My pal Robin just put up some more of my pages for sale on his site.


Here’s a King city and Thickness page.


You can see on the Thickness page how I was trying to figure out how to draw Kei taking her pants down.

And here’s how that page looked finished:


Aight, I’ve gotta do the final 2 pages of MW #4 this week. sooo closeee

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2 Responses to pagesss

  1. ramiart says:

    Dude, seeing as you love drawing hot women can I ask for some advice… How do you do it? I’m useless at drawing girls. They always come out really ugly. What’s the secret!!!?

  2. FrankRalphBob says:

    Hey Brandon! – Love your stuff…. but having a hard time finding it local. Is there anyway to obtain Thickness & Multiple Warheads via the web? THX! P.S. – keep up the FABULOUS work!

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