of work to make such a huge comic, but I super appreciate it. Can’t wait to see what comes next.

    Also been reading Prophet since it started, and it just keeps getting more and more interesting. I never thought so much variety would work in an ongoing series, but it’s incredible.

    Looking forward to your Walrus art book too! Any chance you can hit up northern CA (east bay, maybe?) on that tour?

  17. sweet, another awesome post. i need that Ron Wimberly book and that pyramid scheme book. need them.

  18. Daniel says:

    Any idea when Walrus will be published? I just ordered a few books from decadence so I’m looking forward to some good sci-fi stuff.

    • Paul says:

      I got a few books from Decadence based on Brandon’s recommendation. Really fantastic stuff and the shipping was cheap and fast (and I’m in Uruguay!)

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