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Hey yo,

I’m headed to the Vancaf con in the morning in Downtown Vancouver. My pal Robin got 3 tables that I’ll be sitting at along with a bunch of artists whose work I like: Prophet dudes: Farel & Simon, Mr Orc Stain: Stokoe and Muggles, Steve Rolston & his mustache And Morgan of change fame– and a bunch more.

van I just did this cover for the Image reprint the Warheads Oni press printed in 2007, along with the original porn short and the MW short that was in Escalator (and some new stuff) it’ll be 80 pages and out in September. I was worried that it was looking too much like a Cosmopolitan cover. but maybe that’s not a bad thing–  take back the night and all.



MultipleWarheads Downfall-coverflat 72dpi



Here’s the table of contents for a Gossip girl themed anthology mr inkstuds put out. I watched a whole episode.  My Friend Marley looked at it and said “oh look you avoided drawing the hands and feet” —curses.



I also didn’t like the dude in the show so I drew him as a ham. ham Solo.

I never thought I’d sink solo.


My pal Emily Carroll did this self portrait one morning and I did one too. Comic book monsters. rarrrrr!



And here’s a rough I started today for a poster I’m working on for my Walrus show in Amsterdam. (I’ll get it done after the con.) The idea was to draw a truck with tusks but it’s looking less like a truck.



Here’s a photo of the Walrus books. See, It is a real printed thing (I don’t have any yet though)



And here’s some of the back of pages for the 2nd Prophet trade. Some Farel sketches:

page 2 &3and some by Giannis:

page 4 &5

We’ve got 9 pages of back up sketches in this one.


I’ve started reading Keiichi Koike”s  manga Ultra Heaven this week. About a future with these drug bars –called Pomp bars -(I assume there are also circumstance bars) -that make mood altering drugs.–so you can control how you feel all the time. I’m about half way through book 1 and I dig it so  far. It’s nice and meandering but still interesting– and I like the Otomo looking style Koike draws in:




You can read it here.


And I just read my pal Corey’s Layered Jacket #3



My favorite part is the Peng hackysack short.  PF



His action stuff is nice. I like the 3 kicking panels with no boarders — and I like this panel in panel circles at the end of the story.



It reminds me of the Buck Rogers intro:


Also I got this Sam Vanallemeersch’s Big mother. He’s an artist out of Belgium. Really cool stuff.  It’s a big 11 by 17 giant of a book.



His work gave me the same kind of kick as Paul Pope’s work in the 90’s.  I like the smoke and ink of this barber shop panel.


The whole book feels like a perfect sketchbook.




Anyway, I have more I wanna type about sooon but now I sleep and then the con and more drawing.Here’s some Aki Uchiyama early Sothern cross designs:




Aki_Uchiyama's early-sketch of Southern-Cross Trio-Girls_page 87. 1

Aki_Uchiyama's early-sketch of Southern-Cross Trio-Girls_page 87. 2Aki_Uchiyama's early-sketch of Southern-Cross Trio-Girls_page 87. 4Aki_Uchiyama's early-sketch of Southern-Cross Trio-Girls_page 87.



and now zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz








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10 Responses to All and all

  1. Egypt Urnash says:

    Damn. Well Ultra Heaven sure went to a place.

    *keeps clicking*

    wait what there’s a second volume where the fuck do you *go* after that well this is gonna be interesting. And might give me some angles for the related places I’m going in Rita.

    Have a good con!

    • Egypt Urnash says:

      Huh, I gotta say the last volume of UH is kind of a letdown, narratively. Maybe it’s just that I’m neck-deep in a reality-bending story of my own and would resolve things a different way, but I kinda feel like it wraps everything up TOO neatly and makes too much sense. But then again I always felt like the PKD reality-warp stories all kinda fall apart once he picks a Base Reality and goes out into it, too – the fun part is in the ‘which parts are really happening’ game. I might have to read it again more slowly, I really just whipped right through at warp speed.

  2. That Sam Vanallemeersch stuff is exactly what I’m looking for right now. Going to buy that book as soon as payday hits. I love everything about those pages.

  3. nout says:

    Hey Ho whoa, you’re coming to Amsterdam? That’s a lot closer than NorthAm! When’s this, how long & will you bring Marian along? There’s bread in it for you! A promise is a promise!

  4. thepuremood says:

    I hope you had a good time at VanCaf! You were really kind and very patient with a weird nervous rambling geek like me. Thanks for making such amazing comics and for sharing such cool artwork on your blog!

  5. Ruth says:

    Have you read One Punch Man? It’s drawn by Murata Yusuke and has the best action scenes of anything I’ve ever read. There’s one panel where he has the sound effect words casting shadows and it reminded me of your style.

  6. Ultraheaven is creepy coz it looks like my first draft of Electronomicon, its funny when you find out about other artist and you are like “BROTHERUUU” haha

  7. E.E. says:

    Volume II of Prophet omits issue 32 for 33 — ah, why is that? Thank you.


    • Brandon says:

      Oh yeah, Issue #32 is the Simon Roy Solo issue that brings back his New Father Prophet and starts off a new storyline. I thought it would work better as the start of Vol3 —

      • E.S. says:

        Wonderful! Thank you very much — that makes a great deal of sense. I would have suspected as much if I still followed the series monthly, but it was akin to a small allotment of deliciousness every month; whereas I prefer to periodically gorge myself on it. Speaking of which: bravo. Loving the series. Like the beautiful and inventive bedlam of Jodorowsky without the guilt-inducing misogyny and juvenile humor.


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