Ourly Friday





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3 Responses to Ourly Friday

  1. Andrew says:

    Finally reading Dungeon, eh? It jumps around so much you’re bound to read things out of order, but there’s enough overall continuity it doesn’t matter! Easily one of my favorite series ever.

  2. Mark says:

    “If an alarm goes off we scream and run. “K.”

    Also, I’ve never understood how someone can read in the bathtub and not wreck the book or anything.

  3. tedterranova says:

    Just finished Warheads #4. Loved the pipe network and those guys just building this planet sized project for hundreds of years and no one knowing what it’s for and just using it as walkways. The flying whale with the forest was also amazing. I really dig your cross-sections and the part showing the pilot with all his computers tapped into the whale’s brain was just great. Love the blog and your work and looking forward to more. And thanks for sharing your layout sketches in the last post.

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