That elephant rumble


I’m a little caught up on deadlines so here’s some photos from the recent Gallery 33 show in Amsterdam I drew with my misses Marian.


That’s us working on the giant long necked bear.



The show was really good for me, I feeling like I wasn’t drawing enough so a couple weeks of doing nothing but drawing really reminded me how much I like doing it. Plus I got to collaborate with Marian, she draws soo good.

Here’s a pin up I finished last night for Damon Gentry and Aaron Conley’s Sabertooth Swordsman.



I really like the work Damon and Aaron are doing. The digital version of the book is up on the Dark horse site now. Here.

And here’s a quick Prophet drawing I did the other day.


Oh who’s this? Princess Irulan of the Imperial House Corrino. Whudup Girl!


“Know then that it is the year ten thousand and one, ninety one. The known universe is ruled by a sock lord… The sock lord god emperor of the planet Arrakis, also known as BranDuneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!”

(some sketchbook stuff.)


The drawings of Pope are from when we were hanging out in Oslom Norway. That show was really fun.

Also, he drew this nice drawing of Lollie from THB in my sketchbook:


Another drawing I got in the mail as soon as I returned from my Comic book hero, Fil Barlow. needless to say both of these drawings are a huge huge deal to me.


Last night while looking through an old 1986 National geographic magazines I recognized some photos from a (also 1986) Moebius, Major Grubert 2 pager.

Page 1

Imageand the photo


annnnd Page 2



I love that almost the whole visual basis for this story was taken from one article, it makes me think that he was working really spontaneously–“yes that, I’ll do a story about it”

Something I heard Michael Deforge talking about in Oslo was the idea that he just takes dumb ideas and works them into something better. I like that idea it’s freeing in that you don’t have to wait to be hit by some lighting strike of inspiration but that you can just take whatever is in your head or in the case of the Moebius short –even whatever is just in front of you and make something great out of it.

Also, I was thinking how much the Robotech bridge bunnies or SDF-1/Macross operators — Vanessa Laird, Kim Kabirov, and Shammy Milliome ( They’re called Vanessa Leeds, Kim Young, and Sammy Porter in Robotech) are the same archetypes as the The Chipettes from Alvin and the Chipmunks. 



I guess the Macross ladies aren’t just lady versions of already established male characters like The Chipettes are. Unless it’s Zentraedi defectors Rico, Konda and Bron, (who are maybe just male alien versions of the SDF-1 ladies)


and here’s some designs of the adult Chipettes from a movie that was never made:


Seeing these makes me want a patrick nagel style Chippettes painting. You know, for my den.


I’ve been reading some comics.

When I was at the Oslo show I met some of the artists who publish books under the name PEOW! Their site is here I’m really impressed by what they’re doing.


NAVA by Mikael Lopez & Ollie Forsslof is a damnnn pretty book.


There’s this cool part in the book where a woman is hit with a wave of sand.


and her soul comes out from under the sand in a different color ink.


I just started reading Time capsule, but the first story is by British Artist Lando whose work I’ve typed about on here before. I love his stuff.

His story, Algal bloom has these 2 women in a floating ball who suit up and go to a planet where they’re attached by flying furballs that produce spikes.

I like this classy future hang out ball ship.


I like this part, after one of the women has escaped under some glass/ice where she takes out this cube of gas/air. Lando does a mean Sci fi.


and more PEOW!


Elliot Alfredius sketchbook SWORDFIGHT! I like this duck throne.

Watch the Throne…. DUCK!


and I like this over head shot and make out scene in Hanna K’s New Frontier


And more PEOW! Patrick Crotty’s Internal Affairs, and (not PEOW! but also good) Andrew White’s We will remain.


Internal affairs is about an Onion guy who gets sent out for coffee in a future version of Stockholm. It’s really fun stuff, it kind of reminded me of the kind of fun comics my pal Corey Lewis makes.

I like how Crotty draws it in this really cartoony style but with these kind of Giannis city scapes and mechs.


