Mean see level


I’ve gone off to my inlaws secluded island cabin to finish up the final pages of Multiple Warheads #4, while I watch my dear sweet Marian play video games (zelda/Yoshi’s island) and stumble out every so often to eat something christmasy.–Santa tastes like fruitcake.

I’ve been listening to lots of Rhymefest and these Quiet please radio shows from the 40’s that you can hear here:

The nice people at Image asked me to make their helladay card this year. Here’s the front of it:


And the inside:


Getty up.

It’s been a nice year for me. Let’s check the caring meter:

care metereeee

It’s cool Funshine bear, don’t look so stressed.


ok, somewhere between A Salt with a deadly Pepa and the American Robotech Defenders. The caring manual lists that as–“Stone cold lampin.”

ok cool.

Oh also, me and Joseph Bergin III (serious dude who colors Prophet –also draws writes & tattoos) were talking about making some PROPHET FAQ’s in the style of these Death FAQ he did. (so please ask some questions here or twitter or wherever and we’ll have Troll or some power crazy Earth Empire brain mother answer them)



Here’s another care bear picture I like– I can only assume that the star Tenderheart is holding over Grumpy bear is like mistletoe for making someone sing. The Grumpy bear I know used to give a fuck, during Xmas could give a fuck less.

care x mas






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17 Responses to Mean see level

  1. Matt says:

    That picture in the care-o-meter with the chick in the Ninja Turtles costume next to Moebius. What is that? Because if it’s comix I want to read it.

  2. Ahh.. I had started to miss these updates.

  3. I hope your 2013 goes to Dangaioh-level awesome, haha. Seriously that was genius.

  4. i want one of those christmas cards. happy christ-mass

  5. Spent some Xmas downtime diving into your brain-pan (it smelled like Twinkies, and felt like welcoming unicorn poo,) caught up on Prophet, Multiple Warheads #1 and started to trip out with the King City TPB. So my question for your new patent pending Prophet Q&A column would be either: There are a crazy number of details in Prophet that are drawn and labeled from grappling hooks to cross-section maps, is this all stuff you have detailed in your scripts, and if so how long is a ‘typical’ Prophet script? Alternatively if that question is not sexy enough to make the Q/A cut how about this: The Prophet clan (s) seems to have no problem jumping the bones of any alien species that comes their way, aren’t the Prophet worried about alien STDs? Is John P, the universes’ worst baby daddy OR the best? Thanks! P.S. I’m positive this series is going to break my heart multiple times over with characters dying and by continuing to be so damned ambitiously entertaining, I look forward to it.

  6. For the Prophet Q&A: Where did you come up with all these unique character designs? Whose dick did you have to (gently) suck to get an Image Comics deal? Why did “King City” feel like such a lonely comic? Were you going through hard times? I really get a sense of detachment from it, and that aspect makes me love it even more. King City relates to Prophet because it is a part of your formative years. I swear. I know better than you do. Trust me.

    • Brandon says:

      Mostly for the Q&A I was thinking in story Prophet questions. So I’ll answer these now.

      >Where did you come up with all these unique character designs?

      It’s a big world with lots to pull from. I feel like I could still stand to go a lot more diverse. I’m branching out more now but seeing the work of guys like Ross campbell makes me want to up my game.

      >Whose dick did you have to (gently) suck to get an Image Comics deal?

      Talent or ability aside that end of comics runs off of getting your work seen.
      I traded the King city rights for a publishing deal that got my work into print in a way and in a place where the people at Image could see my work and later decide that they were willing to fight for it to be published at Image. It was a fucking stressful year of me and Stephenson working to negotiate with the original publisher and I owe a lot to Image’s faith in my work.

      Soooo basically, fuck your patronizing question.

      >Why did “King City” feel like such a lonely comic? Were you going through hard times?

      My life was in a shitty spot for the first half of KC and then recovering for part of the 2nd.

      >King City relates to Prophet because it is a part of your formative years.

      I like the idea that I’m in my formative years at 36.Hopefully.

      • I did not mean to offend, I was just having fun. If my fun truly offended you, I apologize. Dicks can be sucked to gain favor, but I find a brain stroking to be the best way to catch someone’s attention, which I feel is what you did. Sucking a dick is just a metaphor for pleasing someone (even ladies, with their lady dicks [clitoris]). Keep being great and thanks for answering!

  7. Alex says:

    Wait a minute! What do you have against cardboard? Cardboard is awesome. You can make cardboard ninja stars and shit.

  8. Do you listen to special Prophet music when in the Prophet mindset as opposed to the King City or Warheads mindset? What do you listen to? Any Oneohtrix or Tangerine Dream? Or just stick it straight on 90′s hip hop and leave it there? (fair enough)

    • Brandon says:

      Since I do more thinking work and less just drawing on Prophet I mostly only listen to stuff without lyrics. Mostly classical music or no music. Maybe I should try some of what you mentioned, I’m not too familiar with either band. —

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