serious paper.


Someone on Tumbr was asking about the Happy little workshop comic about how Johji Manabe and his crew’s process in making Outlanders.

Here’s the cover for the issue it ran in.



And the back up comic:














Manabe also put out a lot of Dirty pair fan porn comics (as we all have)  Here’s the cover of one.



I love the idea of fan comics being done. It’d be interesting to see where American comics would go if we had such a fan comic community of companies characters. Ah the Bozz Chronicles or Excalibur fan comics I would do. should do… hmm

Also there’s this:




Anyway, Adam Warren also did a great How he does his comics comic around the same time as the Outlanders issue. It ran in the 2nd DP trade. Here’s the cover:



When this book came out in issues the Pair were wearing rabbit ears to sneak aboard a ship but they took the ears off by the time it hit the collection. (I think it was at the insistence of that limp airbrush Playboy)



And here’s a Manabe rabbit costume fan comic. (I’m not even sure if this one was pre or post the Warren stuff)



I assume it might’ve been something that Warren put in for fun since he has some other nods to other Dirty pair costumes in it. Here’s some panels from a brief scene where they show up in the same clothes as a poster from the DP anime. (I had this on my wall when I was a teenager)

DP phonecard


Another nice nod in the book is the Ono Sendai decks from Gibson’s Neuromancer.–niceee!



and at the back of the trade:




These 2 How to shorts were huge to me as a kid– along with some Antarctic press info on how to make comics.

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10 Responses to serious paper.

  1. kelvingreen says:

    I remember a Wolverine fan comic from a few years ago that got coverage on the major news sites, in part because it was quite well done and in part because — as you say — there doesn’t seem to be as much of a culture for that kind of thing in the US so it was seen as unique.
    Alas, I don’t remember who did it — although I think it was a female writer-artist — and Google isn’t being very helpful in finding it.

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  3. ACGalaga says:

    Thanks for the cool post! I used to love reading that Adam Warren “making of” short. Actually, I’m often reminded of it when I read Emp (because it was the first time I learned of his distaste for inking).

    Other cool “making of” comics: Check out a Japanese comic called “Even a Monkey Can Draw Manga.” サルでも描けるまんが教室 in Japanese (サルまん Saruman for short). It was a satire of those “How to Draw Manga” books as well as a story about two up-and-coming manga artists with delusion of fame based on their extensive knowledge of various genre tropes.

    Unfortunately only one volume was translated into English (and it’s not a great translation… a lot of the wordplay jokes are lost due to literal transition of puns. With jokes like that, footnotes are better IMO). There are fan scanlations floating around out there somewhere, though.

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