I know now why you cry.


Doo do dooo doo do

Oh helllooo,

Me and my pal Emily Carroll did a  thing this week where we each did quick comics based off a 5 page Betty & Veronica comic

Here’s mine:




And here’s Emily’s





Here’s the story we based them off of.  “Boo hoo Deja vu”




The SunnySide mall reminds me of the food in Repo man.


In panel 2 of my pages the song playing on the radio is Faith no more’s Epic> that I got into after Adam Warren put it in an issue of his Dirty pair.  Thus embedding it into my brain as the coolest thing ever. (because it is)



Also also I settled into a new apartment closer to sweet sweet RX comics. With my misses a block away in her new place (separate apartments 4 lyfe)

I’ve been getting over a slump, I was going through some mild depression and ended up getting on medication for it.  I was just spending too many days moping around when I really have a blessed life these days- so I assumed it must be chemical.  The medication seems to be a huge help so far, I’ve been more excited about working than I have been in awhile. Somedays are still low but it’s a step.

I was talking to some friends of mine, I dunno if it’s just all humans or a life of being indoor kids but depression seems to be a common thing. hmmmm

also thanks for everyone’s nice nice words on the Eisner nominations. Awards are whatevrrrr but it’s great that people like what me (and the other dudes on Prophet) do.

here’s some recent stuff out of my sketchbooks.


My pal Joseph Bergin III (who colors Prophet) has got some Tshirts he drew for sale. I like this one on the left a lot.


You can get them here. 

And here’s some of Joseph’s colors over Simon and Giannis art for the new Prophet that we just sent off to print #35

Here’s a Simon page of the Empire Prophets fighting to over take the towers of Thauilu-Vah. It’s been fun revisiting the tower after a year.


and a Giannis page of Old man Prophet’s team on Troll’s moon.


That squid thing is the far future version of Supreme’s dog Radar. He wears the cape less these days.


It’s nice having multiple artists in an issue. It speeds up how fast it can get done, I was thrilled with how well Joseph handled the different color styles. I think you can see it well on this page that transitions from the more worked colors on Simon to flats on Giannis.


That issue comes out May 1st.


Here’s some stuff from Megazone 23 part 2. I like this Silverhawks pinball machine the guy is playing. Or SHVERNOWK. with a Thundercats symbol in there too. sure why not.


You can watch it here. 

Here’s some Yoshikazu Yasuhiko drawings I thought were cool.

I like the little Char hiding in Hiro’s jacket. A pocket Char for emergencies.


annnd more Venus wars.


also I like these Cat A log images.  Especially the fat little WADF ship.


On the left here is some post it note balls Mr James Stokoe tried to stick on my head when I fell asleep on his couch. and on the right wearing Colin Upton’s cat tea cozy at a recent Rebecca Dart B day party. fun times. Also I need to shave.


And here’s some T2 manga I found on this internet:


Dooo do do da doo

And Mr Inkstuds just put up some more of my and my misses pages for sale on his site, here

I’ll be back.



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43 Responses to I know now why you cry.

  1. Brad Olsen says:

    Sorry to hear that you struggle with depression like so many of the rest of us. I’ve theorized that perhaps it is prevalent in artists due to an inherent desire to “push” forward to better and better work. As if feeling hopeless sparks a desire to work towards feeling content. We could always be happier, so why not try every available outlet to achieve that goal?

    I too struggled with depression and went on depressants after a couple failed stays in therapy. What proved most beneficial, however, was beginning a practice of yoga and introducing myself to group ACT therapy. I’d recommend looking ACT up since it’s sort of like “new age” cognitive therapy which directly confronts the minds negative though patterns. ACT is about acceptance and gradual change rather than immediate alteration of behavior. Basically, it’s a very non-judgmental and gradual form of therapy that I’ve found to be very practical and beneficial towards long-term mental health (so far). Like any slightly twisted individual/artist will say, emotions can strike at any time and with varying levels of intensity, but I think it’s important to embrace these emotions, for better or worse, to learn from them, and use them as fuel for our art.

    I really love your work Brandon and hope you will continue to make it for years to come. Rock on. \m/

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  3. kandis says:

    Duuuude. Excellent. Your sketches always inspire me tho I’m not a graphic artist. I miss you I hope you’re getting on…have you tried a happy light? Tis a good supplement for the north, and house plants.

  4. Those girls are singing a Faith No More song!!

  5. Carlos says:

    I hope you get better. I’m happy that you’re not alone.

  6. shaggykorean says:

    find yourself a tardis! if that doesn’t help brandon, at least it can take you off-world for awhile.

    or alternatively, we could all send you a box of comics, even some naughties 🙂

  7. jordynfb says:

    OH MAN. That makes me so happy. You and Emily should make more things togetherrrrrrrr.

    • jordynfb says:

      Also, I didn’t get to read the rest of this post when I was at work earlier. I’m pretty impressed about your openness concerning your depression, dude. I’ve had it pretty bad for the last few years but tend to be secretive/shy about it, even when there are certain things in my life that have been dramatically changed because of it. It’s comforting knowing even someone like you has his rough days (but I hope things are getting better besides this point), but knowing you’re pretty open about it is comforting. ❤

      • Brandon says:

        Thanks Jordyn,
        I figure it’s best to just talk about. I’m obsessed with staying excited about making art & emotional whatever seems to be one of the main things to deal with in that. I hope your next few years are betterr.

  8. kelvingreen says:

    Whenever I get into a slump, I dig out something inspirational. Your comics work is one of those things.