He also does some cool stuff with the color in it–like this 1st panel here where the part of the building the characters are in is highlighted in yellow.


I’m still reading We Will remain but one of the shorts really impressed me with it’s concept. He has this story that focusing on the history of a rock that’s carved over the course of thousands of years. from 10,000 bc to 4019 AD


I like how he overlays images here, showing the passage of time.


I also read some of the comics I got at the local Vancaf con, here in Vancouver.


  Renee Nault’s Witcling (her site here) is the kind of book that I feel like in an ideal world Vertigo would have put out. It’s about a woman who lives in a castle (talks to cats) and is having nightmares about the nearby forest.

I really like Nault’s painted pages.



I also like the fat dude cats she draws.


I like the colors in this Parents are dead by Tara Williamson. It’s about kid’s fantasy worlds. Good stuff.Image

Annnd Bell and Hazel’s Always raining here was a web comic that I really enjoyed and then picked up the printed book of it when I saw them at the con. It’s a gay romance high school comic. I like seeing what happens when you take that genre of gay dude romance made by women that Im used to seeing in manga and see it done by westerners. It’s hella charming comics.


 You can read it here.


Also I’ve been reading this Kobo Abe, Secret rendezvous. where a man’s wife gets taken into a huge hospital and goes missing– It’s really bizzare and good so far, everything is recorded by the paranoid hospital and there is a guy in charge who claims to be a horse.

I like the cover design a lot.


and here’s a manga cover I liked that I got off an Otomo site. it doesnt look like his stuff but that hands kind of do.



And I still haven’t gone through half of what I brought back from Europe. (I’ll try to type on here again soon) I am hyped about this comic medium.

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14 Responses to That elephant rumble

  1. Rod Tipton says:

    Great stuff. Love the Mobius. Love it all.

  2. Always love these posts, man. I ordered a couple of those PEOW! books when I saw you link over to them on twitter the other day; can’t wait to check them out. And that Kobo Abe book is phenomenal. I don’t know how he pulls it off, but Abe creates these insane scenarios (like the guy claimng to be a horse, which isn’t even close to the craziest thing in that book, wait til you hit the end) but grounds it in a way that pulls you in without questioning it too stongly. I love his books. The Box Man & Woman in the Dunes are two more of his that you’d probably enjoy, if you like how this one ends.


  3. sarah horrocks says:

    I need to get those PEOW books. Had my eye on that Nava book for a minute. I should keep lists because whenever I get money, it’s like I go braindead.

  4. Kim Swanson says:

    your fun posts brandon are like magazine spreads of immense imagination. thank you for flying that ship!

    but i love the art you and marian drew. long necked bears can get their think on, that’s for sure!

    and now i want some chippettes all robotech piloted out. they are fabulous in any fashion!!

  5. Seth says:

    Thanks Brandon.

    Congrats on the successful show. Good eye recognizing the Möebius reference! I’m going to have to check out Renee Nault’s website, that art is gorgeous.

  6. becauseineedthis says:

    I just read all over that PEOW! site. Love that stuff and just ordered a bunch. Thanks for making Prophet and for introducing me to more comics that I didn’t even know existed that I wind up loving!

  7. Eric Mesa says:

    I love that at your show you put up frames in front of the work you drew on the wall so it ends up leaking out of the panels (I like when that happens in comics as well)

    That Chipettes movie is wild. I think it’s funny whoever was doing the work just said – yeah, Jeanette was supposed to be the sexy librarian – let’s go with that now that she’s grown. At least, that’s the impression I get from the poses they drew and the fact they went so large on the breasts for her.

  8. Paul says:

    Hi Brandon, congratulations on your show, I love everything you’re doing! Are your t-shirts available anywhere (Europe or US)?

  9. that was a rad read. too much good stuff to stuff into my eyeballs. i want it all.

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  13. Evan Bauman says:

    Is there any way you would be willing to sell Internal affairs to me? I could either pay hard cash or trade various peow comics for it.

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