And sometimes when we touch The honesty’s too much

From days of long ago, from uncharted regions of the universe..


I just got most of another deadline out of the way. Soo my schedule is a mess now, sleeping at noon and waking up late into the evening. 

This week I’m mostly getting my Walrus book together. Here’s the 1st page of it– I drew the neighborhood I live in.


And here’s a photo of the place


Also last night I finished a pin up for Ed Piskor’s Hip hop family tree book. KRS ONEEEEeee

The lower part of that picture I drew him at Denny’s.

“We be hanging out late night at Denny’s
Having conversations about every and any”


You can read Ed’s comics here

And here’s my layouts for Prophet #33 that came out recently: (that’s Simon Roy’s eye) There’s a couple pages in there that Giannis reworked to make more readable.

and he added some Greek writing to the robot lady who splits in two–which is more exciting than the made up languages I usually draw on stuff.


I noticed that I’ve got 2 really similar scenes in both the next Prophet (#34) and Warheads #4 (which will be out next week) 

Here’s the Simon Roy drawn, Joseph Bergin III colored Prophet page. With New father John Prophet naked and catching a knife in his teeth. 


and the same kind of one armed naked guy catching a knife in his teeth scene in Warheads:


I didn’t realize that I’d done it twice until I got the Warheads issues back. I always think it’s funny to have two books with clones going at once. Think of it as a theme month for books I’m on.

Yup, the starts have aligned and now It’s naked-one-armed-dude-catching-knives-in-their-teeth-month.


Also this week I was rereading Yoshihisa Tagami’s 1986 manga Grey–you can read it online here.

There’s this scene in the first issue where 2 soldiers are waiting for bad dude Grey Death to walk out of the desert.



It reminded me of a similar thing Pope did in his 2000 THB:M3 Mars mightiest Mek

I have no idea if Pope’s even read grey. But I always like seeing how different artists handle the same kinds of scenes:



also this week I got some more cool Warheads drawing by artists whose work I dig.

My pal Emily Carroll did this one: I really like that contrast between Sexica as a pretty lady and Nura as a bad dude-lady.


and this nice one by Dustin Weaver:


—Sexica’s jacket in that one almost reminds me more of something Stokoe would draw in old Wonton book.

annd speaking of Jammess Stokoe . he just did this cover for gentleman Robin Bougie’s Cinema Sewer.

I like the snake looking like it realized that he will be immortalized in that pose–as a Cinema Sewer snake dick “nooooo!!”.


I’ve been reading some cool stuff this week. I’m about half way through Heinlein’s Stranger in a strange land. I always like Heinlein’s books and it’s cool to see him play with alien ways of thinking of things.

I was thinking it would’ve been cool to read about the story of the astronauts first finding the man from Mars on Mars.but then Heinlein would have less of his fun showing how his characters deal with the bureaucracy and other Earth nonsense. He seems to like that stuff,

The cover threw me off, With Valentine Michael Smith looking like a soap opera dude.


Reading it I saw him Somethinnnng more like —


I’m sure I’ve pointed it out before but my all time favorite Heinlein cover is on Friday. 


Also,I read some Lando comics. I got a package of his books that I’m slowly making my way through. Him and Stathis Tsemberlidis at decadence comics are putting out some impressive work.


The book on the left is part of a series all written in an unreadable alien language.


Here’s a scene I like, showing the birth of this alien creature that they launch into a soldiers head:



also, also Stokoe got a friend to pick up this Keita Amemiya book from deepest darkest Asia.


It’s got that nice mix of Japanese and European comics that I like so much.



also it has some games in it. a connect the dots and a cut up image to reassemble. 



annnnd really good monsters:




Annd I’ve been looking at Evan Palmer’s work. Here and here. I like his dogs in robots.


and this nice trick with word balloons:



and here’s a Giant Gorg drawing by YAS


and here’s a topless M(L)isa Hayase


Thank you and good night.

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18 Responses to And sometimes when we touch The honesty’s too much

  1. Aaron Brown says:

    this is just a test to see if I read all the way to the bottom wasn’t it?

  2. It’s crazy how unfaithful Ice Cube and DJ Pooh were when adapting Heinlein’s Friday.

  3. Mr.Sheldon says:

    Dude, I don’t get that Prophet page…he’s got a knife in his teeth, then he catches a knife in his teeth.

    Explain yourself.

  4. kelvingreen says:

    I’ve seen it said that since Grant Morrison was working on JLA and The Invisibles at the same time, there are a number of weird similarities in terms of themes, plot structure, character arcs and so on. I’ve not read them close enough together to remember if there’s any truth to the claim, but it’s an interesting idea.

    • Steve S-L says:

      I’ll have to read JLA sometime to see if this holds up. I’ve read pretty much everything else he’s had published (even his early Near Myths stuff), but never JLA. Never really liked the art, to be honest.

  5. Sturek says:

    I actually like that Stranger in a Strange Land cover a lot. Fits the later parts of the book better, though, I agree. Weird book in any case, I loved the first half and the latter half wholly confused me. Then again, I was young and impressionable. It is a great book, no question, maybe a bit long, but thought provoking (esp. at the time, I guess). Read The Moon is a Harsh Mistress straight after that for the weirdest combination ever.

  6. Chicken Fried Comics says:

    Dude, your posts always make me want to draw … more better!!!

  7. Craig says:

    The monster being smoted by the energy beam gets me all sorts of excited.

  8. John Christ says:

    I think I drunkenly wandered through your part of town on my buddy’s bachelor party in December. Dustin’s Warren’s art looked amazing. Also, pretty sure I stole my own personal spirituality from both Heinlein’s “Stranger in a Strange Land” (“Thour art god”) and Steinbeck’s “East of Eden” (“Timshel” – Hebrew for “You may,” what God [not that I believe in one] actually said to Cain after banishing him from Eden).

  9. Steve S-L says:

    Those Prophet layouts are great. I’d love to see a book that incorporated something not too far from that look into the finished art somehow.

  10. Adam says:

    Sexica’s jacket reminds me of this one from The Lost Boys

  11. Ronsson says:

    KRS!!!! Nice. Aside from your usual goodness you just raped my eyes with that Evan Palmer painting. *_*

  12. Kim Kirsch says:

    Hell yes, Grey! Dang, you got some good fanartters.

    After coining that phrase I’ve decided you can keep it. I don’t want it anymore.

  13. Chris Sobieniak says:

    Love the SCTV reference here!

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