  9. Philip Decloux says:

    Depression sucks so much. Brandon, I want to let you know that your comix work has helped me with my own problems a lot over the last several months. So rich and rewarding! Keep trucking and I’ll be glad to support you! “Boux!” *brandishes firewater*

  10. Mike Mcghee says:

    hope the drugs are workin well man. i’d hate to see you in pain.

  11. skeletonhouse says:

    damn those comics you & miss carroll did are bomb!
    You picked up the vertical release of the YAS Gundam manga? it’s a little pricey but wow is worth it.

  12. Mike Greene says:

    Great blog. I love the Archie stuff. I have always read comics since I was a little kid, but when we would go on road trips, my mom would always buy my Archie Digests for some reason and I loved them, but only ever got them and read them on road trips.

    Interesting to hear about the depression thing. I know exactly what you mean about the chemical thing. Sometimes I get that same thing, like everything is great but for some reason everything just feels flat or even low. I’ve noticed that when I jog on a semi regular basis, like once every week or every other week, I never get that low feeling, which reinforces that it really is just a chemical thing. Also I eat bananas every day because they have tryptophan, which converts into seratonin in your body.

    Love seeing the Prophet stuff, it is far and away my favorite comic of this year and last. Keep it up!

    • Brandon says:

      Yeah, exercise seems to help me too. I also have to be fairly active when I’m working. & yeah, bananas couldn’t hurt, I like a banana. and thanks Prophet has been a blast to work on with the other dudes.

  13. DJ Bryant says:

    That Betty and Veronica comic is brilliant. I’m kindofa student of Dan decarlo, so seein the way you break that shit down is an eye opener. Also, you didn’t just pull that mall out of your head, did you? R u that freakin good? I see Sfx on those megazone pix. Is that a megazone cinemanga? I NEED that!
    It’s insane to me that you took drugs for depression. Your comix and online persona are so laid back. We all go thru it I guess…

    • Brandon says:

      Thanks DJ, I was just looking at your site again, sooo much new & amazing work on there.I like how you draw ladies.

      I looked up some malls to draw the mall. & yeah, the Megazone stuff is from a cinemanga a friend just gave me.

      • DJ Bryant says:

        Whether you looked up the mall or not (I couldn’t imagine drawing that without reference) it’s fucking brilliant. Your comix drip atmosphere. I think it’s important to research stuff like that to make the world breath and come alive. Otherwise you get Repo man shopping malls.

        But it’s your storytelling…

        Glad you like my ladies- you’re one of the best lady drawers out there. One of the best period.

  14. Nima Afshar says:

    Brandon – I love all your stuff. The writing for Prophet is especially good, as is your taste for European comics and the crazy eighties Manga/Anime goodness.

    Sad to hear your battling with depression – but I hope you don’t get stuck with the chemical medication. Homeopathic Medicine is a holistic form of medicine that deals with the root cause of your dis-ease in order to resolve it, thus making you independent of a chemical prescription which might help for a while but is ultimately a bandaid solution. Sorry, didn’t mean to preach but people gotta know this is the real deal:

    Keep drawing.

  15. naomi says:

    that is super neat. I actually recognized the story from Betty’s Outfit in the first panel! well done 🙂

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  17. David Austin says:

    Great Archie renditions – great way to ease the wait for Prophet and more Multiple Warheads. Surprised the doctor didn’t just prescribe Archies for you – that’s got to be the old school comics equivalent of antidepressants. Good luck and feel better – sun is coming back so that might do the trick.

  18. Kim Kirsch says:

    Dude, glad you’re addressing the depression and not ignoring it. Sounds like you’re going about it right. I second the exercise thing, tho I guess you’re already doing that as well.

    You seen this kaoru mori stuff? I guess it’s old now but I wanted to share some art to get excited about, and her inking is way good and she’s got some interesting comments even through the garbled autotranslate. Bakuman’s been my fuel for getting pumped to draw recently. I love how the main love interest chick looks like she was combo-inspired by Mikimoto (dude we have to thank for Lisa Hunter) and Katsura (that dude that likes to draw lovely crafted butts). The other chick looks like a cross between the tactics artist and…something I haven’t put my finger on yet. It’s just interesting cuz all the dudes in Bakuman look distinctly like the artists style and just those two chicks are some kind of crazy homage or something.
    I’m pretty sure you’ve seen this dude before but he does such crazy good stuff it’s worth checking out anyway.

    So, yeah, keep being excited about art and appreciating the moment you’re in right now.

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  21. Spider42 says:

    Hey Brandon!
    Damn that is a loooooong post, but now I do know perhaps why you cry – from the joy of comics and generally fun stuff.
    Gotta say though, out of the 3 versions of the B&V comic, I kinda liked the story of yours the best and this is not just to flatter you, I swear!
    And I loved both of Bergin’s pieces, I would happily wear either on a t-shirt.
    Your art though, man if I could draw like anyone, I’d pick yours. Sure, there are better detailed and more skilled artists, but art is in the eye of the beholder and the life, the vibrance, the chaos and the joy that I get from every single panel and page of yours from the first of your comics I read – I would rather have this much going on in my art than be Alex Ross picture perfect. Also explains why I love Aragones so much I think… it’s all about the marginals! 🙂
    Oh and that megazone clipping is great, I loved both those shows + that Wadf ship looks like something you could have made, as does the one on the bottom right of that same pic.

  22. Ian Cook says:

    Something about your drawing of Betty and Veronica seems so….right. I like that. Keep drawing, Brandon.

  23. gimcrackcomics says:

    Great covers, prophet is the only comic I’m reading now. I love it. So, thanks a lot! Also the non-dalrymple one sure does look like a metal cover, e.g. http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/f/f1/L_ec89e4d18ecfd01cd766ff9a438fb0df.jpg

    Also, great to see James Stokoe drawing balls again after all those orc dongs

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